Arizona Through Linda’s Eyes

When I first moved to Arizona, I attended the Arizona State University Piper Center Desert Nights, Rising Stars Writers Conference.  In my workshop group, I met an artist and writer named Linda Fritz Wilson.  Some time later, I was lucky enough to join a small in-person writing group of wonderful women writers and discovered that Linda was in this group.  Serendipity.

Much of her beautiful photography is influenced by our desert habitat and characterized by intense color.  


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14 responses to “Arizona Through Linda’s Eyes

  1. Wow! Those photos are gorgeous!!

  2. Love the pictures….how are you?

  3. Lovely pictures! Love it!!

  4. What gorgeous photos! My new lens came today, but of course, it’s pouring rain. I can’t wait to try it out on some unsuspecting flowers and weeds.

    • lucewriter

      I have to admit that cracked me up: “unsuspecting flowers and weeds.” Haha, yes, it feels like sneaking up on them sometimes!

  5. The photography is beautiful…a reminder of the beauty in a place that, as someone who grew up amid tall pines and mountain streams, is also full of wonder and color! Thank you.

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