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I’ve mentioned Diane Lockward’s poetry craft books before, as well as her free monthly newsletter. If you’re a poet or just want to try writing a poem, be sure to sign up for her newsletter HERE.

In October’s issue, she included a link to an SNL parody of  English teachers/poets/poetry readings. Wondering what you make of it!

If you don’t have time to watch the video, then just save it for later (if it appeals to you) and say HI. This past week ended up even crazier than the one before. We went to California for work. The gardener had a scary car problem on the fast-moving freeway–the car simply shut down and he had to coast to the left median and wait for AAA (thank goodness for AAA!). That is a sample of the week haha. To make up for it, I am starting a walking plan, which just means that I plan to walk more! There is a beautiful path near my house that isn’t too long and is easy on my bad foot.

Arizona Unfiltered as Seen From My Walk: Saguaro Hotel (for the birds)

Mom comes at the end of this week, so I need to catch up some of my work and get the house ready.

Are we officially into holiday season now?


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  1. Looking forward to watching the parody. In my world, the holiday officially begins NEXT week…with time off from teaching…

  2. Oh gosh, how scary for your husband. That would freak me out. Yes, I would say we are officially into the holiday season. I decorated the house two weekend ago and I’ll post my last blog post of the year this Friday. It’s time to hunker down. Wish I was close by to walk with you, Luanne.

  3. Shoulda had a warning! I watched it with one eye open whilst glugging my first cuppa cawfee. The outspill almost hit my computer. Good thing it also missed my Kin Types on the table, next.

  4. Oh my–terrifying experience for your husband. I’ll have to come back to the links. Yes, it’s holiday season. 🙂

  5. Yes, it’s the holidays. Everywhere is crowded! That must have been scary. I hate care problems and enjoy your mother!

  6. Soooo, I thought it was hilarious if not a little stereotypical and exaggerated! I love SNL, but I can’t stay up to watch it live:) I walk about 4 miles at least 5-6 days a week. It boosts my energy and creativity. Not to mention my mood. I walk mostly through wooded paths. I need the trees. Scary moment on the freeway! The older I get the more I despise driving—another reason I walk/bike. I just decorated for fall. Christmas has to wait until after Thanksgiving. Hope you have a wonderful week!

    • I agree with your response. Your walking sounds amazing. With my bum foot I can’t do THAT kind of walking, but I figure some is better than none. I do always get my 10,000 minimum steps in except travel days. I agree with you about savoring Thanksgiving/fall decs. Me too! Gonna go post some of mine on Instagram just for that! Happy walking!

  7. I like your walking plan and think it would be great fun to walk with you (love the saguaro hotel 😄). I’ll catch the parody later, hopefully watch it with my husband. The holiday season is nigh … tension in the air. Not sure why but people seem to be a little more mean-spirited this time of year, at least around where I live and work. Could it stress??? My stomach flipped when I read about your husband’s experience on the freeway. I’m glad he’s okay but won’t it be good when you all don’t have to make those trips anymore?

  8. Hi Luanne, we are officially into the holiday season – and thank you for the hilarious SNL poetry segment! Hilarious.
    Good luck with your week!

  9. Very clever parody on SNL 🙂 Yes, we are gearing up for Christmas and Summer Holidays down here too. I still have a very long list of items to make and time is running short. Good on you for walking – it’s such a good thing to get into. Your comment about walking reminded me that when I started walking regularly I was still half crippled from an accident and couldn’t go far at all – everything hurt and I wasn’t fit, Now my body is strong and healthy and I stride off every day without giving it a second thought. I didn’t even notice how I changed it happened so gradually but the comparison of then and now takes my breath away. I hope you have a wonderful time with your mom visiting. x

    • It’s so wonderful to hear how well you’ve recovered. I’m so glad that you are walking every day and feel so strong. WOOT!!!! I remember, too, when I was in a whellchair for months and compare it with no–fabulous. But I would like to get stronger. Because I can’t do most aerobic type exercise (because of my foot), I need to work my heart harder. Thank you about Mom–we are having fun! Have a wonderful week, Pauline.

  10. When mom comes the holiday season is officially launched. Yay AAA

  11. I always consider it the official holiday season after my birthday and it was yesterday. So yes, it is official!

  12. Yes, it’s beginning – holiday season – for better or worse. I’m trying to approach it with a positive attitude and hope to get through it with some sanity left. It sounds like you’re already getting the disasters behind you, so it should be clear sailing ahead.

  13. Hey! Funny video!
    The car problem – scary! I had the exact same thing happen to me – I was in the middle lane of an expressway that runs through our city (Montreal) and suddenly the car died. I was able to maneuver over to the shoulder (thank God for shoulders!) but with no power steering it was really hard. Turned out it was the timing belt. Same as you?
    Take care! xoxo

    • Oh no! Yes, it’s so so scary. There are places in LA without shoulders, and I immediately get claustrophobia because, WHAT IF? I can’t remember. It was something where the electrical system of the car didn’t connect with something and PURPOSEFULLY shuts down. Yes, shouting meant.
      You too! xoxo

  14. I got a good chuckle out of it!

    I lost my holiday spirit somewhere in the past year or two. Not sure when or if it will return. I do know today is a Tuesday in November (is that pathetic?)

    Sorry about the car – no fun. Hope repairs weren’t expensive.

    Enjoy the walks!

  15. That was hilarious. Yes, I watch SNL. Laser cats, Toonces, they all crack me up!

  16. The holidays are definitely here! Wishing you luck with your walking plan. Few things in life are better than that daily walk in terms of overall health. It is such a great way to kick off the holiday season…motivated and inspired!Take care of your foot! 🙂

  17. Luanne, I loved the poetry parody video … so funny! Happy Holidays and enjoy the walks!

  18. I’m with Jill – I’d love to go for a long walk with you! This morning in New England we had black ice all over the roads. Too cold and icy for any walks. And I agree, thank goodness for AAA; it’s helped me numerous times. :-)0 I’ll check out the video later – I may take offense. Ha. But we need more poets in this world, not more parody of them. 🙂 Holiday doesn’t start until mid-week next week for me. Still teaching my creative writing classes through Wednesday, and fortunately my guy is the turkey roaster. xo

  19. I looooove SNL 😀 I love that skit and I do see the truth in its parody. And honestly, I like the one about the UPS man — is good. I likey.
    Good for you on your new walking plan. Okay, so women of the bad foot unite! You know what is kindest to my bad foot? Walking at a slight incline.

    • The UPS man hahaha. Why is the UPS man and Fedex man such a source of amusement in our culture? The ones here are not even usually hot. OK, sometimes.
      Walking at a slight incline–that is interesting. I have noticed that if there is whatever the opposite of an incline is (it can’t be a decline, can it? hahaha) it’s a little harder on my foot. In general, I am fine until all of a sudden I am extremely not fine. Happy food and family day this week!

  20. I’m impressed you’ve adopted a walking plan even with your bad foot. I’m suffering with a neuroma in my foot, and every step hurts, particularly across the cobblestones of our New Orleans street. You’re a better (or at least tougher) woman than I am!

    • Oh, a neuroma sounds so painful! How does one get one of those? The cobblestones were really bad for my foot, too, as anything that puts pressure in the middle or even bends the foot!!!!! is really bad. in fact, I could break my bone on cobblestones and that would be the end of the road for this foot. (The pun was waiting for me) I hope you get help for your foot soon! What can they do for it?

  21. Always good to laugh at ourselves! But I would seriously love to do another poetry reading with you someday. 🙂

    • Hahaha, yes, so true. And I admit there are some poets who drive me nuts with the way they read. I WOULD LOVE TO READ WITH YOU AGAIN! I hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful. if it’s at home, you will be making your first Thanksgiving memory in your new home. XO

  22. I hope the craziness dies down soon Luanne and your walking gives you some breathing space!

  23. Funny video! As a high school English teacher, I can find the humor in it. Thanks for sharing!

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