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Pear Blossom is feeling better! The antibiotic and lots of extra attention have helped her. She’s eating enough cat food to be healthy, and she is choosing to sleep in her bed on the counter. It makes my heart feel like lifting off to see her this way. Everyone is still missing Mac, but we’re all carrying on.

At the end of last week, daughter’s kitty stopped eating and had to go to the vet in NYC. They couldn’t find the cause of the problem. Medicine seems to making her tummy feel better. Please keep Isabella Rose in your thoughts and prayers, but it looks like she might be better, too. (What is this, an epidemic?!)

On the subject of cats, my mother sent me an article about CatCon LA. Have you heard of it? Remember when I posted about the Phoenix Comicon? I wrote about it in Bordering on Geek.

I’m pretty sure I would enjoy CatCon much more! Lil Bub was there, posing for photos with people. Here is how the event is described on their website:

CatConLA 2015 took place in June, 2015 celebrating groundbreaking products and ideas in art and design, pop culture, and attitude… for cat people.

Part expo, part symposium, CatConLA showcased some of the world’s top cat-centric merchandise including furniture, art, toys and clothing for those of us who possess a great love of the feline, as well as conversations with some of the top cat experts in the world.

Over 10,000 people visited CatConLA during the weekend. At the end of the event, we donated over $33,000 to FixNation and Lil BUB’s Big Fund at the ASPCA.

Have you ever seen Lil Bub with his owner Mike Bridavsky? This photo was on the CatConLA website–click through the photo to get to their website.


Even if you don’t have a cat, do you ever watch cat videos online? Here‘s an article about the results of a survey conducted by an Indiana University researcher on cat video watching. The bottom line is that watching cats on video makes people feel good!!  Gee, I could have told them that.

There are apparently a lot of people writing about cats today. I found one new to me. This is where you can find him on Twitter. He writes humorously about his black cat Bear and on Twitter it’s all about what makes his cat “sad.” It’s pretty funny.

OK, I need to go and get me some more cat therapy at home and later this week at the shelter.

This kitty condo can be viewed on video here.


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  1. Every cat should have his own martini house 🙂

  2. I don’t have a cat, but I love them, and CatCon sounds wonderful. Hope your daughter’s cat is okay. 🙁

    • Izzie is doing much better–thank you! And so is Pear Blossom, although she does have a significant heart murmur that has only recently developed.

  3. I’m glad that Pear Blossom is doing so much better — and maybe Isabella Rose also. I love to watch cats.

  4. So happy that your kitty is better…here is a little something for your cat … … It’s a link to a pic that you might enjoy!

  5. I love cats and hate to think about them ever being sick.

    • It’s so sad when they don’t feel well. They kind of retreat into themselves and don’t communicate very well about it. They try to hide it when they can.

  6. I just got my daily cat pictures and story for the day! Thank you so much for sharing.

  7. Glad to hear Pear Blossom is feeling better and sending best wishes to Isabella Rose. Oh I remember the days of buying cat houses and cat playthings (not quite as extravagant as the martini glass) and them looking in disdain and wanting nothing to do with them 🙂

    • They are both doing better–thank you, Andrea! What a relief. Although Pear has developed a significant heart murmur, which worries me. She is 15.5 . . . . Haha, so true how they often react. I have also given them gifts of toys they adore and act like they are the best things ever. Then suddenly it’s as if the toy doesn’t exist any longer. So strange.

  8. So glad about Pear Blossom. How did she get that name? The video is great. I have a cat that twitches when she sleeps. Sometimes she makes sounds too. I often wonder what she’s dreaming about.

    • I wonder why some cats twitch and most don’t. More exciting dreams than the average? Pear Blossom is named for the main character in a picture book called The Korean Cinderella. The mean girl’s name is Peony, which is a name I used to call my daughter when she little (I called her that before we read the book), and so we named our new cat at the time for the Cinderella character.

  9. Cats are the best! Great news about Pear Blossom, will keep sending good vibes for her to continue to improve.

    • Thank you. That would really be best, CC, because Pear is recovering from her UTI, but she has a new heart murmur that is quite significant.

  10. It’s great to hear Pear Blossom is feeling better – YAY! 😀

    • When I thought she was going to die I looked at her and burst into tears. She looked so sad that i was crying and that she didn’t feel well! She feels much better now, but she now has a significant heart murmur and I think it might make her feel a little odd.

  11. I”m glad Pear Blossom is doing better, and I hope your daughter’s cat is feeling better soon! Stay well all you cats! 🙂

  12. What great news about Pear Blossom!! I hope she continues to do well…it’s very traumatic for all to lose a family member so hopefully she will get back to an even keel soon…Also sending good wishes for your daughter’s kitty, too…you are having a run of bad luck right now…so very sorry.

    • Our world seems a little strange right now–filled with anxiety and compulsions. Pear’s UTI is under control now, but she has a new heart murmur that I worry about. Izzie is feeling well!! I have an announcement that I will make tomorrow morning that is related . . . .

  13. I am so excited that sweet Pear Blossom is responding to her meds. I hope she is on the way to a full recovery, Luanne. I enjoy “Li’l Bub” and am grsteful you posted ownet, too. Take care and hope you will breathe easier and sleep sounder. xo

    • I love how Lil Bub’s owner has a pic of Lil Bub tattooed on his arm!! Pear’s UTI is under control, but she has developed a significant heart murmur which does worry me.She is elderly, though, so I guess I need to be grateful she hasn’t had any big health problems up until now.

      • Thanks for telling me what the tattoo is since I didn’t look closely. This is so sad about her heart murmur. You have had enough on your “plate”/ mind. For us in Ohio we could use the expression, “When it rains, it pours.” Not necessarily appropriate weather joke for you there. Unless I have not paid attention and you had recent rain?

        • Definitely no rain this week! I always take on more when my plate is full, too!

          • We must be considered “Type A” personalities. I have come home a “wet noodle” to pack my daily lunch, check my mail, grab tomorrow’s work clothes then go to my friends house ( the one I match-made in 1993.) I am watching Tayla and Kira, sleeping here and following precise directions on drapes, litter boxes, measuring food 2 x daily. Guess what happened? A shrill intermittent beeping, call to friends and removed old battery from carbon monoxide detector. Took an hour for freaked out cats to settle down. They “have known me” as much, as cats do strangers who visit once a week, for 8 years. Just knew you would like to know about my cat conmection, Luanne. ♡

          • I wrote all of that and forgot to say, sorry no rain for you, Luanne. We don’t have flooding much in Delaware. Up in Prospect, Ohio and down south in Jackson people are using row boats to get around.

  14. xoxo A separate and special wish for Isabella Rose who lost her appetite and needs prayers and hopes, too. ♡♡♡

  15. I want that kitty condo! My favorite drink is gin martinis 🙂 CatCon sounds like heaven to me. I hope Pear Blossom continues to improve and Isabella Rose gets her appetite back. I always feel so impotent when any of my cats go off their food. Most of the time it’s something simple. Since two of them are indoor-outdoor, they eat grass and if they eat too much it puts them off. They throw up the grass and/or whatever food they did get down, and we just give them time to settle. Usually the next day all is well. But since they can’t talk to us, we don’t always know if it’s more serious. And cats seem to always want to be left alone when they’re not feeling well … sigh. Thinking of you and yours xoxo

    • Oh, that is the perfect kitty condo for you then! I could never bring all that pink carpeting into my house. Hubby would block the door LOL. That is the truth about cats and I was just saying that at the shelter last night to the director. Dogs are squeaky wheels, but cats don’t speak up for themselves and in fact if something is wrong go in the other direction and hide the problem. How are you surviving all the reading for our class? Haha, there is a lot of it, but I like that she has provided so much. Some of it is great and a few pieces leave me wondering “whaaaaa?”

      • One of our cats, Mikey, was so stoic, we didn’t know how much pain he was in until we had all of his teeth removed (he had severe peritonitis). After his surgery, he was like a new kitty. Full of pep and appetite 🙂 I’m enjoying the class although the readings are difficult to keep up with. I think some of the pieces are hard to understand out of context. Like the Doyle piece … if I remember it correctly … made me feel like I had walked into and then out of a weird conversation. Maybe if she had been able to share more, it would have made more sense? Anyway, I’m thrilled with Chelsea’s comments on my first assignment. I haven’t had good constructive criticism on my writing in a long, long time. Her feedback is what I’m paying for 😉

        • Oh, poor Mikey! That is the problem with cats not telling us when they are sick! Poor poor boy.
          Class is good. Chelsea’s comments were good, too. You know what is weird, though? I feel that 1/4 of what I learn in any workshop is from reading the instructor’s comments on OTHER people’s work. Here we don’t get that, which is so strange.

          • Yeah, it is different not reading others’ work like we would in a workshop setting. With the poetry class, everyone could see what you were posting and the feedback you got. But the feedback was from other students, not the instructors. Still, I learned a lot from reading the comments on other students’ poems. Some of the people in that class were experienced poets (unlike me). It was also interesting to see how opinions could differ. There’s nothing to keep us from sharing Chelsea’s comments on our work. I can email you my first assignment with her comments if you like.

        • Oh, that’s a great idea!, Yes, let’s share!

  16. LOL!! That kitty condo is incredible! Oh I can’t wait to tell my daughter about CatconLA. You know we would have been there if we still lived there! And I am so relieved and happy for you that Pear Blossom is much better…phew. Really hoping and praying that Isabella Rose is on the mend too. Poor baby. Let’s hope not an epidemic. Cats, cats and more cats, love them and love this post 😀 xoxo

    • Pear and Izzie are over their no-eating illnesses! I worry about Pear’s heart, but I suppose with 4 cats there is always a cat to worry about. Now I worry that Nakana isn’t eating enough haha! I would love to go to CatconLA, too–with you and your daughter!!!

      • Oh I’m so glad they are both better!! But yes, even with just 2 cats, we have those worries here and there. And oh Luanne, just think, what great fun we would have, the three of us! I’m smiling just thinking about the mayhem we would cause, haha 😀 xo

  17. Luanne I am happy your cat is doing much better. I agree that every time my daughter and I google crazy cats we sit there laughing our heads off. Blessed with four cats we can’t help ourselves.

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