Mostly Cats

This past week has been exhausting. More travel–to California this time–and time spent at the ER (for the gardener, not me). There’s a story in that ER visit, but I don’t have it in me right now. Scary place, that ER.

The only good thing was that the waiting room had a poster about their therapy dogs. Notice they call them “pets,” but there aren’t any cats. Speciesist of them! Still, I do love when hospitals use therapy animals.

I had occasion to visit Riverside, California, for the first time in awhile. I did my PhD work in that city. Riverside has been a faded flower since I have known it, but you can see that once upon a time it was a gorgeous city. The palm-lined streets are one of the remnants of those days. This particular street grew them taller than I had ever seen before.

Because of all the hubbub of travel and the gardener’s illness (undiagnosed as of yet), I got zero writing done. However, I did make a couple of submissions so that I felt as if I were doing something in the writing department.

I also finished up the calls to the June cat adopters with 100% satisfaction. (I am pretty relentless and track them down eventually). I have a poster to share with you. Feel free to share it around if you’re so inclined. The senior cats on the poster are not at our shelter, but are in Phoenix, Arizona. Their owner, a lady with eleven cats, has a terminal illness–and we are trying to find homes for the cats. There are three seniors left that really need loving homes. They do not have to be adopted together. I watermarked the poster that my daughter made so that even if you share it, I can be found. If you share, just mention that these cats are available in July 2018 and that they can contact me through this blog if they want to find out more.

You want to see even more cat pix? Is that what you said? OK, here are my cats’ headshots. I took them in case they decide to become actors. What do you think? If you notice seven, instead of six, that is because I’ve been babysitting my grandcat Isabella Rose, or Izzie.

Pear Blossom, 18 years old (photobomb care of Perry)

Felix, 12 years old

Tiger, 14 years old

Kana, 11 years old

Sloopy Anne, 7 years old

Perry, 2.5-3 years old

Isabella Rose, 8 years old

Trust me: senior cats are WONDERFUL, so feel free to adopt one of those three from the poster :).

Have a purrfectly wonderful week!


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40 responses to “Mostly Cats

  1. So sorry to hear that the gardener is not feeling well and the scary ER.
    Those palm trees are amazing.
    Good luck with the senior cats. I do hope they find homes.
    My cats agree–one is hiding now because a man came to do the annual heater/AC service.

  2. Good luck to the gardener, may he recover swiftly. Lovely kitty photos. It’s always fun to start the week with a newsy blog post from Luanne!

    • Sending you big hugs, Elaine, across the miles. I’m thinking about you in your loss. Thank you about the gardener. I hope we get some answers soon.

  3. That’s a lot of kitties! Perhaps the purrrrfect amount. 😁

  4. Love the B&W photos of your furry friends. I do hope the seniors get adopted. They look so sweet. How sad that their caregiver has a terminal illness! Heart-breaking.
    I hope the gardener is better. Sounds like your experience in the ER have the makings of a horror story?

    • Marie, I like the photos, too, so thank you! I feel that they each capture an aspect of their personalities.
      Those cats look very very sweet. I wish I could take one, but unfortunately, Perry put me at my max. I have a hard time handling these guys, and now babysitting Izzie off and on, too. Yikes.
      Horror story, hmm. More like science fiction, I think. 😉

  5. I didn’t realize so many of your cats (all really) are older. Kudos to you! They are blessings. Hope those sweet things all find a home. Rehoming elders is always harder but it’s a good fit for an older retired person. Sending positive energy for the gardener.

    • Except for Perry! But he is settling down quite a bit. He doesn’t have to go to bed early any longer. He sleeps a lot more and bothers a lot less. I still plan to write about each one of these guys!
      It kind of makes me “sick” when old(er) people adopt kittens or puppies. Honestly, what are they thinking? So many seniors need homes so why taken an animal that will outlive one?
      Thanks re the gardener!

  6. If I lived closer that Billy Bob would have a home for sure!! And your kitties are looking like stars! So sorry to hear about the Gardener – and your ER. Even though most our health needs are taken care of free here, I have a low opinion of hospitals in general unless something is actually broken – like a bone – they are good at fixing those things – but for the rest – blah! They all need training in actual HEALTH care. Just my unrequested opinion 🙂 . I hope you get answers soon.

    • Billy Bob is such a sweetie-looking boy, isn’t he?! I wish you did live here! For Billy Bob and for me :). Yeah, hospitals are the worst. I really can’t stand them. I could NEVER work in one. I’m glad you gave your opinion, Pauline!!! Thank you . . . .

  7. Hope you get some answers about the gardener! Lovely photos. Sending wishes for strength and peace! xo

  8. Hope the gardener will get positive news and be well very soon 🙂
    Cats are super-adorable!
    As you know I live on the opposite side of the ocean and cannot adopt those cute cats but I hope they will find their furever home!

  9. Those are some gorgeous shots of some gorgeous cats!
    Since leaving home, my oldest cat was 11. I’m hopeful I get twice that, but I’ve not had the good fortune yet. One time a lady told me it’s so I can give more cats better lives. I appreciated her intent, but still, sad stuff.

  10. Once again, I wish the gardener well. The cats pics work really well in B/W

  11. Such beautiful cats. I hope they all find good homes.

  12. Of course, you have worried me now about the gardener. Please keep us posted and let us know that you both are doing well.
    These are your best cat pictures ever, Luanne. I swear they are the cutest, most expressive faces I’ve ever seen, and this is coming from your dog loving friend!
    Take care.

  13. Beautiful cats! But that’s redundant, huh? 😻 Hope the Gardener is back up to speed soon.

  14. Beautiful cats Luanne, there’s nothing wrong with ‘mostly cats’! Hope the gardener is feeling better soon.

  15. Oh, what beauties they all are!! I’ve been quite lucky with my seniors – had one till almost 15 years and the next until 18. Annie right now is a young’un at only 5, so she’s got a long way to go! Best wishes and good luck to your sickie gardener!

    • Annie is young! I will say my sweetie pies are all beautiful :). But then I think all cats are so beautiful. Thank you re the gardener. I am hoping he is on the mend!

  16. We adopted a senior cat last September. Her owner had passed away. Daisy is 12. She’s still assimilating. We thought Firefly – our 9-yo whom we’ve had since she was a kitten – would get along better with Daisy. Firefly generally likes other cats. However, Daisy appears to be mostly deaf, so she spent about 3 months hissing at Firefly from the comfort of “her” recliner. Once we moved, both cats started to move around more freely, but Firefly was tired of Daisy’s attitude. They barely tolerate each other at this point, though they do not actively fight.

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