An Update on My Dear Darling Perry Cat

A couple of months ago I wrote that I was thinking of changing my weekly posts from Mondays. After trying things out on other days, I have to say that I like my old pattern best which is to try for Mondays and if other days arise, then post then instead or additionally. So it’s Monday. And I’m posting.

I want to tell you about my darling Perry (in the photo he’s nestling up against Kana). It’s been years now since he first showed up in our backyard and we trapped him, got him neutered, took him to the shelter where he was all but kicked out. They thought he was feral because he was completely shut down emotionally. I ended up bringing him home and earning his trust over weeks and weeks. I read poetry and stories to him, sang to him, and held his food bowl while he ate. Then one day when I stuck my hand under the bed, he came toward me and started to touch my hand with his paw. That was the moment when I knew he wasn’t feral and was going to be a big sweetheart. Video of Perry Hiding Under the Bed Touching my Hand

Perry has been a member of our family for 5.5 years now, and he’s the King of the Castle. He’s been the babysitter of cats and kittens. He is in charge of it all. I have expected to have him around until I was really old. Imagine my shock to realize something is wrong with his health. He’s got weird poos that have gotten increasingly soft, light-colored, and smelly. He’s lost weight–down a couple of pounds in the last two years. He feels skinny. And yet he’s a picky eater which gives me anxiety as it reminds me of Felix and Tiger when they got sick. On top of the GI symptoms, he suddenly has a level 3 heart murmur. This isn’t a terrible one, but it’s significant and especially for a seven-year-old cat. So he needs medical tests. The GI troubles could be Irritable Bowel Disease–or they could be lymphoma. The vet want to start with an abdominal ultrasound. Perry’s going to get an echocardiogram to examine the heart murmur. Please send all your prayers, vibes, and general good wishes for my dear darling special boy. The ultrasound is Friday, and the echo is in a month (they are hard to schedule). 

As you may realize, we took in my son’s two cats six months ago. Two older cats who have their own ingrained habits and don’t get along that well to begin with is a pretty big thing to bring into a household with three older cats (two seniors plus Perry). It has not been a smooth six months. Not. smooth. at. all. 

The gardener and I are over our Covid (we hope). It wasn’t fun, but it sure wasn’t anything like Valley Fever (I’m only speaking for myself here). 

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52 responses to “An Update on My Dear Darling Perry Cat

  1. Amy

    Oh, no. Poor Perry. And you two—just way too much stress and grief. My heart hurts for you all.

  2. Poor Perry. Maybe the IBS is triggered by stress from the new kids on the block? My Hazel has the runniest smelliest poops. I even bought an air cleaner for the litter box room so my condolences to you. Her situation never did straighten out. She crossed the bridge with her smelly poops and that’s the only part of her I didn’t miss. Fingers crossed for you all!

    • If it is IBD I am going to have to figure out how best to handle things. We still haven’t figured out a way to make the house less stressful. Right now we’ve blocked it off in the middle because Lily and Sloopy Anne hate each other. But then that upsets Perry who needs to go back and forth. Ugh. I’m so sorry about Hazel. It’s so hard.

  3. I’m so sorry to hear that Perry isn’t well! Sending healing thoughts his way. (I loved the under-the-bed video.)

  4. That video is so dear. We dealt with two visiting dogs over Thanksgiving, at least one of them with “issues”. Yikes! I’ll take a kittie any day!

    • Thank you, Joy. Perry is such a sweetheart and has a sweet heart. I hear you about the dogs. They are so much more needy moment by moment than the cats who are needy enough!

  5. Hi, Luanne…so happy to hear you and the gardener are on the other side of Covid but of course so sorry to hear of sweet Perry’s problems. My family sends warmest wishes to you all for his recovery and healing. Such a special fellow – so lucky to have found you. Bless all of your hearts.

    • Thank you, Sheila. We are not back to any form of exercise, but other are doing well. Thank you SO much for your family’s wishes for Perry’s health. He is so loved!!!!

  6. You’ve done such wonders with Perry and given him a much better life in these last several years. I hope he will bounce back and get healthy again. Prayers up for Perry.

  7. Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear that Perry isn’t well. Sending hugs and healing thoughts to both of you. 💙 I’m glad you’re feeling better.

  8. Payers for Perry. I hope they find the cause of his distress.

  9. I’m so sorry to hear that dear Perry is unwell. I pray that the vet can lead him back to good health. 🙏🏻 Perhaps ask the vet re: the liver or bile duct?

  10. I am sorry to hear about Perry and Sending my love and prayers, my cat Peeko sends the same. We are waiting to hear for his last week’s results💕💕💕and should know this week. I am glad you are feeling better Luanne!!

  11. Oh my, noooo. Not Perry! I am crossing all fingers and toes that he gets out of this… whatever it is!! May he bounce back to his healthy, spunky self! xoxox
    I assume you (and the gardener) are feeling better now. News here: daughter got it, in spite of being sooo careful. And: today my son turns 50!!! Oy. And Yay! 😬

    • I hope your daughter is having a mild case. I still have a lot of congestion, but otherwise quite well. Happy birthday + one day to your son!!!
      Thank you about Perry. He just has to worry his mama!!! Two days until the ultrasound!

      • Her case is SO mild! How mild is it? Yesterday she was making chicken soup – from scratch – for herself, and posted a pic of it on Instagram with the caption: JEWISH PENICILLIN! Lol!!
        Hope your congestion goes away pronto!
        Son and wife and doggie trying to fly home from Fort Lauderdale birthday vacation, back to LGA. But bad weather, so they diverted to Hartford. They’re still stuck on plane there, on ground! Thanks for bday wish for him!! Still cannot believe i have a 50-year-old “kid”!! Lol!!
        Aw i hope time will fly and lil Perry gets thru the ultrasound ok, and hope it’s not anything serious! I’m rooting for him!

  12. Aww…poor Perry. I hope he feels better soon. ❤️

  13. Poor Perry, and poor you two, still in recovery mode from Covid with so much going on in your household. I wish you all brighter days ahead. Love the video 🙂

  14. So sad to hear of Perry’s health issues. Sending good vibes your way. It seems you have been going through things with the cats for so long now.😔

  15. I’m happy to hear you’re both feeling better. Sending all good wishes for a positive outcome for Perry. 💗

  16. That’s a sweet video. I’m saying prayers for him. And so glad you’re over Covid! God bless.

  17. I wish him and you well. I am pleased you and The Gardener are over Covid

  18. I hope Perry gets better just as you did. It’s hard to see them ill.

  19. I hope all is OK with Perry. He’s such a handsome cat 🙂

    • Thank you so much. He is so handsome. I actually geeked out and had his DNA tested, thinking he was part Maine Coon. But I discovered that he’s actually 11% Sphynx cat!

  20. Oh dear, poor little Perry! My heart goes out to you as you deal with this, Luanne. They steal our hearts away, don’t they? ❤️

  21. That is a beautiful video of Perry. I am so sorry to hear of his trouble, Luanne. My heart goes out to him, and to you.

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