Two Poems in Tin Lunchbox Review

Two of the poems I started during the Tupelo Press 30/30 challenge were published in the first issue of a new magazine called Tin Lunchbox Review. I love that name. It reminds me of the old tin lunchboxes kids used to take to school.

“Tennessee Valley” is on page 15, and “Uncrossing the Strait of Georgia” is on page 31. The first poem was sponsored by a blogger for her friend who lost her young daughter. The second poem was in celebration of our trip to Vancouver Island last summer.

Tin Lunchbox Review 1.1

Yup, I’m still resting on my laurels, as I think Marie put it. #amnotwriting

Hope your week is a wonderful one. I expect mine to be busy and sweaty because for some reason even in the air conditioning I feel the heat of the weather outdoors. Disclaimer: we do have a pool. But the water is hotter than a warm bath.


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  1. You continue to amaze and inspire me – I’m not sure you can call it “resting on your laurels” if you’re getting published. 😉 Whatever it is, it seems to be working, so keep on doing it! 🙂

    • Ah, thanks, Jennifer. Well, I wrote these last September already. Starting this September I have to get back into a writing routine. Have a great week!

  2. Now is a good time for a break. Hot weather, too hot for swimming, it’s just the perfect time to kick back. When you return you will be refreshed and inspired.

    • It really is. You couldn’t ask for a better month. Actually a really good month for writing would be December after that last flurry of fall, but that one is messed up with the holidays ;).

  3. Congratulations, Luanne!

  4. OMG! I had forgotten all about those lunchboxes! That does take me back!

  5. Congratulations! 🙂

  6. Congratulations, Luanne! Love them both. The last line of “Uncrossing the Strait of Georgia” clinches the whole thing nicely, and “Tennessee Valley” is appropriately understated for such a topic. Great job! We have been cleaning out our garage all week, and I had many boxes from our time at UCR. Found a whole collection of your poems, stapled together, that you must have given me then. Enjoyed reading them. Looks like a great new journal. xo

  7. Congratulations, Luanne! I agree the name Tin Lunchbox Review is wonderful. I liked both poems, but I especially liked the second one.
    Enjoy your time off!
    (A good time to enjoy reading.)

    • Ah, thank you so much, Merril! I like remembering that ferry ride. It was such a great experience. Hard to imagine people commute that way!

  8. Congratulations, Luanne! I loved the tin lunch boxes. My favorite was an HR Puffin-Stuff design. I had a difficult time parting with that one.

  9. Congrats, Luanne. Love both poems 🙂 Good to hear to you are resting (even if your pool water is warmer than bath water … oh, that just seems so cruel!). I love the title of the journal. Of course, I am of the age when lunchboxes were all the rage 😉

  10. Congratulations, Luanne

  11. Congrats, Luanne! Cheering your success. xo

  12. Well done, Luanne 😀 Stay cool and have a wonderful week xxxx

  13. Good for you for resting on your laurels – it’s great to have them to rest on! Our heat index was 109 yesterday – Sweet Lady Gaga, as The Red Man would have said. 🙂

  14. I am on second break and will head off to read.
    Luanne, I loved your Pear, she was definitely a 5th dimensional game player in the post you left no space for comments. I also pictured the “Inception” movie, where if the jack (which went in groups played with a ball) kept spinning, people were still traveling. . . I love your full name for Sloopy, too. <3
    Such sweet, precious kitties at the shelter, too.
    Hope I have shared there is a three month long "someone" who I have been dating. Shh-h! 🙂

  15. The first poem, “Tennessee Valley” was touching. I feel when dams flood, they do take away homes of animals and I can see how women are always affected in moving and relocating.
    Luanne, death is really reminiscent of the impact the dams flooding may be; catastrophic, sense of loss. . . beautiful imagery.
    The second one, “Uncrossing the Strait of Georgia” sent me spine tingling messages. It “called to me” like bodies of water where flocks of birds soar. This was a happy and wonderful poem, the ending perfectly written. <3 hugs to you, who are such a neat person, Luanne.
    I had an old Raggedy Ann and Andy tin lunch box, my kids played with it. Felicia who will be 31 (and my "baby") was captured on video, by my Dad before a year old. She was putting measuring cups, plastic utensils and a few wooden beads in it, banging it shut and making noise. In the background of the film, my teacher Mom and teaching Rich were discussing new changes in teacher associations.
    It was funny since recently, my good friend, Jenny a teacher, offered to transfer this onto DVD. There are about 20 minutes of different family memories. She exclaimed that her parents always talked about farming and weather (although she and her mom were teachers) while "your parents discuss and debate about issues and real life with you as adults!" (My brother was 25, Mom was about 56). I was watching and listening to both scenarios. 🙂

    • Oh, that is such a nice offer–to transfer the video onto DVD! You are taking her up on it, right? And so fascinating about your parents discussing real issues. I think this is so important, and it’s surprising how many families don’t do this. Mine did it only occasionally. It was not the norm. But hubby’s family always did so. Love the lunchbox story–so cute. And thank you for the compliments on the poems, Robin. You are always so sweet!

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