A Robot for My Cat

After all my yakking about my new cat Kana you might wonder how she’s doing.

She’s absolutely adorable, and I’m madly in love with her. She likes to follow me around and when I go outside in the yard, she waits for me at the door.

Kana’s Halloween Costume

It’s been difficult integrating her with my other cats. Β All four cats–the 3 original and the 1 new one–are seniors. Felix, Pear Blossom, and Tiger Queenie Princess Mimi all like to lie around the house all day doing absolutely nothing. Kana, on the other hand, finds everything new and somewhat stimulating, especially the other cats! She has no sense of personal space and gets right up into their faces. Each cat has a different limit to his or her personal space. Tiger likes at least six feet between herself and any other cat, although she is the one who sleeps with hubby and me–pressed up against one of us. Felix likes about three feet–once another cat (except Pear–the two of them face kiss almost every day) moves into that space, he gets nervous. Pear doesn’t need as much personal space, but she is a very independent spirit. She’s a small cat, and my pet sitter says about her, “Little but mighty.”

Kana chased Tiger a lot at first, so we have been training Tiger to increase her confidence. The idea is to get her to stop running away from Kana. Now she is more apt to growl at Kana when she gets too close. The training involves treats, so Tiger doesn’t mind it at all ;).

Some days are good because Kana feels more at ease and less restless. Then everyone finds their favorite place and hangs out. Some days are not so good because Kana wanders the house, looking for a cat to annoy. Sometimes Pear goes out of her way to annoy Kana.

I was worried about the evenings because Pear likes to lie on me when I’m on the couch watching TV or reading. Tiger sometimes squeezes in, too. On rare occasions, Felix comes over and tries to find some room. So I thought Kana would expect to climb onto the couch with me, and it would cause trouble. But actually, she is a doll in the evening. We have a recliner, in addition to two couches, and after I put a soft blanket on the chair, Kana realized it made a wonderful bed for her. So while I am still working for a couple of hours in the evening, Kana lies on her TV-watching bed, next to hubby, who is on his. Eventually, I sit on the other couch to unwind, and Kana will lie on her “bed” without moving until bedtime. It’s pretty cute.

Kana does get put to bed in her own room (my office) each night, so that the others get a rest from her and she doesn’t wander into our room and upset Tiger. She doesn’t seem to mind. I’m sure this has all been a lot for her to get used to, and maybe she likes that secure alone time at night.

Because Kana is still restless during the day so often, I have been making and buying toys for her. For instance, I tape feathers and toy mice onto paper towel rolls so she can bat them around the floor.

I found a robot fish at Target. It’s not a pet toy, but found in the regular toy department. It came with a bowl, and you can see Felix checking it out.

I think the bowl is unsafe because the opening is small, so I put the fish into a regular bowl of water. Here is Kana with the fish. She seems a little more cautious of that scary goldfish.


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40 responses to “A Robot for My Cat

  1. So cute! I bet our cats would have fun with that fish toy, too.
    I love all the different personalities of your cats. Our two guys sometimes chase each other around with one of them growling at the other, but at other times they cuddle together and give each other baths.

    • What a darling description of your “guys”! Hah, it sounds like they have a lot of fun together and act like two people who have lived together for a long time ;).

  2. I love these updates.

  3. Sounds a lot like my house. When you have one young active one and the rest are senior cats, it’s always….ummm….interesting. Love that fish.

    • I suspect that when Kana gets more used to things she will be more chill, too, but right now it’s all so new for her. That fish is so great the way it wiggles like a real fish.

  4. My new kitty Chapman and I loved your newest post. What a fun house of cats, he observed. However, he’s the top cat and the only cat. He likes it that way. Chappie was rescued by me from a foster home where the other male cats bullied him. Now he’s my new feline BFF. He’s my MEWs when I’m writing, my literary companion when I’m reading, my chatty companion in the kitchen and in general makes life much sweeter. Kana, he noticed, is quite a beauty!

    • Elaine, Chapman sounds like quite a special boy. He must be so relieved to be away from the bully! And now he can shine! Kana is definitely a beauty; Chapman is VERY smart ;).

  5. I agree. The big bowl is better. But aren’t cats funny?! They love to play at being great hunters.

  6. I love that robot fish idea. I might have to consider that for my mom’s cat. As for the name “Tiger Queenie Princess Mimi”—too funny!

    • You can buy the fish separately, Carrie. It’s much less pricey to just get the fish. You don’t need the bowl or other little toys for the bottom of the bowl. Target, the robot section! Actually Tiger’s full name is Tiger Queenie Princess Mimi Josefina Castle, but I was too lazy to type it all out. Most of the time I call her Tigees, pronounced Tie-geez (g as in Tiger).

  7. I often want to adopt a second cat, but this post is making me change my mind, LOL. Simon is already a handful and with another kitty around who knows what would happen. Cats are always so unpredictable…and we cannot buy Simon cat toys, because our big dog Sprocket eats them!!

    • Oh no! There are so many kitties in the shelter that needs homes! But it’s not good to take on more than we can handle. On the other hand, sometimes having another cat to focus on can actually work wonders. If you want to try it you could ask to foster a cat you like and see how it goes. That way you don’t feel you’re bringing a cat back if it doesn’t work out. And maybe one cat would work when another personality would not. I used to have that problem with the toys when we had a dog and cats.

  8. You’re so funny, Luanne! Kana needs some paw boots. It appears she doesn’t enjoy getting wet.

    • Ooooh, great point, Jill! That’s what it is! Maybe she’s never even been around a body of water larger than a cat’s water bowl! So it’s the water she doesn’t like, rather than being afraid of the fish!!!

  9. The robot fish is a great idea, Luanne! Our ‘new’ 12-year-old cat is not yet too interested in us humans, growls at our other cats (12 and 11). We need a robot fish to get them distracted from their hostility! πŸ˜€

    • Aw, 3 seniors!!! Yes, it’s so hard to acclimate seniors to each other. But it will be so worth it (I keep telling myself haha). You can buy that fish without the bowl and it’s MUCH less expensive. It’s in the robot section near the toys at Target. Don’t bother to get the bowl!
      Growling is better than chasing, at least I think so. Growling is kind of like warning, don’t you think?

  10. Wow! You spend a lot of time caring for the physical and emotional needs of four very lucky cats!

  11. This is really funny, Luanne! I love that robot goldfish – hours of fun! πŸ˜€

  12. A cat certainly finds the perfect space with you. So loved!

  13. So interesting how individual they each are. It’s been interesting watching the dynamic between our little dog and our granddaughter since she’s come to live with us– lots of competition for my lap and my attention!

    • Deborah, ah, your little dog is probably wondering “what fresh hell” every day now! Hahaha. So cute. They must make you feel very loved and needed!!!

  14. Beautiful picture of Kana. I love the humor of the Robot Fish.

  15. Love the videos of your cats! I wish I had the presence of mind to do that. I agree with Jill that Kana might not like getting her paws wet. Cats are really funny about water. Most of the ones I’ve had (and have) don’t like to get wet, especially their paws. But we did have a cat who loved to get his drinking water direct from the faucet. When he got older (and somewhat demented), he would splash around the water in his water bowl before drinking. I have absolutely no idea why he did that, and it made such a mess! By the way, Kana is apparently okay, yes? I know some time ago you were worried about her health. I might have missed an update. With NaNoWriMo (among other things), I’ve been rather lax about reading ;(

    • Thank you for asking, Marie. I think I forgot to write an update in a post. She went on 2 medications for liver disease and at her last blood work (to recheck) it was NORMAL!!! Woohoo!!!!!!!! Maybe it was her untreated allergies that caused it?? Anyway, vet said to keep her on the meds for another month, and then she’ll decide what to do. How is NaNoWriMo going????

  16. How adorable! I must get one of those robot fish for my cats, they will love it! Although I have to say, watching Nate Bunnykins through the bars of his pen in the daytime keeps Maisy amused for hours. i catch them nose kissing, it’s so cute. Eddie looks on bemused, then runs away, preferring to squeeze in next to me in the tiniest space possible on the sofa. He’s a Mummy’s boy after all πŸ˜‰ Love reading about your kitty cats, it sounds as if you have one happy cat household overall, and with four cats, one new, that’s a testament to your amazing cat care. Kana has found a wonderful home, and I must say she looks adorable in her Halloween outfit, and of course not forgetting the very handsome Felix πŸ™‚ xoxo

    • Oh my, that is so cute about Nate Bunnykins and Maisy. How adorable they must be! Is Nate Bunnykins still small or a big fat bunny now?
      Kana does look adorable in her diva costume, doesn’t she?! I think it’s perfect. Then Pear has her Judge Judy costume pic. But I have never found just the right costume for Felix or Tiger. It’ll come to me one of these days ;). xo

      • Haha…he is getting to be a big fat bunny now, and a bit grumpy with it at times lol! I seem to remember Judge Judy on Pear. Your cats are so beautiful. Their costumes have to be just right, for sure! My daughter has new Christmas outfits for the cats, I can’t wait to post them, you’ll love them πŸ™‚ xoxo

  17. Kana sounds very much like Red – so I hope she doesn’t have that same restlessness for as long as he has!! πŸ™‚
    She is adorable, and I love her Halloween “do.”
    Sounds like hubby is a good sport with his wife’s cats!

    • I kind of think that Kana will become more relaxed as she gets more used to things. She is already showing signs of wanting to lie on the counter with Pear and Felix a lot more. But my last dog was very restless like that and it lasted his whole life. Eventually I came to think it was an endocrine problem (I think) with him–something that was beyond the veterinary care that was available to us. Sandy couldn’t lie still for anything. It was very unsettling, but he was such a sweetheart.
      Hubby loves washing and drying all those food and water bowls at the shelter, too ;). (That’s his specialty)

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