Black Cat Appreciation Day?!

Yesterday was Black Cat Appreciation Day–and I missed it! Blogger Brandy Heineman writes about it in her post. Unfortunately, I was traveling and had been away from my black cats, Pear Blossom and Nakana, as well as Felix and Tiger, for what feels like months.


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  1. When I saw the very first post for Black Cat Appreciation Day, I immediately thought of you, Luanne! I’ll check out this post 🙂

  2. Thanks goodness they are getting appreciated. Well deserved!

  3. Ha – love it!

  4. Given what you’ve said about their unpopularity Luanne, it’s great that they get a special day at least 🙂

    • I so agree. The day was created to get the word out that black cats need some special attention in our society. Today my son said to me, “I love black cats!” Yes, me too!

  5. I like all kinds of cats, Luanne. I have been “eye-ing” a white and gray kitty that my coworker keeps sharing her photograph. She has 3 cats and doesn’t want a 4th but this one was dumped by her and her partner’s country home. She has a male fully grown cat who is getting attached to new kitty. He is actually grooming it. She brought in neutering and spaying info for another warehouse coworker who may be kitty’s hopeful new owner.
    I would take one but it is an extra pet deposit, my family all has dogs and I do go to Mom’s for weeklong vacations. I did think of you with gray kitty but when I read you are super busy, would not work out.
    There was one other person on Aug. 9th who commented about your online course with Marie. Just being an observant friend. 🙂
    Will you be sharing about your book promotional tours, Luanne? Did my library order one of your books? It has been a month since I filled out a request form. xo

    • Would you be allowed to take the kitty to your Mom’s with you and is it a long drive? Yes, there is usually that pet deposit, and it is so dumb when it’s a cat. Most damage in apartments is done by dogs that are left alone too long (sadly).
      I don’t get a list of who orders from Amazon, unfortunately, so I don’t know, but THANK YOU SO MUCH. That was so kind of you to order Doll God!!! After my dad was diagnosed with the cancer and passed away I really stopped promoting Doll God very much and now I don’t know how to get back into the momentum of it. I feel really depleted and now just got back from a so-called vacation that was anything but restful.
      Thank you for letting me know about the comment! I feel as if I’ve been gone “forever”!

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