Here is Elizabeth Cutright’s “Interview with a Blogger (Part 2),” featuring some “immortal words” by myself and a few other bloggers. This is where I explain what scared me about starting to blog and what is most difficult about blogging.

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Interview With A Blogger (Part 2)
(More from insight and inspiration from fellow bloggers)
By Elizabeth Cutright

As I first detailed in my previous blog (Interview With A Blogger, Part 1), near the end of last year I decided that after almost 12 months of blogging, I still had a few questions.  I wanted to know what made other bloggers – many whose posts I admire in both content and posting regularity – tick.  I wanted to know what got them to the page, and how they’d overcome different challenges and obstacles.  My first entry focused on the birth of a blog, detailing the many varied ways and avenues that lead my different interview subjects online and into the storm of regular blog-writing.

In part 2, I delve a little deeper.  I ask about the difficulties, the complications and the hurdles my fellow bloggers encountered and overcame.  And…

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