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Light Holiday Fare

Most of the creative nonfiction and poetry I write tends to end up feeling fairly serious, albeit with a tiny twist of dry humor threaded throughout, rising along the surface of the piece every so often.  But sometimes it’s good to abandon oneself to a hearty belly laugh.  Here’s a poem I wrote about the importance of laughter which was published in The Black Boot, Issue 8.  And have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

Laughing Babies


In seventh grade I was sent

to the principal’s office six times for laughing,

my giggles chronic hiccups

that rode the curb like a skateboard

until I wanted to bail from fear of the crash.

I held on, never jumped.  My girlfriends

and I were making fun for ourselves.


Have you heard the commercial

with the laughing baby?

Not a smiling infant, slippery pink gums

peeking from behind the O

of the open baby mouth,

not tentative giggles

searching out questions for the world.

But a big baby guffaw, a Mississippi of sound

catching me in the solar plexus

where my own laugh begins.


We’re hardwired for this hidden language,

more powerful than books

or paintings.

We laugh together

and at nothing at all.


In the spirit of laughter, here’s a website devoted to laughing babies:

and another:

And here’s one of the laughing baby videos from Youtube:

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