Art Journals and Poems and Cats

Perry had his abdominal ultrasound on Friday, but I have not yet heard the results. I am giving him lots of hugs because he was feeling pretty sorry for himself going through the medical tests. Notice how his ears are down in a frown.

By the way, I was a little premature about the gardener and I being over Covid. We are but we aren’t. We just aren’t feeling that good yet, and I have a lot of congestion still.

I signed up for Everything Art’s Wanderlust 2023, which is a daily art program with prompts that lasts the whole year. Last year I participated in Care December which is similar, but only lasts for three or four weeks. This summer I did another program through EA that lasted ninety days. Think of what they offer as “mindful, intuitive mixed-media art journaling.” I haven’t felt very creative lately, so I have been preparing backgrounds and/or prepping pages in a journal, readying it for January. I’ve also been fooling around with Visual Poetry. We’ll see how that comes along. And I’ve been working on daughter’s wedding journal. This might sound like a lot, but compared with what I’ve done in the past it is not.

I’ve been making some headway in my reading stack. That’s good because I wanted to write reviews for some of these books. Writers love reviews!

I’m trying to write a poem a day this month, but not holding out hope of anything brilliant coming out of it.

The other day, when I was driving Perry to his appointment, a creamy white bird flew across right in front of us. It was so unusual to see a white bird in the sky around here. I’m sure it was an egret, flying low and slow, but powerfully and illuminated by the sunlight. I’m going to assume this sighting is a positive symbol.

Let’s make it a splendid week, shall we?


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47 responses to “Art Journals and Poems and Cats

  1. Three cheers to you and all the rest of us having a splendid week. And kudos for writing a poem a day.

  2. Yes, a positive sign. Hope you, the gardener, and Perry are all well. Hugs.

  3. We both had nagging coughs after Covid for quite a while. A poem a day will at least provide ones you can sculpt this winter!

    • The gardener never had the congestion or the cough. He had other symptoms, but he seems better today. My congestion is better–not great–but better.
      Thank you for saying that about sculpting. I was putting too much pressure on myself for poems good in the first draft. Duh.

  4. Luanne at 75% is more creative than most of us at 100%!
    Let’s hope you and the gardener get stronger, Perry gets better, and 2022 goes out with a whimper rather than a harsh bang. Onward to 2023 with vigor.

  5. Amy

    I love the photo of Perry. I know that cat expression well! I hope all turns out well with the ultrasound.

    That COVID cough is such an annoyance. Hope it clears up soon.

  6. Yay! for your creative endeavors. You have my unending admiration.
    Perry looks so sad. I hope his ultrasound brings good news.
    As for Covid, it may take a while to recover. Mine seemed like a cold, but I was so tired and remained tired for a month. I had a lingering cough as well. Take all the time you need to heal.

  7. Yes, here’s to a splendid week, Luanne! Transcend the snafus (for me, a printer that won’t print despite new cartridges having been installed), smell the coffee, take a nature walk.

  8. I’m surprised it’s taking so long for the results. When Mollie had her ultrasound, at the end, the vet called up in and showed us her organs. She was not happy in the cradle and had that “wait til we get home” look on her face. Her ultrasound showed that her organs were all fine but there was something going on that couldn’t be found. Best of luck with Perry and I agree with another commenter. Even at half-mast, you are more productive than most people at full mast.

  9. Thank you for the update, Luanne. I’m sorry to hear that you and your husband aren’t back to 100% after Covid. Hopefully, that will happen soon. I hope Perry gets a good report from his ultrasound. That creamy white bird in flight sounds poem-worthy. Have a good week!

  10. Those are such beautiful projects to work on!! I am writing poetry and working on my novel, just started a painting at the very beginning kind of like your prep pages. That sounds like a bird from a beach I think! Still sending my love and well wishes to you, Perry & gardener!!

    • It does feel good to get something started on the white space, doesn’t it?!
      When I first saw the bird, I thought “seagull” because of the pure white, but when I looked up at it, I saw the head shape and the magnificent feature pattern and thought egret or heron. Pretty sure it’s an egret after looking it up. Egrets are native to Arizona. Here’s a video I found:
      Thank you, Jade! XOXO

  11. Of course it was a good omen. All the best on Perry’s results.

  12. Sometimes it seems like a lot of negative things happen, one after another, but these things can’t last forever, so you have good days to look forward to. I hope you’re feeling better soon, and that Perry recovers.

  13. I hope every in the house is feeling better soon, Luanne. Thanks for the update! What a sweet shot of Perry! xo

  14. Great photo of Perry. Such expression! Just as I imagine you are achieving with your poetry also.
    I’ve just pulled out a set-aside manuscript ready for another rewrite. Rehashed Chapter 1. Now to mull over the next. (And the next, next, next, etc).

  15. Sounds like you manage to be productive even with the Covid hangover. All the writing and art sounds so ambitious! Best wishes for all good outcomes.

  16. I hope that your cat will be okay, and I hope that you feel better. It is exciting that you are taking on these projects. You are a very creative soul and this will be wonderful for you. A poem a day is a lot of poetry writing. (Perhaps, some of the poetry can be integrated into your art journals.) The wedding journal will be a beautiful thing…maybe that white bird you saw could be in there. Wishing you luck and blessings with it all! (I have had Covid twice. Musinex in the white bottle helped me a lot.)

    • Oh dear, twice! I hope you don’t have any lasting repercussions. I seem to be almost ok at this point–just a little remaining congestion. The wedding journal is so much fun! I’m using the junk journal type idea so it’s very goofy, but I think daughter will enjoy it! Thank you about Perry. Still no word!!!

  17. Hey luvly lady! I’m so behind, and trying to catch up on my fave people’s posts. Here I’m reminded of Perry’s med tests – including the ultrasound! What was result? Poor lil kitty, so cute and so vulnerable… I’ll look at your more recent posts and see if you reported on result. <3

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