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My daughter shot new headshots for me the other day. Perry loves his attention so he climbed into my arms and posed. This was complete serendipity, but I might use it for my blog and social media image.  Do you like it?

After maneuvering his way into this photo, he wanted his own headshot.


A couple of days ago a new bobcat walked through my neighborhood. This one was skinny with a curly tail. I fear there are too many bobcats in one territory now. One day a friend on Instagram referred to all the wildlife here as my “zoo.” Haha, it feels that way sometimes.

The hummingbird eggs have hatched, and Mama is busy feeding them. I’m sorry I don’t have a photo, but I didn’t want to spook the little mother.

On Saturday we had dove baby drama here.  We had some advice from a volunteer at Liberty Wildlife, the rescue that handled the red-tailed hawk rescue last year. I also learned some additional mourning dove info on Google. For instance, did you know that very often the mother and father both take turns sitting on mourning dove nests? Or if the mother does a lot of it, the father will step in, too? This is what happened. The gardener found a dead mourning dove by our glass door in the morning. Then he realized there was a nest in the hanging pot, and it had two big babies inside. We had a wedding to go to so we were getting stressed by trying to figure out if they were still being fed or not. If the mother was killed, would the father feed them? A few hours later we noticed a small adult or nearly adult bird sitting on the edge of the pot, next to the babies. She was there a couple of times when we looked, but not always. Was this their mother? Were they too big for her to fit on the nest? Was it their father who was killed? We planned to bring the babies to Liberty Wildlife next morning if it looked like they weren’t being fed.

Next morning the nest was empty. The gardener saw one of the babies down in the wash, fine so far. Mourning dove babies are still watched over and fed by parents for a week or two after the babies leave the nest. We have to hope they are being fed as I don’t want to rip them away from a parent that is still around.

This art journal page was fun to make. My art journal pages, like those of a lot of people, are not planned out. I just start putting stuff on the paper and see where it will take me. This time it took me to Dick and Jane and their “lunar understanding.”


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  1. Nice headshot! Lunar understanding is an entertaining possibility!

  2. A lovely photo of you, and good art journal page. Good luck with the doves

    • Thank you, Derrick! They seem to be staying around the wash, doing ok. I’m praying the bobcats stay away from them until they completely fly away.

  3. I vote yes for Perry to be part of your new photos! Winsome.

  4. I agree that the head shot with Perry is a keeper. 🙂

  5. Yes the the photo! It sounds like the baby doves will be okay. Glad you are looking out for them.

  6. Your new photo is perfect for social media. I mean, it’s nice that your cat allowed you to be in the frame. 😉

  7. The head shot is lovely, it’s only fair that Perry has a supporting role – or is it the starring role?! I wonder if the bobcats are not getting what they need where they would usually roam for you to see so many?

    • Pretty sure he’s the star! He always makes sure of that! My daughter calls him a ham. I think they’ve been blocked in by too much new construction. It’s pretty heart-breaking because this can’t end well. I assume once babies grow up they need their own territories.

  8. A lovely photo of you and Perry–and fun with Dick and Jane. 😀
    I hope the babies are OK.

    • So far the babies seem ok! Thanks, Merril! Did you read Dick and Jane or Dr. Seuss or something else?

      • Do you mean in school? We had Jack and Janet–much like Dick and Jane–two white kids with a cat and dog, I think. That was first grade in Dallas at a private school. I don’t remember what we read after that. It was always boring, and I wanted to read ahead.I read Dr. Seuss at home or at friends’. Though I much preferred Maurice Sendak. Chicken Soup with Rice and Pierre, I don’t Care were the books I always looked for at the library when I was about 5.

        • Jack and Janet? Hmm. Those textbooks were certainly boring. I was reading series books at four, so school reading was gossip with the other kids in my reading group haha. Did you have SRA? We started it in 4th grade, and I loved it because of all the colors and reading as fast as I could to go through the whole box. As far as Sendak etc goes when I was that young I read books at home as I had all my mom’s and my grandmother’s books and then the books that were given to me. I don’t remember reading too many picture books or short storybooks other than Golden books. I read Billy Budd and Silas Marner and the Vicar of Wakefield when I was eight, but of course I didn’t understand them at all. So weird that I wanted to read these obscure and difficult books. Now try to make me ;).

          • Yes, I remember doing SRA, too, and galloping through it. I read all sorts of difficult books, too, when I was young because we also had tons of books. My kids were the same way. I remember both of them wanting to read The Diary of Anne Frank when they were about 8, and I said OK, but we should discuss it when they finished it. Both my parents were big readers, and we also had lots of the classics plus encyclopedia sets that I loved to browse through. And I would take books from my older sister’s room, too, so I’d read her high school stuff when I was in elementary school. And I’d read my dad’s sci-fi magazines. I read everything in those days! Not much poetry though. 😀

  9. Great photo! Keep Perry!

  10. Great photo of you and Perry. Doves are very hearty. I think they will be fine.

  11. You look just lovely, Luanne. No wonder Perry wanted to get in the picture!
    And thanks for regaling us with stories of your birds . I hope they all survive those precarious first days/weeks of being young and just out of the nest. And the journal page! What fun that is. Have a great week.

    • Thanks, Anneli. That’s so sweet. I sure hope these guys survive. So far they seem good. And the baby hummingbirds must be ok. They are in a difficult position to watch though. You have a great week, too!

  12. Your daughter takes great photos. That is a professional shot of you and Perry is just adorable!

    • Oh thank you–I will tell her you said that! I think she’s very good and at videoing, too. Perry’s personality is so funny!

  13. Amy

    I love your head shot—and Perry’s! I have one cat who is a Zoom bomber. Anytime I am on Zoom, she appears and insists on walking over and around the laptop. I think it’s amusing, but sometimes others do not!

    As soon as I saw your journal page my brain woke up and said, “Dick and Jane!!” Memories of over sixty years ago.

    • LOL, good ole Dick and Jane. Those were the dumbest books. The class next door (in other words, the only other first grade) got to read Dr. Seuss books. It was kind of an experiment my school was doing.
      Sooo funny about your cat. Mine don’t do that too much. Occasionally Perry will do it, but mostly they lie there and look at me with disdain for doing something so dumb. I think it’s adorable when someone else’s pet does that!

      • I hated the Dick and Jane books, so boring!!

        • SO boring. I had already read some really fun Bobbsey Twins books when I was four so Dick and Jane at six was rather ridiculous heh.

      • Amy

        So which first grade class won? Who had the higher SATs 12 years later?

        • During third grade I moved to a new school district so I have no idea. But school certainly didn’t teach me reading. I learned on my own as a toddler. One day i didn’t know how to read and pretty much the next day I did. It was like breathing. I could read decent books at four. What a WONDERFUL gift reading is!!!!

  14. I love the headshot with Perry! I also love Perry’s own personal headshot. What a natural he is! I hope the doves survive and the bobcat(s) keep away.

  15. Your new headshot looks great! I’d say let Perry stay in the frame. My immediate thought upon seeing the latest bobcat photo was “Yon Cassius has a lean and hungry look.”

  16. I love the shot with you and Perry. That’s definitely a keeper. There was a birdlife expert on talkback radio a few weeks back and a caller rang in saying what they had done with some fledglings that appeared to have fallen out of the nest. The expert ever-so-gently chided his concern, and told him to leave them alone – the parent(s) knew what it was doing.

    I don’t remember what might have been on the curriculum in first grade, but since I was already reading before I started school, and we didn’t have television at home, I seem to have missed the whole Dr Seuss and Dick and Jane stuff. My girlfriend clearly remembers me waxing on about what a good book the Wind in the Willows was, and how she hated me for that, because she couldn’t follow the story line.
    Sometimes I’d like to start over. We have some great classic Australian children’s books.

  17. Oh, yes. Perry is quite handsome and I love both pics!!! The bobcat scares the crap out of me though.

  18. Wow! Such a rich tapestry you weave!

  19. I think your art/journal pages are so cool! So creative! I absolutely love the photo of you with the cat…you look great!

  20. You and Perry a fabulous picture – I vote Yes for the blog!
    Dick and Jane – intrepid intruders now in my memories of my first grade reader. Wondrous.

    • I forgot to mention to tell T: Happy Belated Birthday!!!!! Dick and Jane and Sally. I think Sally was probably more fun than the other two!

  21. I love your new head shot! And Perry is so photogenic 🙂 Yes, you do have a zoo!

  22. You and Perry are both stunning! And I love your journal incorporating Dick and Jane! Ah, memories, eh? 🙂

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