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What Can You Learn From Reading a Memoir?

Six years ago, I had probably read fewer than 10 memoirs. To a non-reader, that might sound like a lot. But compared with the quantity of books I’ve read, it was an appalling number.

Then I got the idea I wanted to write a story about an aspect of my life and realized that I wanted to write a memoir. So I started reading memoirs to get the hang of how to write one.

After that, I started taking online courses in how to write a memoir.  And I continued to read them.

I’m trying to pull my book into a structure at this point, so I don’t have time to write reviews–and maybe you don’t have time to read reviews anyway ;).

But let me share the memoirs I’ve read with you one at a time.  No special order. Just as I pull them off the shelf.  Because they are all in my house. I bought each one of these so I could mark them up (if I desired) and keep them.

I’ll answer one question for each memoir: what did I learn by reading this book?

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