A Spotted Jumping Dog

I really want to thank the bloggers who have had me over to visit or talked about Kin Types: Carla at Writing Customs, Marie at 1WriteWay, Merril at Yesterday and Today, Robert at O at the Edges, and Adrienne at Middlemay Books.  You guys (y’all, youse) really know the meaning of collaboration in this whole writing and chatting thing we do. I treasure all of you.

If you missed any of those posts, just click the links above.

And, above all, take a peek at my cute granddog, Theo. Isn’t he adorable?

And you thought I only do cats? In fact, Theo is the spitting image of my last dog, Sandy, although Theo has large brown spots on his skin that are visible through his thin blond fur. And Theo’s legs are longer so that he can jump on the counter-heighth table (taller than a regular kitchen table). Which he does. All the time.

But he’ll learn. He had a hard life on the streets of Indio before son and ND rescued him.

Now his life is hard, but only in that he has to live with two great cats who are not as naughty as Theo.

If you are wondering about Prince Perry Winkle, he is now officially the most affectionate cat ever.

I haven’t been writing, but I have been starting to organize for book promoting and spending time with Perry because I had to go to California this past week for work. I hope to get things under control this week and then get back to writing again. I keep trying, folks.

How about you? What are you trying to get under control?


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  1. You are quite welcome, Luanne! Best of luck with your wonderful book.
    Your granddog is indeed adorable, and I also like cats and dogs.

  2. Aside from my whole life…? *laugh*

  3. The dog is wonderful. I sometimes wonder how such gorgeous dogs be homeless and not loved. You think it’s just the ugly ones (if there is such a thing as an ugly animal) but it’s a cross section of gorgeous, mutts, purebreds, etc. Who knows how they end up on the streets but I’m glad he’s in a good place. As for that jumping, you can bring him here and my cats will teach him some bad habits for stealing food! 🙂 Good luck with Kin Types too. It takes a community!

    • He’s such a nut. I just finished reading A Dog’s Purpose. Have you heard of it? I guess there’s a movie. It’s what it is to be live life as a dog from the perspective of a dog. It sounds like a children’s book, but it isn’t. I think a lot of dogs and cats are abandoned by humans at one stage of their life or another. This thing about making humans in charge of animals is not working! Thanks re Kin Types, Kate! It does take a community, it’s true!

  4. Theo is definitely adorable!

    I’ve been away from home for a while helping my mom, so I’m not sure if your book came for me yet or not (I preordered it). Congrats on its release!

  5. You sound very organized, Luanne. My goal in life!!!

  6. He is precious!!!

  7. Theo is the cutest! I’ve been decorating, so I’m trying to get the house back under control – no time or energy for much else between that and work 🙁

  8. You are most welcome, Luanne! I love Theo!!!!! Your comments resonate so deeply that I can barely respond. I am in the thick of trying to get organized so that I can get busy on my poetry manuscript. Sisyphus comes to mind frequently, and I need momentum, organization tips, and strength! Prayers for you, and please, the same request for myself. Love my copy of Kin Types!

    • Sometimes I feel as if I am slogging through wet cement. By 11AM I feel as if I can barely do any more. I must move more slowly the rest of the day because I start to feel paralyzed by all there is to do! Thank you re Theo! I am so glad you are enjoying your copy of Kin Types! xoxo

  9. Oh my! Theo is adorable, Luanne. What a great name too. Recently, I’ve come to the conclusion that it will be a long time before I ever have things under control, but that’s okay…I think. 🙂

  10. Theo looks like a dozing psychiatrist. What am I trying to get under control? MY ENTIRE LIFE.

    • This dozing psychiatrist image is too funny. He is so goofy in person, but the thing is, he seems to love posing for photos. He wears sunglasses and hats and whatnot.
      Yes, your whole life. My whole life. Sigh. It’s a lot of work to keep a whole life going, isn’t it?

  11. Theo is adorable (for a dog)…and he DOES look like a dozing psychiatrist! I’m trying to get back to novel writing but keep reading book after fascinating book. Telling myself that it’s “research.”

    • For a dog! hahaha Is this Elaine or is it Mr. Chapman? A dozing psychiatrist! I have to tell the kids that. Truly it is research. I think you’re needing to fill up your creativity basket which has been depleted by the last book.

  12. Oh Luanne, your granddog is absolutely adorable!!!
    I’m on cloud 9 because I finally, after weeks of badgering, managed to get a local bookstore to say OKAY to my having my book launch there! I’m so glad. This is the link to his shop: https://www.bonder.com/. What I love about it is that it’s a smallish mom-and-pop type of place, not a faceless corporate impersonal store. I’ll be doing a blog post soon re the launch (to be held Sept. 23rd). In case anyone is wondering, here’s a link to my book description. https://crossedeyesanddottedtees.wordpress.com/2017/06/26/birth-of-a-book/
    Take care! <3

  13. We are so fortunate in the communities that build around our blogs! As I lurk about on the edges of the writing community and see how it is sooo very supportive of each others successes my heart is warmed. I wish I had the budget (and the years left) to read every ones books 🙂

    • Right? I keep thinking I should offer reviews on my blog for free books :). I had no idea when I started blogging about the community. It’s absolutely amazing.

  14. You’re life is very full, Luanne 😉 I thought the Kin Types blog sharing was wonderful 🙂 And Theo? Wow, he’s adorable xxxx

  15. Just getting ready for the new school year! THe grand-dog is adorable!

  16. My summer canning, my mending, my room painting and decorating and then my garden. Oh, I didn’t mention my reviews and commitments thereto. Busy, busy, busy, but not too busy to just say hi!

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