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  1. What? You’re not blonde? As for the outfit, it is very pretty and oh so early 1970’s. I’ve definitely had some favourite outfits over the years though I’m a regular purger since we live in a very small townhouse. I still have sweaters knit by my mother, one of which I found in a storage bin in the basement last year and started wearing again.

    • I had to laugh at that blonde comment. I started going gray at age 26 so I quickly started experimenting with hair color. I do miss that thick hair I had in those days. In general, purging is a good idea for everybody, I think, and I have been doing a lot of it lately. But it doesn’t stop digitizing photos and stirring up the memories!

  2. I think you look like your dad in these pics though I generally have thought you look just like your mom. Yes, it’s a pretty outfit from Jake’s! You look happy!

    When I was younger, I hoarded my favorite outfits. I didn’t want to wear them for fear of ruining them. Or they were too fancy for every day. So I wore my less favorites more often. Did that make my denim skirt a favorite in 1990? I don’t think so. I wore it a lot, but I didn’t like it that much—in terms of comfort or looks. My favorite outfit today is dark navy Amanda jeans from Costco, a plain white cotton jersey top (probably several years old) from Talbot’s, and black Clark’s mules. I like that outfit for looks, comfort, and not worrying about ruining it. I feel happy and young when I wear it.

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