A Quick Visit to The Land of Beaches and Traffic

I’ve been beachside for my future DIL’s bridal shower.

Lovely air for my sinuses and skin.  

The hills were alive with the color of wildflowers everywhere that housing developments haven’t taken over!

We had a great family time. Now it’s good to be home with our cats and away from the hubbub.

Pear Blossom wondering why Tiger Queenie keeps coming so close. After all, Pear is the undisputed actual Queen of the house at age 17.


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33 responses to “A Quick Visit to The Land of Beaches and Traffic

  1. I’m happy you had a nice time, Luanne. It’s always good to come home though. 🙂

  2. We are awaiting an impending snowstorm. How I would love a trip to the beach. Any warm weather would do too. And flowers! I’ll have to settle for adorable cats.

    • I heard that. My daughter in NYC, so I am on alert haha. The wildflowers are the best this year in years because of all the rain California and the desert have had. Yesterday being Sunday they were covered with people lured to the flowers on the mountains. I couldn’t get the best pix because, of course, the gardener wouldn’t stop the car ;).

  3. I’m so glad you had a good time, Luanne. The tropical landscape is a tease here with our impending snowstorm. 🙂 The cats are adorable.

  4. I bet the cats are happy to have you back. They look content.

    • Since Kana and Sloopy Anne are in their rooms while we’re gone, they are super happy. They come bounding out the minute we open the doors, running through the house like toddlers let loose ;).

  5. Love the wildflowers and the sunset. Beautiful.

    • Thanks, Rudri. It really was beautiful. It’s too bad that the traffic takes such a toll on us. Your post is really special, by the way!

  6. Glad you had a good visit and glad you are home … as I am sure your kitties are glad too 🙂

    • The shower was really fun. I enjoyed meeting their friends and hanging out at the . . . beach :). But the kitties are thrilled we are back. Sloopy Anne follows the gardener around and rubs all over his shoes constantly.

  7. Loving the feline photos!

  8. Love the photos!

  9. Lovely scenery, but the cosiness of home is lovely too.

  10. Your cats look so happy to have you home – I know you miss them when you are away fulfilling family duties!!

  11. It is fun to be in the hub-bub of a wedding, though I’m sure it is tiring as well. So happy for the two of them! Love all the photos of the cats!

  12. Glad you had a good visit. I enjoyed the pictorial essay.

  13. This seems like a great place. I love the pictures, Luanne!

  14. Yay! Wonderful way to celebrate and also, have a small escape! The bridal shower <3 was special, as the air, scenery and sights were beautiful benefits of getting away. 🙂

  15. Shoot! It always surprises me that Pear Blossom is this advanced age and loved seeing Tiger Queenie. Both are sweet looking and cute, too. 🙂

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