The End of a Special Time

My daughter leaves for her home today. She’s been with me for the past few months because she was performing in a show at a regional theatre here.

I don’t want her to leave. She’s a calm, generous spirit, and it’s been such a pleasure to spend time with her. We’ve done things I would never have done if she wasn’t with me.

We cleaned some dandelion greens . . .

and made a tart.

She scanned old family photos for me.

Ten years ago her paternal grandmother passed away on my daughter’s 16th birthday. As we went through a few of Grammy’s belongings, my daughter selected a vintage 1960s Le Monde bracelet watch to remember her by.

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And I went to see my daughter’s show. A lot.

This was a little souvenir. Can you tell what show she was in?


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  1. It really is special to spend time with our “adult” children. Sounds like you savored every minute!

    • Janet, yes, exactly! I don’t exactly know how to word this, but I like her adult self so much. I will miss her so much more (I didn’t even think that was possible) after having so much time with her.

  2. That bracelet looks amazing, the patterns are absolutely beautiful! sorry, can’t say I can guess what show it was πŸ™‚

  3. Ellen Morris Prewitt

    What a nice time to have had. And I agree: the bracelet is amazing, but I don’t know the show.

    • I haven’t spent 3 months with her in years!!!!! so it’s hard to say goodbye. Leaving for the airport in a few minutes sigh. I gave a hint about the show above. You have to know some Broadway shows to pick up on what it is.

  4. Lovely!! Isn’t it grand being mom?

    • Yes! Being around your adult kids and seeing how much you like her as a person is a reward for all the not-so-fun mom stuff in the past ;), too!

  5. I know you’ve enjoyed your time with your beautiful daughter, Luanne. Don’t worry, she’ll be back for more fun times or you can go visit her!

  6. Being a mom is blessed thing. Having a daughter is even more blessed.

    • Haha, so true, SK! I have a son, too, and he’s wonderful in his own right, but daughters are different than sons, and I am so glad for mine and who she is as a person!

  7. I to see “this” show as well as Rent (and many others!). I feel that these shows are a reward for living in ‘Jersey! I love this post for it’s brevity – so much emotion, history, longing and treasure in so few words. xxx

    • OK, Jaye, you get the prize for being the first person to get what show it is. Well, the prize is just “getting the prize,” not an actual tangible prize. Just being in the know ;). Lucky YOU, living so close to Broadway! I would love that, but it would clean out my wallet over and over again. BTW, she was in Rent last summer/fall, too! And a year or two before that in Rent, as well.

  8. Just think how lucky you are to have a daughter who can spend time with you and you enjoy it so much. You must have done something right!

    • Dingdingdingdingding!!!!!!! CCMM wins the prize for being the first to mention the correct show! Jaye (above) knew it first, but you mentioned it first. No tangible prize available, but you have the satisfaction of being the one to mention it. My daughter played Christmas Eve, if you’ve seen the show. The header photo on this post is the set.

  9. When I lived in California and my mum would come out to visit I would cry every time she had to leave. Same when I came back home and had to leave again. This went on for 17 years so I know just how you feel right now Luanne. It is wonderful having special mother-daughter time and I hope you have it again very soon πŸ™‚
    PS I love the vintage watch but I have no idea what the show is!

    • Sherri, I can’t help but wonder if it felt like home was leaving you with mom, too. So sad. My daughter and I are definitely close like that. She was sad to leave us, although happy to get back to her kitty and her boyfriend and her new apartment. Haha, see above for the answer about the show!

  10. Luanne,

    Glad you had some quality time with M. I am certain you will reunite soon.

    The vintage watch is gorgeous. What a lovely keepsake packed with so much history.

    • It was wonderful. I’ve been so blessed to have her here not only this 3 months but last summer/fall for that period, as well. I hope it will happen again, but I know she has a lot of stuff going on elsewhere for awhile. Yes, it was nice that there was something special for her to choose!

  11. I am soooo curious! no idea what show it could be!

    • Yolanda, hehehe, go back up to mareymercy’s comment and you will see the answer!!

      • thank you Luanne πŸ™‚ Not sure I feel any better as I have never heard of it! off to do some research then…

        • It’s a wonderfully fun show, although very risque (too much so for some people, I think). It’s a show that attracts younger people than the Camelot, Sound of Music, My Fair Lady crowd–and many males who don’t even know what a musical is!

  12. corinnetrowbridge

    Such a joy to realize that beyond the parental love you have, you also love the person your child has become. #blissful.

    • Exactly, Corinne. What an amazing person she is. I’m so proud of her. And I don’t just want to be around her because I love her but because she is such great company too!

  13. It really is a blessing to spend time with our adult children. You and your daughter created some wonderful memories. πŸ™‚

    • We did, Carol! We were both very happy having time together! I’m sure I’ll always remember these three months as a blissful time with her.

  14. It’s wonderful being able to spend time with your adult kids (but so sad to see them go) xxx

  15. Lovely! There’s nothing like special times with our daughters. It’s always a let-down when my daughter leaves after a visit too–the house feels so empty.

    • Yes, my house is let down, exactly. I keep expecting her to walk in the house through the garage or to wander into the kitchen. Sigh.

  16. Yes, I thought so – Christmas Eve! I love Avenue Q.

    • What a great show, Robyn! My d’s Christmas Eve was super cool. For instance, she thought CE should be more powerful in her singing because of her personality, so she belted “The More You Ruv” all the way through, which was really crazy and wonderful.

  17. It sounds like you had a nice time with your daughter! How did you like the dandelion greens? I haven’t tried them yet, but they’ve been popping up in the farmer’s market weekly.

    • Caitlin, the tart was fabulous! It had a lot of gruyere cheese in it ;). We got the greens from a local farm, along with the recipe. Going to be getting eggs from them regularly as I’ve been reading about all the horrors done to baby chicks in the egg industry.

  18. The bond between a mum and her daughter is always strong! The tart looks yummy! πŸ™‚ Now I’m really hungry!

  19. What a lovely way to capture this special time.

  20. Sounds like a wonderful time Luanne – love the old photo – do you know what was going on there?

    • Andrea, we’ve been guessing. It looks like a group of young ladies took a vacation and this was part of it. Northwestern U.S., looks like maybe they are cooking fish at the fire?

  21. How wonderful that you have such a close and warm relationship with your daughter. I do love my mom, but we’ve never been close like that. In fact, there were times we weren’t close at all. But she’s 90 years old and still going strong and I am so grateful for every minute with her. So, while I envy you for your relationship with your daughter, I’m also counting my blessings πŸ™‚ Here’s hoping you don’t have to wait too long before you see your daughter again!

  22. I read this and ‘liked’ it, then did not write a reply.I was hesitant to leave a comment, since I felt my heart wrench. “Parting is such sweet sorrow.”
    I am not sure how I would handle my children leaving this area, I have pondered upon this often.
    Mainly, I am so happy you were able to get extra time with her, that you watched her performances and loved the play, “:Avenue Q.” You are the best mother ever! Having the bond of cooking up a special tart with the dandelion greens sounds like a memory to hold and cherish, along with her finding a watch bracelet, her nails so brightly decorated accompanying the jewelry. I am sad that her 16th birthday held a death on that date, probably a hard time for you all at the time. But now, with the memories and the remembrances attached, the watch will be extra special. I am so glad I came back to express this, although, I still feel the bittersweet moments. Robin

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