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Flooding at the Water Works Bridge in Kalamazoo, March 26, 1904. That spring, the water got 6″ higher than the photo shows.

The Family Kalamazoo is my family history blog, which is about the genealogy of my mother’s family, especially the DeKorn, Zuidweg, and Mulder families of southwestern Michigan.  I share old photographs, many taken by family photographer Joseph DeKorn. Years ago, my grandfather Adrian Zuidweg shared a portion of the collection with Western Michigan University‘s Archives and Regional History Collections. A larger part is not at the archives, and my goal is to share the rest of the collection on this blog.

Entering the Pale is my family history blog about my husband’s relatives who immigrated to the United States from the Russian Empire “beyond the pale.”

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  1. Cool. I was looking for other memoir writers (I just started blogging myself) and there you were. I’m from Battle Creek originally. I’ll keep coming back!

  2. I’m in the process of starting my family history blog. I had a very old web site at a college I attended that I no longer no how to access. My contact information has changed, but several relatives ave tracked me down through that website even so. Maybe come winter I will be able to tackle it. It’s nice to find someone with a similar interest.

    • Luanne

      There are a lot of family history/family genealogy blogs on WordPress–a really nice group of people with interesting information and photos, etc. I enjoy writing that one for them, for myself, and especially for my family. Good luck to you with yours!!

      • Thanks. I really need to find some time to get some of this stuff done. I’ve had a fairly nonproductive year. My parents died in January, and I just haven’t been up to snuff. Hopefully things will pick up here soon.

  3. Good idea. I have my mother’s memoirs about WWII and this would be a great format for her to get them published. I just might make it her 87th birthday present. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Luanne

      You’re going to start a blog for her memoirs or are you going to put them in serial form on your blog?

      • Not sure which format. It’s a matter of what she prefers and what I have time to do since I know I’ll be the one doing the posting. What do you think would be more interesting to read: time progressive, as in a linear timeline of experiences or a general memoir?

        • Luanne

          If you create a separate blog you will have to start from scratch to get readership, but once you do there are a lot of people writing family history blogs who will be interested. I am in favor of doing short series of posts which are connected or linear timeline, but then to skip around more so that each post (or series of posts) can be read without someone feeling as if they have to read the whole thing. Does that make sense?

          • Yes–thanks. I will probably connect to my blog. Although when I will find the time is the big question. I began running a blog that posted my NaNoWriMo novel and that proved pretty time taxing. Maybe I will do an entry and say, “Surprise, Mom–and happy birthday!” and call it good.
            thanks for your input 🙂

  4. I just saw that you have this additional blog. Some day we’ll have a discussion about our individual projects.

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