A Plea for the Animals

In this festive season, it’s good to remember those in need. In this case, I want to remind us about the pets in Afghanistan, specifically those cared for by the Kabul Small Animal Rescue.  American Charlotte Maxwell-Jones is a veterinarian who runs the dog and cat rescue in Kabul. When Afghanistan fell, she was at the airport in Kabul with her animals in kennels, ready to leave. But the U.S. military would not take a single one of her animals. She was clinging to a special needs dog as they left Charlotte at the airport with her furry charges.

She’s such a hero, it makes me teary just to write about her. Well, Charlotte has continued to do what she does. Some of the dogs that were left at the airport were taken over by the Taliban. Charlotte’s rescue now sees to the care of those dogs, making sure they have safe sleeping quarters, food, and medical care. She also still takes care of all the other rescue animals that have made it to her shelter. Now she has organized evacuation flights for the dogs and cats for January 2022. They are taking the animals to Dubai (for now–maybe they will end up in Canada). Her fundraising goal to accomplish this is $400,000. She’s not even at the halfway point yet. PLEASE can you help her to help these animals she has devoted her life to?


Topol, pictured below, is one of the dogs who will be leaving Afghanistan.

Please make it a HAPPY NEW YEAR for these animals!


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