Better Get THE BONE CURSE by Carrie Rubin on Your To-Read List!

While my mother was visiting, I read Carrie Rubin’s new thriller The Bone Curse. I’d won the book in a contest that Carrie held through her blog. Nothing better than winning a book (unless it’s the lottery, duh).

Since I wanted to read in fits and starts around my time spent with mom, I needed a book that would really pull me along—one where I wouldn’t get bored at any point. And this one did the trick as I Could Not Put It Down!

The protagonist and involuntary detective is Ben Oris, a medical student in Philadelphia. On a vacation to Paris with his best friend, Laurette, a Caribbean grad student, Ben is injured by a centuries-old femur found in the catacombs. The wound and possibly related events send him on a dangerous adventure, leaving him torn between the enigmas of island vodou and the mysteries of science.

Because much of this nail-biting thriller plays out against a backdrop of the hospital, Ben’s teachers and fellow students, and his medical curiosity and knowledge, I found the story fascinating even beyond the suspenseful mystery that unfolds. I always love a thriller or mystery where I can exist in a world new to me, and The Bone Curse lets me experience life as a medical student. Blood makes its appearances, but it is all a legitimate part of the story, and without the gory and gratuitous nature of a horror book.

The book is also very realistic, but not hardboiled and neither is Ben. He’s a young and sympathetic character. His love for his dad and his friends makes the reader feel protective of Ben. He was raised by two dads, but Max has passed away before the events of the book. That he is still a part of the landscape of Ben’s life speaks well of the protagonist.

The characterizations and settings are very well done, but of course, the plot is the real star of this intense and thrilling experience.

Now for the best part. This is Book I in the Benjamin Oris series! I am eagerly anticipating the second book.


Mom left last Monday, and what have I been doing since then? Mainly being sick. I have my theory about what’s wrong, but I need to get it verified before I mention it (I don’t think I have the flu, and yes, this sounds like a medical mystery a la Ben Oris). No big deal, but just annoying being under the weather when there is so much I wanted to accomplish this past week. When I whined to my daughter over the phone about how I didn’t have certain soft foods I would like and she realized her dad wasn’t going to go to the store (our microwave went kaput, and he was dealing with that), she sent me groceries through Postmates! Rice pudding, chicken noodle soup, and Popsicles! My favorites are the orange ones, but I like cherry and grape, too. None of those fancy mango ones for me when I’m sick. I want my childhood comfort foods. She sent me lozenges, too.

Of course, Perry, Pear, Kana, and Felix gave me lots of cuddles (especially Perry who wraps his “arms” around my neck and licks my cheek). Sloopy Anne let me pet her more than usual. Tiger lay on my chest, purring, and only bit me once, so that’s pretty good for her. Now it’s another week, another list of stuff to do, and I hope I am almost better. I did manage to do bits of revision this week, but not every day.




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54 responses to “Better Get THE BONE CURSE by Carrie Rubin on Your To-Read List!

  1. It’s pretty impressive what you do when you’re sick, Luanne! 🙂 I hope you feel better soon. Your daughter gets extra daughter points for her thoughtfulness. I hope you feel better soon!
    The book sounds intriguing.

    • Thank you, Merril. I do feel as if I never can sit down, but last week there were long stretches of me in the recliner with covers and my cats. Sigh. I am better, but not well, if you know what I mean. My daughter really came through!
      I so enjoyed Carrie’s book. I can’t wait for #2. Pretty exciting to see what it’s like to be a med student all while hanging on for dear life for the ride of the story.

  2. Thank you so much for posting this, Luanne! What a nice Monday morning surprise. So glad you enjoyed the book. Lovely of you to write up a review. Sorry you’re sick though. That’s no fun at all.

  3. I hope your medical mystery is soon solved–and I am going to look up Postmates; that’s new to me.

    And thanks for the recommendation–wrote it down to check it out!

    • Mystery solved. My diagnosis (that I made) was confirmed yesterday. I have the worst case of acid reflux known to woman. I have something wrong with my esophagus and it causes very extreme symptoms occasionally while generally it is what is known as silent relux (causing havoc inside but producing no heartburn).
      Enjoy the book, Pam!

  4. As usual, your post is a great way to begin the week, Luanne. The Bone Curse sounds like a marvelous page-turner. Sorry you’re under the weather. Mend quickly!

  5. Sounds like a good book! Too bad you’re not feeling well, Luanne. I hope that gets resolved and in a good way. I could sure relate to Perry putting his arms around your neck. My cats used to do the same. They were special. You’ve given Perry a new life and I’m sure he loves you for it.

    • Wow, none of my cats have ever done that before. I think it takes a very special cat to hug us :). He’s crying right now because the scorpion king (bug tech) is here and he has to be in a kennel.

      • These cats of mine were different. I’d never had cats like that either. Perry is loving like that. Poor guy, but he’ll get over the bug tech’s visit.

        • I wonder what makes some cats like that. Most of my cats show they love me, but they are more reserved in personality. With Perry it’s either that he’s part Maine Coon or it’s the way he was trained by me when he recovered from being “feral.”

          • I’ve had lots of cats and these two were the only ones who were so affectionate (wrapping paws around my neck – and one of the brothers, more so than the other). We got them when they were not drinking on their own yet, so maybe they thought I was their mother when I dipped my finger in the milk dish and put it in their mouths to teach them to eat on their own.

  6. Great review! I’m looking forward to reading Carrie’s book. I hope you’re feeling better soon.

  7. This book intrigues me! Plus I hope you fell better soon! Your daughter is a sweet caregiver.

  8. I am looking forward to reading this one soon. Sorry you are feeling under the weather. Aren’t daughters wonderful!

  9. Do hope your health setback improves… digestive things really make one feel wretched as I know fromwhen tramadol took the lining off my stomach in hospital and I felt iller from that than from my broken shattered leg.
    Hope you have something that works to help overcome the problem… what a darling Perry is… rescued creatures always have a very special love for their rescuers…and you deserve it !!!

    • Oh, you poor dear! That sounds so awful!!!! I am making some lifestyle changes, Valerie. That is really what needs to happen. I now realize that my esophagus has real problems, and that I have to treat myself differently. It is good to have this knowledge! Perry is such a sweet boy. What a goofy fun sweetheart!

  10. I’m not quite as late as I sometimes am, Luanne. First of all, so sorry you were so sick! Secondly, I am so happy you receive hugs from Perry! This shows how worth it your lying on the floor, reading out loud and being enclosed in a room with him daily. He’s adjusted beautifully!
    Perry’s portrait on the scrapbooking post was so sweet! 💗

    • All that effort with Perry has created a bit of a monster. It might be part of the reason he wants to hug and wrestle with the other cats all the time. He is so tactile and demonstrative! But he is a huge lovebug, so that is the good side and far outweighs the other. He is so cute, isn’t he?! and, yes, he does love Mom ;)!

      • The photos of Perry show a sweet, handsome cat, Luanne! If I had a cat I would want it to be cuddly and follow me around. I am amazed he has become able to voyage out from under the bed, into the house and around the other cats. I suppose the other cats don’t fight back, but are there hisses at him for his attempt at wrestling? This makes me smile, though! Perry is a love bug!

  11. Oh I HAVE to get that! Per the usual, I can’t read you without needing to buy a book! lol Truly, Luanne, you’re a gift and a curse! lol

  12. The book sounds ok, but your daughter sounds great. When I had foot surgery back in 2014 and had to stay off my feet for two months, my Sunday School class fed us for three weeks. That was time enough for My Better Half to learn to work the microwave and dishwasher. The only problem was that only a woman can figure out how to work the microwave, oven and toaster in a way that all the food comes out warm at the same time! LOL
    I hope you are feeling better by now.

    • Hahaha. I am feeling better–thank you, Rae. My husband thinks he is better with the dishwasher than I am, so I remind him of that if he ever wants me to unload it. But I know what you mean about everything warm at the same time. That must have been good to have them feeding you! Once when I had surgery my neighbors brought food for two weeks, but almost every one of them brought spaghetti. Somebody should have coordinated!

    • Yes, my daughter was so great :)!

  13. What a great daughter! I have to remember that–and I’ll tell my daughter the story!

    Good review of Carrie’s book. I too loved it. I’m so glad it’s a series.

  14. Hope you feel better! Thinking of you xox

    • Thanks, Marie. I see you read about my lost hat on the other post. Well, I ended up with a complicated migraine because of the lights at the reading because I didn’t have a hat. Darn and drats.

      • Oh, that is awful … I can’t even imagine having that kind of pain.

        • It is actually more sick sick sick than pain, although the word migraine would make you think it was pain. It’s awful vertigo and vomiting and feeling like you weigh 10000 pounds and the face scrunches up and the teeth and jaw hurt oops sorry I got carried away! TMI!!!

  15. I too won a copy of The Bone Curse and have already posted my review on Goodreads. I’m also going to post on my blog next week. I’m glad that Carrie is getting exposure. She deserves it and I’m looking forward to knowing what other genre she wants to write?
    I hope you’re feeling up and about, Luanne.

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