Meaningful Moment in the Midst of Research

Deep in thought over my book research, I drove down the street.  Suddenly before me I saw a bare, but well-branched, tree hosting a covey of mourning doves.  I took the time to really notice them although they have nothing to do with my book.  I learned that important lesson last month from the Small Stones exercises, but also from watching Robin Williams’ movies 😉 (Dead Poets Society).  Carpe diem, I thought to myself.  I would seize a moment before I scurried back into the murky recesses of my mind.

The birds reminded me of Teresa’s comment on one of my posts the other day that she thought obsessions for trees and for birds might be connected.

My observation on seeing the birds against the clear sky was that they signify hope and faith in the wheel of life and how spring will rise to the fore again.


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  1. “Birds are the messengers” is the wisdom I received from the Universe. I believe when they fly low and in front of you they are telling us to pay attention. In fact, one of the first times I became aware of this, a crow flew low and fast in front of my car and I swear I heard a voice not of my own (in my head) telling me to slow down. I did (I’d been speeding) and not two minutes later I got pulled over for speeding. I got a “feeling,” speeding ticket aside, that had I not slowed down, things might have gone very wrong that day.

    • lucewriter

      Ah, Dawn, what a lovely inspirational comment and story!!! “Birds are the messengers.” I love it!!!

      • Luanne, I’m writing a new blog post about a recent experience with a the Huichol Indians here in Mexico. Look at what I just found in my research: “BIRDS – Believed to be messengers to and from the gods, all birds are held in great regard.” How’s that for confirmation? 🙂

  2. Beautiful observations.

  3. exiledprospero

    But perhaps you were watching the wrong movie in order to explain your strange communion with a flight of doves, as I would have been inclined to suggest Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds.

    • lucewriter

      OK, I’m laughing pretty hard. You sound like my daughter. Whenever she sees a group of birds flocking together she gets creeped out. 😉

  4. Beautiful shot to capture one of lives wonderful creatures.. I too believe birds are special and carry messages of hope, warnings and freedom!!

    • lucewriter

      Lynne, this is wonderful to hear that so many feel that birds are messengers. I really did feel in that moment as though they were a messenger of hope. What a gift they are to us!

  5. anjum wasim dar

    Birds and trees are closely connected.Birds are harbingers of Glad Tidings specially rain.Birds saved the Holy Kaaba The House of Allah from an army of attacking elephants of the enemy. Great writing with deep insight.

    • lucewriter

      anjum, this is just lovely. I’ll never get the image out of my mind of the birds and the attacking elephants. Thank you so much for reading and responding.

      • anjum wasim dar

        The historic event is written in the Holy Quran in SURAH Al-‘FEEL’
        [Feel 105:1] O dear Prophet (Mohammed – peace and blessings be upon him), did you not see how did your Lord deal with the People of the Elephant?

        [Feel 105:2] Did He not put their scheme into ruin?

        [Feel 105:3] And send flocks of birds upon them,

        [Feel 105:4] Which hit them with stones of baked clay,

        [Feel 105:5] So He made them like the leftover devoured leaves of farms?
        This is for Reference.I really enjoyed my visit to your lovely website.Wish you the best of luck.Regards Anjum…trying to be a writer.

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