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I’ve got some writing projects going on right now that have time constraints.  Writing my book is mainly an open-ended, not-time-schedule-driven endeavor, but other writing must get done by the deadlines (real and self-imposed).  Still, I can’t write for too long a period at a time as I get burned out really fast.  Lucky for me, it’s spring and there are a lot of reasons to pull out my camera.

Yesterday I went to the grocery store with my husband. While I followed him out (he had parked after dropping me off, so I didn’t know where the car was), I caught sight of the church next door.  The sunlight was shining through the super-cool and at-risk-for-demolition thingie on top of the building.  So I pulled out my always-handy camera and started snapping shots.  When I was done, I kept walking to the car.  That’s when I heard a honking waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay behind me.  It was hubby, watching me walk mindlessly in the wrong direction.

When I got in the car laughing hysterically at myself, he (lovingly) said, “You’re such a nerd.  Who do you think you are?  Georgia O’Keeffe?”

I said NO because everybody knows that Georgia O’Keeffe was a painter and photography model, not a photographer.  (Ok, I admit that’s just me being a smart mouth.  I am–as you can see–no photographer, but I am a nerd with a camera, and that’s all I aspire to be).

In keeping with O’Keeffe’s paintings of flowers and of Arizona, here are the flowers I saw this week:

Arizona flowers April 2013

Arizona flowers April 2013


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12 responses to “More Nerdy Activities

  1. Love this! You guys were awesome yesterday!

  2. Beautiful!

  3. How lovely! Your photography and subjects give me hope that spring will soon arrive in SW Michigan.

    • lucewriter

      They will, Wilma, and you will have a most beautiful summer! Summer is the gorgeous season in Michigan. And then fall. In Phoenix it’s spring and fall.

  4. Wow. You must live really close. That’s my grocery store too Georgia!

    • lucewriter

      Tammy, it’s Luanne. Is it the Fry’s? Are you really here? I love your blog with the poetry and the food!

  5. Such pretty pictures!
    Haha…it’s always funny seeing people walk straight past their cars. 😉 Not so funny when I do it but…yeah. 🙂

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