Dog #586 Published by Six Sentences

Editor Robert McEvily has published my six sentence story at, you guessed it, Six Sentences. The story is about animal rescue and called “I Got Sick of Making Excuses for Dog #586 at Paws Perfect No-Kill Shelter.”

My “perfect” rescue cat Perry is in the bag.


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26 responses to “Dog #586 Published by Six Sentences

  1. Awww…a very touching poem!

  2. An excellent rescue operation

  3. Adorable. I would probably adopt every pet if I worked at a shelter.

  4. Adorable and to the point! He is probably thinking that you were worth the wait!

  5. I enjoyed your story! I’ll bet Dog #586 was very grateful for the rescue.

  6. Naaw. Go you. I was expecting a completely different ending. And Perry, sigggghhhh, what’s to resist?

    Off on another road trip in a few days when I never finished blogging about the last one. I’ll try harder this time, but I can’t publish until half-way through as I don’t want my grand-daughter to stumble across a post and realise we are headed across the state to surprise her for her 21st.
    Life is insanely busy so I don’t get to comment as much as I would like, and have to skip read at times, but you can be sure I am always here in the background.

    • No worries, Gwen! That sounds like a fun time! I love having a bit of a surprise ending in some of my stories ;). Perry is soooooo sweet. He just wants to cuddle! I’ve never met a cat OR dog who is so cuddly.

  7. Love the poem … he does sound like the perfect dog 😉 Congrats on the publication!

  8. Ellen Morris Prewitt

    Great story. And I love the concept. So much conveyed in 6 sentences.

  9. A sweet poem, Luanne and your cat in the bag is adorable!

  10. A problem dog that’s a perfect dog. Maybe perfection is the essence of dog.🦴

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