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Follow MaryGold to a Free Book! #bookgiveaway

I thought it would be fun to let MaryGold off the shelf where she lives. She is going to participate in a little social media quiz fun.

MaryGold with Isabella Rose

If you don’t know who MaryGold is, she is the doll on the cover of my book. I held a vote here for her name.

Every Friday and every Tuesday I will post on my Facebook page and on Twitter a new adventure that MaryGold has taken (March 13, 17, 20, and 24). After four adventures, I will post a quiz on here on March 26 related to the adventures. The first three persons who email me the correct answer will each win a free signed copy of Doll God.  My email is  writersite.wordpress[at]

While you’re checking out Facebook and Twitter, feel free to “like” the page or “follow” writersitetweet, if you haven’t already.  Also, I will watch for your Twitter follow and follow you back.

First adventure begins Friday, March 13!


If you already have a copy of Doll God, I have a different quiz for you. This one is easy peasy. Be the first person to email me the quiz answer at writersite.wordpress[at] to win a copy of James Arthur’s poetry collection Charms Against Lightning

Here’s the quiz question: MaryGold shows up in a poem in Doll God. Don’t think it’s THAT easy haha! She doesn’t go by the name MaryGold in the poem. But she is the doll on the cover of the book and is found in a poem. What is the name of the poem and what page is it on?

 Please do not enter both contests. One or the other . . . .


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