Après Wedding

The wedding was a huge success. A little back story, first.

After twelve years as best friends, my daughter and her husband began dating. A little over a year later, they became engaged.  Two months after the proposal, we signed for a venue for their wedding that was to be March 2021. About two weeks after the contract was signed, covid struck.

Eventually, it became clear that the wedding needed to be postponed. While this all sounds simple, it was very chaotic and stressful.

The couple chose 12 February 2022 as the new date. At that point, they both assumed that with the vaccine ahead of us that covid would be over by then. Last early spring we all got vaccinated. This fall, we all got boostered and crossed our fingers. Every time covid was on the news, I got so nervous. What was going to be a big wedding became a “decent size” event of just over 100 people.

Two weeks before the wedding, I stopped going in public because I was terrified I would get omicron and not be able to attend the wedding. By that point, the gardener and I assumed we were going to get omicron and were hoping for the best outcome. Most of the guests were coming from out of town, many on planes across the country (and one from Austria).

The couple had waited long enough and, really, needed to get on with their lives instead of everything “being about” the wedding. I planned to be as careful as possible. Well, the morning of the day before, I got to the venue for the rehearsal and the parking lot was filled with my daughter’s friends, many who had also been a part of my life for years. The hugging commenced! I decided to just enjoy myself.

We’re now over a week out from the wedding, omicron’s incubation period averages three days, and I have not heard of any person getting covid at the wedding. Are we really getting over the covid nightmare? Trust me, I know how very lucky we are.

My favorite parts of the wedding and related events:

  • spending time with friends of the couple, as well as those of the gardener and me
  • the speeches at the reception
  • the vows daughter and my SIL wrote for each other
  • chair dance (yup, I went up in the chair!)

Also, my daughter and her friend (an interior designer who gave lots of help!) made beautiful signs for everything with a cricut machine. I’m going to have my daughter teach me how to use it because it’s so cool. Here are a smattering of signs. You might need to click on the images to see the captions.

Leaving you with an image of daughter and me (sorry you can’t see my boots).

Yes, my daughter’s dress was truly one of the most gorgeous wedding gowns ever. Just stunning. While I hate dressing up, generally choosing to wear ratty yoga pants, I did fall in love with my own dress this time around. The metallic pattern was light blue outside, as if it reflected the blue Arizona sky. And the sky was so blue and the air so perfect, reaching a temperature of 81.


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  1. Beautiful and I love the dresses! not even a peak of your boots showed!

    • Thank you, Kate! I had to have that dress taken in and hemmed by an alterations person. When I got the dress home, she still had it too long (maybe she thought I was lying about the boots and was going to wear heels haha). Anyway, when I brought it in, we had to quibble back and forth because she wanted the dress so dang long. This is the length I argued for (or compromised on?) and the boots are STILL covered! If she had had her way I would have been tripping on the hem.

  2. Glad everything went well. We need a glow of joy these days.

  3. Happy to read that the wedding went well– and no covid aftershocks. Both your dresses are beautiful. What’s a cricut machine?

    • Thank you so much, Ally! A cricut machine dye cuts things like paper, plastic, wood. It’s for crafts and sign-making. My understanding is that I could draw something and then have it cut it out. It’s pronounced “cricket.”

  4. I’m happy everything went well. I loved all of the photos on IG! Thanks for sharing the special day with us, Luanne.

  5. I’m so glad everything went well and no one is sick! You and your daughter both look gorgeous! I wore a blue dress for older child’s wedding and print with lots of blue in it for daughter’s wedding.

  6. Amy

    I am so glad all went so well—I know how anxious you were. And your dress and your daughter’s dress are both amazing—what a beautiful mother-daughter photo. Such love shining through!

    • Aw, thank you so much, Amy! I’m so pleased with how everything went. And most importantly so are D and SIL. They had the wedding of their dreams. Yeah, I was so anxious. The moment I saw those no-longer-kids in the parking lot, my anxiety went away and I went along for the ride!

  7. Amy

    (And ok, I admit—I quickly read boots as boobs!)

  8. I enjoyed the Instagram photos as well. Sounds like a wedding made in heaven.

  9. I’m so glad your daughter’s special day was memorable in all the best possible ways! Thank you for sharing it with us.

  10. A perfect wedding! Just beautiful, Luanne!

  11. I’ve so enjoyed all the photos you’ve been sharing on FB and IG. I am SO happy for all of you 🙂 Your dress is lovely. I love that it reflected the blue sky. A fitting dress for a poet xo
    Oh, and I am so glad nobody got COVID. We try to be so careful, but we still need to live our lives.

    • Yes! That’s why I love that dress. It’s a poetry dress :)!
      That’s the thing: I hadn’t realized how much I craved just living our lives. It was giving me so much anxiety thinking about how to be safe at the wedding. Of course, I had that luxury to “fuggedaboutit” because of omicron. NOT if it had been Delta that was around now.

      • I hear ya … my husband bought a bunch of N95 masks recently. According to data he’s been reading, our county is a “hot spot” for COVID. So on we go ;-(

        • Oh gee. Disturbing. ON a tangent, but I cannot wear N95s. I bought some and you know how they have the 2 straps? My head is so rounded on the back and maybe my hair so slippery that they just slide right off. How do people wear those things? And I do wear the KN95s, but those pull my ears forward!!!

          • He bought the N95s and we can’t wear them. They are way too snug. The latest delivery were KN95s. A better fit, but we’ll see. Plan to test them out at the gym 😉

            • Good grief. These are so annoying. The surgical masks are comfortable. And I have 2 masks I bought early on that I love. They are a soft material, but inside they are coated with something impregnable. I tried to find them later and couldn’t. Good luck, Marie!

              • The KN95s worked for us. They do give us a bit more room for breathing. In other news, Florida governor, and general all-around asshat, recommends that businesses in Florida discourage mask-wearing (as opposed to just loosening guidelines as the CDC is proposing to do). I’m incensed that he wants to actively discourage mask-wearing. We’ve already seen a big drop in mask-wearing at our gym. I certainly hope I don’t get harassed just because I prefer to continue to wear a mask. Wearing a mask might not do as much to protect me as it does other people, but I haven’t been sick at all since I’ve been wearing a mask. Even my allergies have been milder than before the pandemic. Aargh!

  12. After all that waiting …. you all deserved that beautiful wedding. Thanks for sharing it with your fans! 💗

  13. Everything and everyONE looked so beautiful and perfect! Maybe it was worth the wait – all the more sweet and super-appreciated because of the delay. Question: how did your daughter avoid tripping on *her* hem? It looks long in front. She had to always hold it up? Just curious. YES definitely the most beautiful gown ever! Yours was gorgeous too! So happy for you all!

    • Thank you so much, Ellie! Definitely worth the wait. You know, I never asked her about the dress. It didn’t seem to be an issue. Of course, after the ceremony, they fastened it up for her so that long train wasn’t an issue on the dance floor.

  14. You both look lovely, but I was really hoping to see the boots.

  15. Oh Luanne, your dress was perfection. Almost as gorgeous as the wedding gown – but not quite. I love this picture of the two of you so much!
    I understand your fears and share your relief that all went well from the event. I feel like we take our lives in our own hands every time we leave the house now, but as you say, at some point you have to live. Staying as safe and sane as possible. So happy for all of you!!

    • haha, I know what you mean about the dresses. I know that you have been venturing out occasionally, and I really think it’s time that we need to. Besides, what if they have to lock us up again?! We need to enjoy this little reprieve where it’s not as bad right now!!!! Thank you so much about the wedding. SO happy it went well and SO happy it’s over.

  16. Very pretty (both of you)! Congratulations

  17. Both you and your daughter look gorgeous! I am so pleased the day went well and no-one got ill. My daughter had a Goth wedding and was dressed in black and red with a black veil. Hmmm…

    • Thanks, Clare! Every bride needs her own look for her wedding. I actually was surprised my daughter went so full-on princess as she isn’t that type, but apparently inside she must be ;). One of her oldest friends provided her adorable son as one of the two ring bearers, and she only wears black, is decorated with face metal and body tats, and even her home is decorated all in black and white art, mainly African. She only posts black and white pix, too! I would have liked to be at her wedding, but I think they just courthouse married. I love all the varied styles!

  18. I’m just home from a day out celebrating my 36rd wedding anniversary (this year it fell 22022022 – remembering in Oz we go: date, month, year). And to find this gem in my mailbox. What a beautiful wedding and you both look superb. I enjoyed reading all the comments, too.
    We went to the theatre today and saw an hilarious play. I, too, was a little concerned as to how safe it would be, as it is a small venue, a theatre in the round with probably only 300 seats. But all protocols were strictly observed, and we do seem to be reaching a point in this pandemic where we are assessing how to live going forward. For example, our international borders opened yesterday to tourists for the first time in two years.
    So! How wonderful that your daughter and SIL are now officially married, with the wedding behind them, and no negative outcomes. I bet an extra good time was had by everyone joining in the joyous celebration.

    • Oh, what a cool anniversary!!! Congrats, Gwen! Wonderful dates. My D and SIL got engaged on the 12th day of the 12th month, so they wanted that 12 in the February! They also courthouse married last year, but I wasn’t allowed to tell anybody haha–and that was on the 12th of March! So happy for you that your borders opened and that you were able to go to a play! Do you like non-musical plays, in general? So many people don’t, it seems to me. Anyway, THANK you for your kind comments!

  19. Beautiful! Glad everyone enjoyed and is doing well after. God bless.

  20. Absolutely beautiful despite Covid and all the stress everything turned out so well! Your daughter and her dress are stunning- and I love yours too! Congrats on it all. 💙

  21. You both look so beautiful in those gorgeous dresses! Glad to hear it went so well and no Covid shocks.

    • Thank you so much, Eilene! I hope that’s the last time I need to get that gussied up! But I’ll try to get my dress cleaned, just in case. I might need it when I win the Pulitzer or something.

  22. What an absolutely beautiful blue dress! Both you and your daughter are beautiful!!! I love your last paragraph..blue dress and blue Arizona sky. So glad the wedding turned out so amazingly well! 🙂 And so glad that all of you are healthy! 🙂 Wishing your daughter many blessings!

  23. Oh, how lovely! All of it, including and especially your dress. Just love it. I’m so glad the wedding happened and happened safely for all.

    • Ooh, I like that you love my dress since you are such a high-stylin’ gal. I was so happy with it. Outside it looked like it fit in with the outdoor foliage and the sky. Inside it was a fancy thing :).

  24. Luanne, I admire you so much for all the effort and love which you put into your daughter’s wedding. The photos you posted on FB were stunning and this photo with you and your daughter is precious. Your gown is beautiful. Thank you for sharing this special day. A perfect wedding!

  25. Awwww … what a wonderful couple of posts! Your daughter’s dress is amazing and yours so beautiful. Now, I’m intrigued by the mention of the boots … more please! I’m so happy for you all and bless, it is precious that your daughter and her husband were best friends for twelve years before they even started dating!

    • I’m so glad this wedding happened before Putin went crazy. The wedding will now be a happy memory. Thank you about the dresses. We are so happy with them. I had a tumor in my foot years ago that was a major deal. So I can’t wear regular women’s footwear. I have to wear a certain type of New Balance shoe, but in a pinch I can wear ankle boots for some reason. I think it is because they allow more freedom of movement from ankle to toes than a shoe does. So I wore black ankle boots with that dress!!! Sadly nobody even noticed as the dress was so long! It would have been fun to get a pic.

      • Luanne, that sounds frightening to have a tumour in the foot andI feel so much for you. No wonder it was so special for your to wear the snazzy ankle boots. I hope everything has been okay since for you. Take care xx PS. Your dress has stayed with me – so different from the usual Mother of the Bride dresses in the UK and if/when my son gets married I will aim to wear something equally stunning and beautiful! You’ve inspired me! ❤️

  26. Carol Bachofner

    I admit to following the wedding festivities so closely I might be a stalker at this point. LOL So lovely and so much fun it seems! You and Marshall have done a great job here, making Marisha’s day wonderful.

    • Haha! Gonna be more from the professional photographer before too long. The wedding was a blast. So we’ll planned, but then daughter is an event manager for a financial institution.

  27. Sweet image! Many hearty congrats, Luanne.

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