A Study in Patriotism

Happy Independence Day,

United States of America!!!


For a little 4th fun, here is my favorite patriotic song. Written by two Swedes and an English man about an imaginary Soviet defector . . . .

Sung here in English by Swedish singer Tommy Korberg:


I think the liminal photo is connected with the words to the song.

Now if I could just figure out why this song makes me cry.


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  1. Happy 4th of July! ^.^

  2. It was a beautiful song, the flag in its tunnel effect photograph is quite stunning! Happy Fourth of July!
    I cry for the “Alleluia Chorus” by Leonard Cohen, the new version with older, whiskey voiced Joni Mitchell singing, “Both Sides Now” and this song does pull my heartstrings, Luanne. “The Battle of the Republic” with “For my eyes have seen the coming of the Glory of the Lord,” I think. . .

    • Oh, those songs are marvelous, too, Robin! Happy 4th to you!!!! Hope your day is a beautiful one! xoxoxo

      • Your music had string and reed instruments which always to me, feel like they effect me in my gut, Luanne. I was a clarinet player but the orchestra and symphony concerts I was in from simple, basic (fourth grade level) through to complicated senior high school compositions made me appreciate the variety of sounds. Thank you for sharing your “Anthem- Chess” with its sentimental music; Mom loved it, too! <3

        • Ah, so glad Mom loved the music! It’s really a tear jerker, I think. You know so much more about music than I do, Robin! I just know what I like, but rarely why I like it.

      • I am glad I can still explain music but most people should follow their “gut reactions,” on why they like music. Which, dear Luanne, you have plenty of feelings and beautiful way if expressing them. We (Mom and I) both loved “Doll God!” xo

        • That’s the same with poetry! Gut reaction and what I think of as the emotional response. That is the first reaction and the most important. Not the only one, but primary.

  3. Happy 4th, Luanne. I love that photo–liminal spaces indeed!
    When my girls were in high school, I remember some kids sang other songs from Chess–some beautiful songs.

    • That’s a coincidence–my daughter’s school performed Chess when she was in 10th grade. Some parents walked out during the Bangkok scene . . . . That’s a musical with some heft, I’d say. Yes, great music. This one the best, of course :). Have a great 4th, Merril!!!!

  4. Such a beautiful song. Have a wonderful 4th of July, Luanne.

  5. Wilma Kahn

    A beautiful song –> happy 4th, friend!

  6. Happy 4th and thanks for sharing the song. The music alone chokes me up …

  7. He has a very good voice. Great song. Happy 4th of July, Luanne. In both our countries, we have so much to be thankful for.

    • We really do, Anneli! So grateful. Yes, I love his voice. And I guess it was even better when he was younger, but then maybe he brings more nuance to it now ;).

  8. Lovely tribute Luanne Happy Fourth of July.

  9. Happy Independence Day, Luanne.

  10. Carla McGill

    Happy 4th Luanne. Wonderful photo!

  11. Great photo and a belated Happy 4th of July!

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