A Mindful Moment of Looking Up

Beams from the roof of my house reach out over the patio, a semi-shelter from the Arizona sun.  The sky can be a brilliant blue, even when the air is cold, but my view is obscured by these thick wooden bars.

I can’t make out the shape of the cloud swirl beyond the patio cover.  My vision shifts, just a bit, and the beams are not quite straight.

These beams don’t protect from rain or wind, but cast an imperfect shade from the overpowering summer sun.  Today it’s winter and the sky seems farther away. I crave it more.

Inspiration seems to lie above within the blue and white pattern.  Can I catch enough of it between the bars?


On Monday, I posted the story of how I came to find out what was wrong with my foot.  I want to thank a few more readers who read the long story all the way through to the end!   These bloggers have great blogs–two of them new to me. I hope you will check them out if you haven’t read them yet.

  1. Dennis  Dennis is a writer and voiceover actor who likes to write about writing and other creative pursuits.
  2. becca givens  Becca is also posting her small stones this month on her beautiful blog.
  3. vanessamartir  Vanessa posts powerful memoir pieces on her blog.


This week I will be on a sort of a little bit of a partial hiatus, so I will re-blog my very first pieces to show my love even in my absence :).


For more on “small stones,” you can read my first post on the subject.  It’s all about this: find a moment in which to be  mindful and record it.

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  1. Even when inspiration seems elusive, you write of it beautifully. Ironic, yet true. May the sky soon clear for you. wjk

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