How to Plan for a Trip to Alaska

Last week I wasn’t feeling too hot, so I published some photos from my Alaska visit in Light and Color in Alaska. If you take an Alaskan cruise or visit southeast Alaska, here are my suggestions in bullet points.

  • Bring a good camera that will work almost telescopically. That is the only way to capture the eagles in the trees and the seals floating on the icebergs. Really be comfortable with it.
  • Bring a backup camera of some kind that will actually work (and that doesn’t have a defective SD card). (Sniff)
  • Get a waterproof pouch or dry bag for kayaking and rafting so you can bring your camera or iPhone.
  • Bring a nice thick hoodie with deep pockets.
  • Bring all the outdoor and clothes layering necessities, but don’t bring any extra clothes. If you plan to dress up you are taking the WRONG CRUISE SHIP.
  • Invest in a good rain hat. Consider bringing full rain gear unless you don’t mind being wet. You might use an umbrella occasionally, but the hat is much more important. It was all I used–and we had a lot of rain.
  • Go beyond your comfort zone. Cross some stuff off your bucket list. Mine included kayaking, riding a river raft in 60 MPH winds, seeing glaciers up close, frolicking with bears (well, sort of haha), taking pix from the outside platform on a mountain train, and seeing the other wildlife and landscapes of Alaska.
  • Be happy if you don’t have cell phone access for long periods of time. It means you’re having a real vacation.

I have been too tired to post until now. First I was recovering from my illness and then my daughter’s new boyfriend came to visit. The best part of that sentence is the new boyfriend part because he was her best friend. In fact, they have been friends for twelve years, so it was pretty exciting that they finally figured out what everybody else already knew. And it was fun being around lovebirds for a few days.

Also, I am working on a new memoir piece that has to do with guns, as well as working on some proofing of pieces going out, as well as writing poetry reviews. I have several coming out this fall and winter.

Here are a few more Alaska photos. Have a great week.

Haines, Alaska

from the train platform

a peek at the blue sky


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31 responses to “How to Plan for a Trip to Alaska

  1. I love that last photo, and how nice about your daughter and her friend who is now more than a friend. I’m glad you’re feeling better!

  2. Beautiful photos. I have nearly the same photo of the river (Skagway?). Simply majestic scenery.

  3. Spectacular photos, Luanne. And I think your advice is really sensible. Having lived in the Charlottes, I can tell you an umbrella is useless. First of all it makes one hand useless too, and very often the brolly will turn inside out in the wind. Except for getting sick, it sounds like a wonderful trip. Did you catch a bug on your trip? I hear that cruises are a breeding ground of germs. Everything else sounds great.

  4. Gorgeous pix! I’m glad you’re feeling better and had that wonderful visit from your daughter and her boyfriend. Sounds like you will be busy for the foreseeable future! I look forward to learning more about your trip.

  5. So glad you are recovered and there is good news in the family circle. The gun memoir will be painful to write, so I wish you much strength for that undertaking. xo

    • Thank you, Pauline. It’s quite painful in many ways. I appreciate your compassion! But it does help having had the lovebirds here. Love still seems to be floating in the air!

  6. I hope you recover enough to enjoy Alaska

  7. Luanne, what a wonderful post and sounds like you are crossing many items off your bucket list! That’s the best fun ever!!
    So glad your daughter figured out what everyone else knew…that’s the most wonderful matches…fewer surprises.
    Please take good care of yourself – fingers crossed for your writing projects – I know they will turn out to be fabulous!

    • It felt good to cross so many items off!
      Re the daughter: they know each other so well. His parents are as happy as we are. My son and DIL are thrilled as they love the BF. And their friends and even old college professors (they were in the same department) seem so happy for them (many DUHS among the crowd).
      Thanks re the projects! I hope all is well for you and T . . . .

  8. Glad you’re feeling better Luanne – that tip list suggests a whole range of ups and downs from your trip! I’ll bear them in mind if I ever finally do go to Alaska.

  9. Oh Luanne, your photos are so beautiful, and great tips which I am taking with me for Norway, going next week. The weather here in the UK and over Scandinavia into next week looks fairly mild, but it’s colder there so will definitely be prepared. Not the sunbathing kind of cruising by any means, but I am taking my good camera and my phone (which hasn’t been so great lately for photos) and hope to get some good shots as I have a reasonable telescopic lens. But let’s see. I won’t see any bears though, lol. That’s one of my dreams! As for things off the list, seeing the glaciers and going on that Flam railway are two, and we’re taking a boat ride, on my birthday as it turns out, but not too sure what that entails. I do feel braver than I once was…I will think of you when I lean out of the train to get good shots lol!!! Sounds like you’re making great writing progress. I have an editor lined up for early November, so I really need to get this thing wrapped up once I get back, but what with the kids visiting when we get back, I’ll be out of commission for a couple of weeks. But you’re so right, we need to live! I will be unplugged from the internet onboard, you bet. And soooo happy for your daughter and her ‘new’ boyfriend. Get well and see you soon, my friend! xoxo

  10. Thanks for the tips! This is a trip I’d love to make in the next few years, and I will take your advice e to heart.

  11. Great tips, and gorgeous photos, so panoramic! Stuff I’d never see ’round here, for sure! 😀 Re bucket list: mine does NOT contain anything bear-related, nor any river rafts (in ANY kind of wind)! Lol… I’m a wuss when it comes to water! Sounds like you had a fabulous, memorable time.
    Too bad you were sick!! Yay re daughter’s boyfriend!! Relax now, take off Labour Day!! ❤

  12. Wonderful photos! So glad about the new boyfriend for your daughter (friend turned boyfriend) and that you got to have a wonderful trip.

  13. That’s awesome about your daughter and her new boyfriend. 🙂

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