Does Anybody Know Why WordPress is Giving Me Grief?

I’m mildly freaking out about WordPress.

I’ve always regarded as very reliable, but now I’m not so sure. This week WordPress has mostly stopped sending me email notifications. I say “mostly” because every once in a while a notification slips into my inbox.

So I have no idea when the blogs I follow publish new posts without happening upon them by accident in my “reader.”

As some of you know, I have three blogs, and this has occurred with all of them.

Therefore, I ask you: has this happened to others or is it personal?

Do you know how I can fix the trouble? I want to continue to read your blogs!

On a related note . . .

I used to be able to email Support when I had a problem, but I can’t find any place to contact them. If I go through their Support contact form, I can only leave a message for the community. Then I don’t know how to go back and find where I left my question to see if anyone has responded.

In one word:



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  1. So sorry to hear that, I receive notifications but not from all the blogs I follow, most times I just browsed posts on my reader. So sorry I couldn’t help! Take care!

    • Luanne

      Thanks, Seyi sandra. I was thinking about why the notifications are so important to me and I think it’s because I tend to read at the same time of day and miss the same bloggers over and over if I only use the reader. if I get the email notifications then I feel that I keeping up with “my” bloggers ;). xo

  2. jeannieunbottled

    I had trouble last week, but I think it’s cleared up now.

  3. [ Smiles ] I can only speculate by saying that it is probably an issue with the self-hosted aspect of WordPress.

    Anyway, it is nice to know that your problem has been rectified!

    • Luanne

      Renard, I’m so ignorant about computer language. What does self-hosting mean? Aren’t we not self-hosted if we use .com? Or do you mean WP is self-hosted? Sorry! And nope, my problem has not been rectified :(!

  4. I just follow blogs on my reader and not through an email subscription. My problem this week with WordPress is that they have automatically subscribed me to comments of blog posts I have not yet read. It’s overwhelming to say the least. Eek! Aah! Help!

    • Luanne

      Why do they do things like that?! I like to use the email notifications because I read at the same time of day so often and miss the samepeople over and over if I rely on the reader. Does that make sense?

  5. Under Notifications, do you have the option enabled on each blog to get posts emailed instantly?

    • Luanne

      I definitely do! Well, not exactly. I have some set up for instantly and some for every day and some for every week. But now I am getting almost none of them. Do you do all yours instantly?

  6. WordPress took away the Avatar I put on my user profile and now I get some randomly generated avatar whenever I post a comment. So, I’m thinking I’m not going to be much help.

    • Luanne

      Oh no! You lost your Gravatar? I would not like that at all! Did you try to go into gravatar and set up a new one or edit it?

  7. I’ve been having all kinds of grief the last couple of days.

    • Luanne

      Anneli, you have?! That’s how long for me, too! What is going on?!!!

      • It might be my firewalls on my browsers but every time I start up the computer I have to go through this. I click Like and nothing happens, I write a comment and it won’t post it. I’m sure it’s my own fault but it happens mostly with WordPress right now. I always liked it until now.

  8. I haven’t had that problem, but I notice that the New Post page is often lacking the features of suggested tags and related posts, which used to show up. It made adding links and images very easy. I wonder what’s going on at HQ!

  9. Not a computer whiz here, iron mechanical things are reliable. Support systems, programs etc. will have a glitch. Some created for purpose. Some they don’t know WTF is going on either. I attempted a blog only to find it posted twice so I deleted one and got them both deleted with one click. I waited a while and pulled one out of the trash. HMMH
    Conspiracy theory: doubt it
    Only heard the term in real life once. A stupid ass Sheriff pulled it out of his hat, trying to cover illegal police habits.

  10. I will be watching for the solution/s or fix. Yes, latelyI have had some quirks with my site.

  11. I follow my own blog so I can see what followers see when I upload, and I quit getting notifications of my own posts weeks ago. But some blogs I follow I still get notifications. It’s not very consistent. I also have the iPad app and I notice that at times, only the app will get notifications of new comments to my blog and via email I don’t get any. Seems a little buggy.

  12. When you self host a blog, it means you have purchased a plan at a service like GoDaddy and you set up WordPress through it. Most like it because you get more storage and layout control, but you need to have more coding experience than basic blogging.

  13. I’m having similar issues so I completely commiserate!

  14. j4n

    Try: (usually an answer, although rarely a solution)

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