Lothlorien Poetry Journal: Five Poems

Strider Marcus Jones, Editor of Lothlorien Poetry Journal, has published five of my poems. Four are brand new, including one about my high school reunion in August, and one is from my first book Doll God. Two of the new poems are about living in Arizona.

I hope you enjoy this variety!


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28 responses to “Lothlorien Poetry Journal: Five Poems

  1. A super selection of your poems, Luanne.

  2. What a compelling array, Luanne!

  3. Love this! Congrats!!!

  4. Beautiful poems, Luanne! I couldn’t comment on that site, though. It kept saying “error.”

  5. Congratulations Luanne. I was very interested to read the reunion poem after our recent “chat”.

    • Thank you! Hah! Yeah, I was happy the editor took that poem as it so clearly represented how I felt about the experience!

      • “Mean girls” – I almost made reference to this at the recent Adoption Literary Festival, in respect of women judging other women. Anyway, I put it in other not so obvious terms. We are waiting on the recordings from the day and I hope to post them.

  6. Congratulations on the publication of this fine selection, evocative of place, time, and memories.

  7. It wouldn’t let me leave a comment on the poems but they were beautiful.

  8. A really like this group of poems, Luanne. They’re so evocative–your home in Arizona, the reunion and time passing, your father. . . wonderful.
    (Just because I noticed this, do you prefer cosey to cozy?)

    • Hahahaha, yes, I noticed cosey, too. I have not knowingly ever spelled it that way. Did I accidentally do it? It’s always possible. Or maybe an editorial change? I’m not inclined to question it although if the poem were to go in a future book I might change it! Thank you so much for your comments!

  9. Wonderful poems! I absolutely love ‘The Stranger’. I enjoyed all of them!!! 🙂

  10. Bingo, Luanne!! I feel like you hit the jackpot with FIVE poems in one journal – all great and worthy!!! Huge Congrats!

  11. Ellen

    I enjoyed reading all five!

  12. Congratulations, Luanne on the magazine’s taking five of your poems! I loved them all, but the high school reunion was the one that spoke to me the most strongly.

  13. I love the depth of your poetry, Luanne. After reading your poems and especially the last one, it inspired me to take out my copy of Doll God to read again. <3 Congratulations.

  14. Congratulations friend, great poems

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