May Flowers

Where did the hummingbird put her eggs and where is she watching over them? Here?


Here’s the answer: she first got the nest on the wind chime ready (see video). But she was dissatisfied with something.  So she moved parts of the nest over to the oleander tree and rebuilt it there. That is where she laid her two eggs and that is where she now sits. As you see her, in the still photo.


Art journals. I am still trying to improve my art journal pages. I haven’t reached the improvement point yet, but I am still learning new things. (By the way, son and DIL gave me a gift certificate for Mother’s Day to Amy Maricle’s online art studio for a class or two). Because my pages are very complicated and messy (which is my preference), I decided to try to make something more conventional and in keeping with the season. This is my May Flowers page. It’s also the very first time I ever tried alcohol inks. I have a lot to learn haha. The background is a transfer from a scene sketched by my MIL because I can’t leave things TOO uncomplicated ;). (I know, I know: less is more hahaha).


But then I had to go back to the messy art/junk style. This one is called “I want . . . . I want . . . .” It comes from a poem in Pleiades 41.1 by Jennifer Lynn Krohn called “The Scar Will Look like a Face,”. The center envelope is a 50 year old photo and negative envelope from the film developer that I found in my MIL’s things. Two images so you can see on the other side of the envelope when you flip it up.


On the left page, which you can see in the bottom photo, the transfer is the Bremen Town Musicians, a Grimm Brothers fairy tale. The donkey, dog, cat, and rooster had their own wants, but they were defined by the wants of others and how they responded to the stress of dealing with those wants. They were heroes.


Just assume I am gradually working on the memoir, and I won’t mention it too often. I don’t want to drive you crazy.

Have a great week ahead! XOXO


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  1. Your creativity is in full flow and full flower.

  2. Loved learning about the lives of your hummers. Fascinating artwork. I’m here in grandmother heaven with my two grandkiddos (who live in Rancho Santa Fe, CA)- Cameron turns 10 today, and we’re celebrating!

  3. That humming bird made a wise choice to put the nest in the Oleander rather than the wind chimes. Fascinating! Love the messy journal. You can assume I’m working on my memoir as well. It’s going to be titled “she was gonna” and be full of blank pages. Somehow I never get there. Too many other things calling. I’m sure you are having better luck. Sounds like you had a lovely Mom’s Day.

    • I am astonished how smart that hummingbird is. I am reminded that the one who raised two nests in 2015 here was so patient and kind with her slower baby. She spent a lot of time teaching him or her how to fly from the nest and away in its own life. What wonderful little animals.
      I had to laugh at your memoir comment. Hilarious the way you worded that!!! You are living your memoir, my dear! I did have a lovely Mother’s Day. I hope you did, too!!! xo

  4. Enjoy your bird family. It’s so fun to watch them grow. Your work is amazing! Love the colors.

  5. Your art journal is vivid and unique. I couldn’t believe the hummingbird had built her nest on the mobile, I’m glad she moved it somewhere more stable!

    • Thank you (I think it being unique woot)! I think her heart and mind were in the right place because she thought she could hide out in plain sight because of all the wooden birds. But then she must have realized either that there was no foliage for cover or that it moved too much. Or both. Pretty smart little mama.

  6. What a wonderful gift from your son! Taking an art class will be fun and inspiring. I love that May day page…so pretty in this season, and just a day past Mother’s Day. I love pink and lavender…Your pages are coming along, just like these spring days! Hope your eyesight is doing better with the floaters. You seem to be thriving…and no bob cat in sight! 🙂 Lovely work!

  7. This journaling business looks like a LOT of fun! Looks great. The hummingbird nest pics are a treat too. Have a good week, Luanne.

  8. A lovely post, Luanne! 😀 The hummingbird looks well settled on its rebuilt nest and it will be exciting as the eggs hatch and you see the little ones! Please share with us here! Love your art work but wondering about alcohol ink? Ahh … a thoughtful present for Mother’s Day – enjoy the course. Happy Memoir writing too … can’t wait to hear more! xx

    • I hope I can. I wish she were near the window. I have to keep going out to check on her haha.
      Alcohol ink is very vivid and makes beautiful patterns. It needs to be used over rubbing alcohol or with a blending solution. I used the rubbing alcohol, but I hear that the blending solution actually works better. Thank you re your other comments, too. Have a wonderful week ahead, Annika! xo

  9. That little hummingbird has spunk. What a creative place to nest. 😊

  10. So cool about that hummingbird! It’s wonderful how much you’re enjoying the artwork, and what a great gift from your kids. Hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day!

  11. Very creative, Luanne. I’m glad the hummingbird moved to the oleander. That chime location looked a little shakey. Thanks for sharing.

  12. What a treat to see the hummingbird at work, and how creativity is at work also.

  13. How wonderful to have hummingbirds nesting at your home! I am blown away by your creativity with the art journal. Just wow!

  14. Your hummingbird is fascinating! I hope we will be seeing more of her. It’s good to hear that the memoir is coming along. (I’ll try not to pester you about it.)

  15. Both the hummingbird sequence and your art journals are fascinating

  16. Amy

    That video is wonderful!

    • Thanks, Amy. Right through my kitchen window! Unfortunately, where she moved the nest I can’t watch the babies from the window (when they hatch).

  17. Aw, what a sweet little hummer! Beautiful artwork! What great ways to spend your time! xo

  18. Lovely, Luanne. How birds manage to hide their nests is a wonder. Your art reminds me of Melissa Sweet’s art.

  19. Luanne, you’re so busy and productive, you put me (and maybe many others) to shame! My own big “achievements” today will be going downstairs to do laundry, and reading more of the post-apocalyptic novel, “Station Eleven,” on my Kindle.

  20. Cool post, Luanne! 🙂

  21. Love the pages, Luanne!!

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