Why I Revised The Blog’s “About”

Yes, I changed the about page on this blog.  When I started a couple of weeks ago, I felt very hesitant, shy about venturing into an “all about writing” blog.   Although it can be tempting to hide behind an official mask, I didn’t want to present a biography with credentials because my credentials have been a lot more productive than I have been in my life.   But I want to be upfront about who I am as a writer, and it’s time for me to show a little more confidence in myself.  Anybody who is a writer knows that without honesty you can’t write anything of value; hiding behind shyness isn’t going to cut it.

So this is what I wrote:

As the daughter of a garbage man, I have spent my life sifting through the trash for the treasures.  Now I’m sifting through my memories and the family story, re-learning my life scrap by scrap, arranging it into a memoir called Scrap.

My vision of this blog is a place for me to experiment with story, writing theory, and poetry as I continue to shape my life by writing.

My legal name is Luanne, but my blogger pen name is lucewriter to remind me that I am here to write.  I’ve been a grad student, college instructor, businesswoman, mom, crazy cat lady, and more.  But now my mission is to write.

Some of it, after all, IS just trash


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7 responses to “Why I Revised The Blog’s “About”

  1. Corinne Trowbridge

    A fantastic new journey and how lucky we are to be able to join you!

  2. Luanne, your struggle with confidence is another thing we have in common. My latest post about authenticity and creativity speak to that very notion – the fears that hold us back and limit our creativity. I hope you and your readers will check it out. http://dawnpier.wordpress.com/2012/11/11/caged-creativity/

  3. I really like your about. It sounds much better than mine!

  4. lucewriter

    Lisa, haha, other “abouts” always sound better than your own! That’s why we like to read other people’s stories!

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