I Dish about Dolls and Doll God

Today is the last day of National Poetry Month. I haven’t done a fraction of what I had intended to do in celebration, but just because the month ends doesn’t mean I leave poetry behind. (And there is still time to purchase that copy of Doll God, hint hint 😉 ).

Serena over at Savvy Verse & Wit interviewed me for her blog today. She asked me some interesting questions about my relationship to dolls and, of course, about Doll God.

Click here to check out the interview.

Thanks so much, Serena, for the blog tour and for this interview. Your support of poetry is inspirational.

Mid-century  Snow White doll heads

Mid-century Snow White doll heads

Snow makes a couple of appearances in Doll God!


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16 responses to “I Dish about Dolls and Doll God

  1. Thanks, Luanne. I love reading the interviews -always varied, interesting questions and insightful answers.

    • Ah, thanks, Sammy! I loved Serena’s questions! They really got the ole noggin moving for awhile. So fun!!!

      • You made me think with your observations about how we had 1-2 baby dolls and a handful of GI Joes vs. the plethora of dolls and stuffed animals today’s kids accumulate (and then ignore or discard).

        Despite that plethora, my granddaughter did nurture one particular baby doll and ‘Bunny’ has been at her side for all 8 years. So maybe the right emotional attachments are still happening in the midst of our material world!

        Great interview!

        • It’s good when they can sort through all the excess and find their “baby.” Bunny. How cute!

          • Bunny has been restuffed three times and has a shredded arm from too much ‘thumb & fingering’. We all love him 💖

            One time she protested to Mom she didn’t want Bunny laundered. Mom said “He’s covered with crusty buggers.”

            Raqi responded “I like that crusty stuff!”

            I’m convinced her immune system has been super-charged by dragging that animal everywhere!!

            Of course, I took my childhood stuffed animal with me to college so who am I to judge?!?

            • LOL, I love this story, and my favorite part of course is Raqi’s comment. I can’t stop laughing! My daughter accidentally hers right before she left for college. She was very upset. My son has kept his. He’s 30. He should probably have it framed in a shadow box.

  2. Great interview, Luanne!

  3. Interesting! I loved hearing about your first poem.

  4. What a great interview, Luanne! Serena asked some truly excellent questions 🙂

  5. Great interview Luanne, interesting questions and answers and loved learning a little more about you and your poetry.

  6. What a good interview. I particularly connected with your saying you don’t like to be in large groups but enjoy reading your poems, a performative act. I’ve mulled over this often–I much prefer to observe large groups, get frustrated when I don’t have time to focus on each person flocking to talk to me after a reading, but greatly enjoy being on the stage of a reading. Must be those Myers-Briggs traits we share. 🙂

    • It must be! Sometimes when I tell someone I’m an introvert they are very surprised because I can be very chatty and friendly, but people wear me out in a very short time and I need to go burrow into my hole.

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