Back Home

I got home last night from another trip. This one was just as long as the one hubby and I took in August. We flew into Chicago, drove to Kalamazoo, Toronto, New York, Pennsylvania, and finally Indiana, visiting my mother, hubby’s cousin, and our daughter.

Now I need to write “The Definitive Guide to Gluten Free Travel REDUX.” Or at least Part 2.  And pick up my writing-writing. On top of that, I plan to prepare for a poetry reading I’m giving in Redlands, California, on November 8.

But for now I need to unpack and catch up on work. Just glad to be HOME.


Saw this cool cardboard dollhouse in an antique mall.


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26 responses to “Back Home

  1. Lots of miles! Love that dollhouse; never saw one like that. Glad you are home again. 💖💖

    • Sammy, I had the strangest feeling about that dollhouse. It looked really familiar to me. But where? I’m glad I’m home too, by the way!! xoxo

      • That is always an uncanny feeling! Perhaps your mind has created an amalgam of other dollhouses? Honestly I don’t remember any cardboard ones from our chikdhood but I certainly will be on the lookout when I wander antique stores!

        • I don’t feel like it’s an amalgam, but then if it is I wouldn’t know it, would I? Now I can’t remember if I saw this in Pennsylvania or Ohio . . . .

  2. You covered a lot of ground, Luanne. That makes coming home extra special.

  3. I hope you had a good trip–even with the gluten hazards. I’m sure it’s great to be home.
    That doll house is very cool.

  4. Welcome home, and thanks for the charming dollhouse photo. Write on!

  5. Whirlwind tour, Luanne! Welcome back. Time to take a breath now 😀

  6. Welcome back, Luanne! If you’re like me, it may be a while before you get back into the swing of things. Our two-week road trip took a lot out of me. It’s been a week since we came home, but I still haven’t picked up my blogging much less my writing-writing (I don’t count reblogs as blogging). I’m so far behind on reading blogs (including yours) that I might just have to say, “Never mind!” and start anew. And you probably should publish a book on being gluten-free on the road! I don’t have gluten intolerance, but I learned a lot from your post on your last trip.

  7. Welcome home! Catch your breath and unwind before your jump into work. It’s allowed.

  8. I wrote a comment on the Crack the Spine interview. I was rather surprised, disappointed to see few evidences of your large number of followers. Just wanted to say something in hopes to create some flow over to there, Luanne. I do admire your skills in writing, interpersonal relationships and communication, too. Hugs, Robin xo

  9. Luanne sounds like you had a wonderful trip, welcome back and I adore that old doll house.

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