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May Flowers

Where did the hummingbird put her eggs and where is she watching over them? Here?


Here’s the answer: she first got the nest on the wind chime ready (see video). But she was dissatisfied with something.  So she moved parts of the nest over to the oleander tree and rebuilt it there. That is where she laid her two eggs and that is where she now sits. As you see her, in the still photo.


Art journals. I am still trying to improve my art journal pages. I haven’t reached the improvement point yet, but I am still learning new things. (By the way, son and DIL gave me a gift certificate for Mother’s Day to Amy Maricle’s online art studio for a class or two). Because my pages are very complicated and messy (which is my preference), I decided to try to make something more conventional and in keeping with the season. This is my May Flowers page. It’s also the very first time I ever tried alcohol inks. I have a lot to learn haha. The background is a transfer from a scene sketched by my MIL because I can’t leave things TOO uncomplicated ;). (I know, I know: less is more hahaha).


But then I had to go back to the messy art/junk style. This one is called “I want . . . . I want . . . .” It comes from a poem in Pleiades 41.1 by Jennifer Lynn Krohn called “The Scar Will Look like a Face,”. The center envelope is a 50 year old photo and negative envelope from the film developer that I found in my MIL’s things. Two images so you can see on the other side of the envelope when you flip it up.


On the left page, which you can see in the bottom photo, the transfer is the Bremen Town Musicians, a Grimm Brothers fairy tale. The donkey, dog, cat, and rooster had their own wants, but they were defined by the wants of others and how they responded to the stress of dealing with those wants. They were heroes.


Just assume I am gradually working on the memoir, and I won’t mention it too often. I don’t want to drive you crazy.

Have a great week ahead! XOXO

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