A Good Book, A Beautiful Gift, and Help the Shelter Animals with One Click!


I’ve rambled on plenty about the no-kill animal shelter where I volunteer. It’s in Phoenix, and they do a fabulous job with the dogs and cats. Hundreds of animals find their forever homes thanks to Home Fur Good.

If you have a heart for the animals OR like pretty gifts OR want to get a copy of Doll God, my award-winning poetry collection, you can do all three of those things and get free shipping to boot!!!

To raise some funds for the shelter and to promote my book I have planned a treat.

First, I have 12 copies of Doll God that can be signed and personalized, if you like.

Then I ordered 12 purse/briefcase charms from a Home Fur Good volunteer who makes them. Each one costs me $5, and each $5 is donated to the shelter!


Some charms have a cat (duh) and some have an elephant (which you know I respect).

You will receive a signed copy of my book and a charm (tell me whether you prefer a cat or elephant, and I will send you your preference if I have one available–otherwise I will send the other) with free shipping all for one lil ole donation to HOME FUR GOOD.

My book is valued at $14 and the charm at $5, plus I am picking up the shipping myself. All I am asking is that you donate a minimum of $10 (for shipping to US address) or $15 (for international shipping)!!! Feel free to donate more if you can, but only one package deal per person, please.

$10.00 donation for U.S. shipping

$15 donation for international shipping

Value $19 + free shipping (and you get a tax write-off via HFG)


How can you BEAT that? No more excuses that you can’t spend $14 on a poetry book!!! I’m making it really easy for you ;). Just email me either the email you get from HFG verifying your donation or a little screen shot of a non-private part of your donation. Also send your mailing address and full name to writersite.wordpress[at]gmail[dot]com.

If you already have Doll God (thank you thank you thank you), please think of it for gift-giving!!! How can you go wrong with this deal? If you don’t have a purse or briefcase, I’m pretty sure you know somebody who does who would love a pretty charm.

Hurry now, before the dozen books and charms are gone! Thank you so much for helping out the cats and dogs!!!


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16 responses to “A Good Book, A Beautiful Gift, and Help the Shelter Animals with One Click!

  1. Great idea! I love that they take PayPal too!

  2. Wilma Kahn

    Luanne, I could not pass up this opportunity to have another copy of your wonderful book, a beautiful charm, and a chance to help the animals at Home Fur Good.

  3. What a fantastic idea, Luanne! 😀

  4. I think it’s the numbers that mess me up, Luanne. So, if I go donate $25.00 on that link, you will see my name and some time later, a book with a bookmark will appear in my mailbox? Have I understood properly?

    • If you donate to HFG email me the email you get from them or a screenshot about your donation. Give me your address in email also and if you want cat or elephant charm. I will promptly mail you a signed book and charm! Tell me if you want me to personalize book to you. 😺

  5. My donation is in Luanne, what a lovely idea.

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