Perry and Mom Visit the Doctor

Just a brief update on Perry’s health. I took him to a veterinary internist yesterday, and he determined that Perry isn’t in an urgent situation. He either has this fast breathing response to stress or he might have a polyp which could probably be seen on a CT scan. Mind you, a CT scan is super expensive. (Of course it is). Yes, that was sarcasm.

I am hoping it is a reaction to stress and not an actual anatomical problem. Maybe it is stress that causes the tachypnea since he has shown a weird reaction to stress in the past. Remember that he was so stressed in the shelter that staff and volunteers thought he was feral because he was frozen in place (wouldn’t move) and when anybody tried to touch him he became hysterical and tried to climb the walls. So we will wait and watch for now. If symptoms get worse or any new symptoms appear I will bring him to the internist for the CT, credit card in hand. (Ugh).

By the way, Sarah, the tech who works for this internist, was absolutely amazing. She was so slow and gentle with Perry that he allowed himself to be examined with no sedation and no muzzle/mask. WOW!

We just got back from a trip to Lake Tahoe and the Reno area. I plan to blog about the trip eventually–both the sites and the gluten free travel (ugh and oy on this one), but right now I have piles of work.

Thought you might enjoy this very short ADORABLE video of my catdog Perry to start off your weekend right.


Anybody else a fan of the catdog cartoons? I used to love them. Yes, happiness can be very simple!


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45 responses to “Perry and Mom Visit the Doctor

  1. Some vet techs are truly cat whisperers, I swear! Impressive, aren’t they?! Glad there’s nothing apparently serious just now. So you can keep on enjoying pitch-and-catch/fetch, so cute!! My Annie will simply NOT bring the toy back to me. (sob!) lol.

  2. Perry loves you ❤
    Yes, he carries the mousie back to you, that's a love sign! And I am happy he is well.
    Stress can be a wicked master for cats.
    Have a playful Friday 😀

  3. That is the sweetest video. Perry is very clever!

    • He is so clever! I have another clever one, too. Every morning when I come downstairs the kitchen cupboards are all open! Kana opens each one to investigate while I am sleeping! haha

  4. I hope the breathing is just a stress reaction.
    Our cats have their own cat rules for playing “not-fetch.” 🙂
    The other night my younger daughter sent a text/photo to us showing her dog’s latest weird fear–empty paper towel rolls.

    • “Not-fetch.” hahahaha Very cute. Empty paper towel rolls?! Gosh, I would think that those would be fun toys! I wonder what causes a fear like that??? Any ideas?
      Re the breathing, I hope so. I really don’t want him to have to endure scoping or even surgery :(.

  5. So glad his situation is not urgent and I really hope it gets better on its own (for the sake of your credit card).

  6. PS He is so sweet, the way he plays fetch.

  7. I’m so glad Perry is doing okay. I love his fetch ability. Tahoe is one of my most favorite places. We were married there.

  8. Very cute catdog, but I’m glad the mouse is fake!

  9. Isn’t he coming along well – and such a cutie pie and so clever too ❤ You know, I am no vet, but I was/am a human counsellor and know that stress endured in youth can present as panic attacks in adults when something is triggered. And just to make it more difficult to track down the panic can arise after the trigger event has passed by. Time and care can heal.

    I have a cat-dog too 🙂 He comes when whistled, used to go on walks with me until I got an actual puppy when he became all cat and refused to share. He never played fetch though! Aren't we fortunate to be able to share our lives with these little four footed wonders ❤

    • Oh, how sweet! We are so fortunate. That is funny about how your kitty doesn’t act puppy-like any more. Years ago we have one cat and one dog, and they wrestled and played together like they were from the same litter. The second we got a second cat, the first cat acted like “hmmph, I see that I am actually a cat and now I will act like one.” hahaha
      Pauline, thanks so much for the advice about panic attacks. Wouldn’t that be something if this really was panic attacks that Perry is experiencing! I will definitely keep it in mind. Why wouldn’t he be similar to us anyway? I think he would!

  10. What a lovely kitty, I hope his condition improves and after watching the video, I want to give him a great big hug!

  11. Good news, Luanne. And cheers for Sarah. She sounds quite intuitive. Perry is both handsome and adorable! ♥

  12. So sweet! Thanks for the great news, Luanne! ❤

  13. I wish him well. I’ve never seen a cat play fetch before 🙂

  14. Sounds like good news…sort of. Glad Perry landed with you.

  15. I am always on board with your updates on Master Perry. Good to hear his rapid breathing might be a stress reaction. I’m sure I mentioned our feral-rescue cats seem very breathy when we take them in for a vet exam. (I’ve had a house-call vet in a couple of times and he was amazing with them, giving them time to get used to hearing his voice before he even tried to interact with them, etc. But he’s retired and shut his practice as of a couple of months ago, so it will be back to our regular vet soon…) Thanks, Luanne! Looking forward to your blogging about your travel soon!

  16. This was very enjoyable Luanne. We once had a cat, Richey, who had separation anxiety which meant that if we were gone for more than four hours (both of us, that is, leaving him in an empty house), we’d come home to find him panting like a dog, with little tufts of black hair he had snatched right out of his coat. We were considering getting him something soothing or sedative from the vet, but we got another cat and from then on he was fine.

    • Oh, Rae. What a sad find when you would come home! I’m so glad you found a solution! That poor Richey! Thank you for telling me, too, because it makes me feel a little more strongly that this might all be stress.

  17. He’s just such a handsome fella 🙂 I enjoyed watching him play. We had a cat who fetched, too, Casey. No one ever believed us until they saw her do it. I’m surprised our kitten one doesn’t fetch since he’s modeled the dog so closely.
    I remember cat dog from when Bubba and Sissy were small. I liked the song 😀
    I’m glad Sarah had all the kitty skills to put Perry at ease. What a gift for all of you. I hope it just goes away with the stress!

    • I like the song, too! And the whole idea of the cartoon :). At the time we had both dogs and cats, so it was pretty apropos. Sarah is amazing. I think it would be cool to take my cats there for regular treatment, but I don’t think they do that. Whereas people can make internists their PCP in many cases. Oh, Casey! What a cool cat! Such joy in them when they fetch!

  18. I love Perry! I love the video; it makes me miss having a cat so, so much (that’s the first thing I’m doing after we finish remodeling the Tucson condo, if we get it–I’m heading to the animal shelter and picking out a cat). Hope everything turns out okay for the little guy. It’s funny how much we love our pets, isn’t it? They truly make us our best selves.

  19. My dog Charly could take some fetching lessons from Perry!

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