Get It Now! (Pretty Please with Sugar On Top)

It’s time!!!

It’s time to preorder Kin Types from Finishing Line Press.

Press here to order my book of poetry and flash nonfiction. Why Kin Types?

  • Wide variety of creative poetic styles
  • Insight into the lives of the women who have come before us
  • Flash nonfiction–what is life like for these men after their wives have died?
  • Quick but indepth glimpses from the history of women: infant mortality, vanity and housewife skills, divorce in the 19th century, secret abortion, artist versus mother, mysterious death, wife beating, and my favorite: a brave hero(ine) saving a family’s home
  • Much more, but you get the idea

Why preorder?

  • You won’t miss out when you’re busy
  • You want the book to go to press
  • Only way to ensure getting a copy!
  • You are supporting the arts
  • The press run of Kin Types is completely dependent on the preorders
  • You don’t want to hear me whining every week
  • I will love you forever ❤️



Unidentified ancestor from Cadzand, Netherlands



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25 responses to “Get It Now! (Pretty Please with Sugar On Top)

  1. Done 😀❤️

    • Thank you so much, Marie! You are a sweetheart. Two or three pieces in the book are from our class woohoo!

      • Good for you! I’m starting to feel that I don’t have what it takes to publish anything from our class … or really anything. I can write but I lose my courage and confidence when I try to revise. Meh, story of my life. I am looking forward to your book. I love the whole concept.

        • After reading the installments of your novel, I knew you write what I find very engaging! Maybe you weren’t at the right place for the flash stuff when you took the class if it made you feel that way? I was so impressed with your novel, Marie. PLEASE just start writing again!!!!!!!!

  2. You don’t have to twist my arm! <3

  3. Re: Kintypes….I did and I am!! Re: what she is really thinking….”I see you people in 2017 as you see me in my time and wonder what’s on my mind.”

  4. Hi Luanne, your poetry book Doll Gods has been on my Amazon wish list for quite some time now, This post has spurred me to get it off the list and on my bedside reading table. Kin Types sounds so intriguing, and I’m cheering it on, but it will have to wait its turn (on my wish list).

  5. Congrats, Luanne! Can’t wait to get my copy.xo

  6. I’m very excited to read the book, Luanne – ordered my copy tonight!!
    Huge congratulations!! Good for you for sticking with the dreams…your ancestors would be proud…

  7. I saw this the other day, but forgot to come back to it. I’m looking forward to reading this, Luanne! Ordering it now.

  8. Ordered my copy, congratulations 🙂

  9. Well done Luanne and a big congrats! 🙂

  10. I am going to come back on Friday, sorry! I paid car payment and rent, plus my oldest daughter’s birthday on last paycheck. . . You know I will do this!! I plan on having a photo of my recent books, purchased every other week and review them on my blog. I think someone recently had a collection and multiple reviews. . . 🙂

    • Oh, yes, I like posting book reviews! When you like a book you want to share it! My book won’t be available until summer haha. 😉

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