A Colorful Trip

After the gardener recovered (at least enough for travel), we went to California for a couple of days. What gorgeous color all over the hills! Because it’s rained so much this winter the wildflowers have gone crazy. Unfortunately, we were buzzing past the flowers  on the freeway, so I couldn’t stop and take any good pix. There must be a lot online by now, though, as the cars were lined up at Lake Elsinore to get out and snap shots and just enjoy the beauty of the usually dusty “mountains.”

What I am saying is that my pix really suck, but they are all I actually have. I find this frustrating, but at least I saw the flowers (and thought of The Wizard of Oz movie).

The golden California Poppies (state flower of California!) and yellow flowers (don’t know their name as I couldn’t get close) are stunning, but there are purples and whites mixed in on some hills. Even violet lupines.

Check out this photo from Times of San Diego:

I hope it’s ok that I put the link here–and the whole photo popped up for some reason. So I made a custom link and now you can click through the pic and check out their article! And here is a good site to check out the wildflowers: Desert Wildflowers

This week I had a great acceptance of 3 poems to a gorgeous new journal (name withheld until publication haha) and a good rejection from one of my long shots. They liked two of my poems and asked me to send more, so that makes me want to keep trying them ;).

Planning on making the world a little better in my tiny ways this week!



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67 responses to “A Colorful Trip

  1. The pictures are gorgeous! So much better than brown.

  2. I’m glad the gardener is feeling better. I love all the wildflower pix I’m seeing here and elsewhere. How lovely!

  3. I’m glad you’re feeling better. It sounds like your luck is changing, since I read this there hasn’t been a wildflower year like this in a long time. So beautiful!
    Congratulations on the acceptances! I had two poems accepted this past week (an online poetry journal) and one rejection.

    • Congratulations, Merril! Yay!!!! The rejection is just an annoyance on the road to acceptances ;). And thank you!
      The superbloom is amazing. Trying to see more this weekend, but in AZ this time.

  4. Your photos are great, and congratulations on the new journal!

  5. Pretty good, in the circumstances

  6. It’s marvelous that you were able to witness the super bloom.

  7. Beautiful wildflowers. Makes me miss Northern California. Of course, we have beautiful wildflowers here in Texas as well.

  8. Congratulations, Luanne! How appropriate for the desert to bloom in your honour.

  9. The wildflower display is simply stunning! It’s such a feast for the soul isn’t it when mother nature is allowed to go wildly happy like this! And well done on the acceptances and also the hopeful rejections. You must be getting close to meeting the challenge total you set yourself already. Excellent input to brightening our world!

    • Thanks, Pauline. I wish you could see this phenomenal display of poppies. It is such a rare and dramatic event. I keep wondering why I have to be working here when I should go somewhere and sit with the poppies!!!

  10. Luanne, I’ve been thinking about the Gardener’s illness and wondered whether it was connected with the smashing of the light bulb. How soon after your cat knocked over the lamp did the Gardener fall sick? Halogen bulbs are full of mercury and as soon as a bulb is broken the mercury is in your room and is poisoning you. It will still be in your carpet and you ought to find out how to remove it properly. I hope this isn’t the case and I don’t mean to be alarmist but I thought I ought to let you know what I’ve been worrying about.
    Congratulations on all the acceptances of your poems! I loved the beautiful flowery pictures.

    • I can’t believe I didn’t answer this as I thought about it a lot! I asked him finally and, no, it was a regular lightbulb, luckily. However, it was stressful, and I think it gave him a severer (new word haha) vertigo than he would have had otherwise! Thank you so much, Clare. I love your support!

  11. Glad to hear the gardener is feeling better. And congratulations on getting more poems published! Your pics are great. I hope there will still be a lot of blooms as I head to California in a few weeks.

    • Thank you, Eilene! I hope they are still there for you. Fingers crossed! I am still thinking about your blog post about the poor 13 year old girl “seduced” who dies not much later. Your “finds” are so dramatic!

  12. And I always liked to brag about Texas bluebonnets…California wildflowers amazing!! And Congrats on the poems in the new publication – you’re as hot as the wildflowers, my friend!!

    • I imagine a field of Texas bluebonnets is gorgeous. These poppies are much like that, but of course, GOLDEN.
      Haha, thanks for saying that, Sheila.

  13. So glad to hear you and the gardener were up to the drive. I saw the flowers on the news today. They are asking people to not jam up the roads coming to see them. It’s Disneyland type crowds. I used to live close enough to go and see them whenever the rain had been kind enough to bring them out. Your photos were pretty good for a moving vehicle.

    • Thank you, Marlene! Yes, when we passed Lake Elsinore, the cars were lining the service road and people swarming everywhere. It’s a sight to behold, for sure!

  14. Lovely! I’m looking forward to taking a trip to see this superbloom. Although I live here and see the wildflowers along the roadside, I want to go where those vast tracks of blooms fill the hillsides.

  15. Your photos are lovely, and I’m glad you got to see them before the area was overrun with people. I’m so glad to hear the gardener is feeling better. I hope everyone else is too. Congrats on your upcoming publications!

    • Thank you, Marie! I wish you could see the poppies! I found some hidden poppies a couple of days ago and will post my scruffy little pix either here or on FB soon.

  16. Luanne, wow! What a glorious sight to greet you along your road trip! The flowers are stunning and vibrant … just the tonic I need after days of storms and grey!

    Congratulations on your acceptance of your poems and very promising the other contact wants to see more of your work! Happy Writing!

    • Annika, thank you so much! Happy writing indeed!
      Oh, I am so sorry about the storms, but maybe they will bring out color afterwards? The gold of the poppies is so breathtaking!

  17. Oh wow oh man oh my! I bet that was some sight to see! Lucky you. And the gardener:)

  18. Beautiful – hills and hills of eschscholzia !!!!!! 🙂

  19. The poppies, the lot of flowers, really, are QUITE a sight to see! Thanks for sharing! And I do NOT think your photos suck at all! And Congratulations!

  20. Congratulations on the 3 poems being accepted. Those desert flowers are spectacular. 🙂 🙂

  21. Gorgeous, vibrant flowers and congratulations on the acceptances 🙂

  22. Absolutely stunning:))

  23. Such dramatic photos, Luanne! When you said, your photos “suck” I was prepared for long-distance fuzziness, but wow! I can really see the colors there. Very dramatic!
    And, I love this, thank you…. “Planning on making the world a little better in my tiny ways this week!”

  24. I know you were working under difficult, whizzing-by conditions, but those photos are stunning!!

    • hah, I searched for better a couple of days ago, but they still aren’t great. I might post a couple more on the blog and maybe not (quizzing myself about it as I write).

  25. We were there last weekend, Luanne. Stunning views! The traffic was horrible, though. Glad you got to see them! 🙂

  26. The wildflowers are amazing! Glad to hear you are still enjoying poetry and have had submissions accepted.

  27. Wonderful pics, Luanne! And congrats on the acceptance of your poems! 🙂

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