My Angel Survived the Ball Breaking and Other Miscellany

Today is a grab bag post. Know that this mirrors my mind right now–an assortment of miscellany.

I have both poetry and prose writing projects in the works, a post to write about Sheila Morris’ new book The Short Side of Time, a book review to write for Adrienne Morris (loved The House on Tenafly Road) for Goodreads and Amazonand Mom arrived this weekend. She’ll be here in Arizona for the next two months, trying to catch some sun rays. Her knee is in a brace, as it’s bothering her lately, but it’s so nice to have her here. The kitties at the shelter need lots of help, and Kana and Tiger still don’t get along (sigh). If only Tiger realized that she only has to make an assertive move toward Kana and she would earn some respect. Or not.

And then it’s time to start pulling everything together for the TAXMAN (how come it’s never the TAXWOMAN?) for our businesses and personal. So much tedious work on top of regular work. If you can’t tell, I resent this extra burden.

I had a flash fiction piece accepted by Story Shack. They will assign an illustrator to illustrate the story, a feature I love about their magazine.

Remember those German glass ornaments I keep in my antique trunk? Did I mention that daughter’s boyfriend accidentally broke one last year? It was a silver ball that was open on one side (like a little diorama) with an angel in the snow. The ball broke away, and all that was left was the angel standing on a glass shard. I just found it in a drawer where I tucked it because I couldn’t bear to throw it away. I hope I’m not going to turn into a hoarder, but she doesn’t seem like something I can throw away as if she were trash.

Maybe I’ll keep her to stand guard over 2016.


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  1. we need angels

  2. What a sweet angel: She will do a good job in 2016, I can tell. Ah yes, taxes. I’m dealing with all that as well. Have a great week, Luanne. I enjoyed your post. Hope you can catch mine this morning!

  3. I admire you so much!

  4. Love that angel icon!!! Good luck with this rich and wonderful list of projects, Luanne!

  5. You sound busy, but in a good way–well, except for the tax stuff. 🙂 We probably won’t get ours organized until next month.
    Enjoy your mom’s visit.
    Maybe you can glue that angel onto some sort of base?

    • The tax stuff is enough to give me a heart attack–and I don’t say that lightly. I just can’t stand filling out forms and all that. I think I have a phobia about it. We are definitely enjoying her visit!
      The problem with the angel is that there are such sharp edges where the ball broke away. And if I try to break those away, the whole thing might get ruined. I am not DIY enough.

  6. One of the first things I said after new year’s day was, “Damn, it’s tax time again.” It seems to get more complicated every year and we don’t have an “estate” to manage.

    • Right???!!!! It’s disgusting, IMO. I am sick of forms and following rules and all that stuff. Just take what you need before you give it to me is my motto haha.

  7. Perfect to stand guard over 2016 and into forever!

  8. I have a beautiful glowing angel atop my tree every year and it seems such a shame to stuff her face down into a box for the remainder of the year. I think your angle represents how they stand over us when we are broken. I would put her up on a what-not shelf to tell that part of her story.

  9. Lots of things ahead for you. Hopefully you’ll get some downtime too. Time to make some new memories with your mother while she’s there. 🙂

  10. Lots going on, Luanne. No, you can’t throw that little angel away.

  11. I wouldn’t have thrown the ornament away either 🙂

  12. I have loads of ornaments that are less-than-gently used. There’s a place in my heart for them, and I find a way to display them (even when I no longer bother with some of the intact ones. “Nobody’s gonna get down off their horse to look, Lease,” is what my dad would say …

  13. Luanne:
    Getting ready for taxes must be on our minds. Just before reading your post, I printed out our files for the past year to take to “the taxman.” Always a fun excursion! Glad you didn’t toss your fallen angel. Some things are worth “hoarding,” even if they’re not totally intact. 🙂

    • Don’t you get the shakes when you have to attack all that tax stuff haha? I hate it so much. It’s truly not the paying the bill (or at least not only ;)), but the forms and all the senseless waste of time.
      Yes, some things are worth hoarding, but does anybody close to me realize why it’s important? it looks so silly to them, I think.

  14. Congrats on your latest publication, Luanne!

  15. I have only one ornament that everyone knows they are NOT ALLOWED TO TOUCH. I put it up and take it down. 🙂 It’s a red little mouse from my childhood Christmas tree. It’s not worth anything but every time I look at it surrounded by lights I’m transported to those early mornings in the dark before school. I’d turn on the tree and enter the mouse’s world.

    You often touch upon things that make me feel sentimental. Your angel did it again. Thanks for the plug. I’m almost done editing (chapter 60!).

    I think of you all the time during our foster care adventures.

    • Aw, I can just imagine your little red mouse. Such simple little things really make our hearts sing for some reason.
      Woohoo, re the editing!!! So happy to hear how far you’ve come!!! And well worth it!
      I think of YOU all the time and wonder about your foster care adventures!!! xo

  16. You certainly are busy, Luanne. I’ve read Sheila Morris’ new book and it’s absolutely fantastic 😀

  17. Ahh…it’s sad when vintage ornaments break. I’ve got a couple I still keep. I could easily hoard, and even with multiple moves, included several international, you would have thought I had learnt my lessson! Congrats on your flash fiction publication. Have a wonderful time with your mom and hope you get through all your ‘stuff’. . I’m in the same boat, never ending. And all I want to is to write my book…grrrrrrrrr!!!!! Hugs…xoxo

    • We are busy busy busy all the time. I want to enjoy things and slow down and there is always more going on. Mom is doing well. We had fun this week! Thanks re the congrats, Sherri!! Something different for me–flash fiction.
      How old are your ornaments? From family or from when you were young?

      • You are amazing. I’ve been writing flash fiction for a little while now but never had any published! Then again, I’ve not submitted it, so that could be why, ha! Although thinking of it I did enter a competition with a story but didn’t place. Most of mine now are from when my kids were young, so that not ‘old’, certainly no more than 30 years. I had a couple of collections from my days in CA from the 90’s I collected over several years, but now missing or broken one or two pieces, so they wouldn’t be worth anything, other than for sentimental value of course! I hope this message comes through, I’m having a lot of WP problems, in process of getting it sorted. I really need to get a post up…will give it a try I hope. Have a great weekend Luanne, see you soon 🙂 xoxo

  18. Great idea – your guardian angel. I hope your mother’s knee improves with the warmth of Arizona. I can relate. 🙂

    • We are hoping it gets warmer soon so she can improve. She might need surgery in the spring though. I am very nervous about it, but she really wants to have it.

  19. I don’t blame you for keeping the Christmas angel – not a bad idea to have her watching over us all in 2016! What great fun to have an illustrated short fiction piece – you are branching out, Luanne!! That’s great – congratulations!!
    To borrow from Eugene O’Neill, The Taxman Cometh for us all!!
    P.S. Thanks for mentioning Short Side!

    • The Taxman is a sociopath, if you ask me. 😉 Thanks for the congrats on the short (very short) story! and for encouraging my saving of the little broken angel. I thought I was nutso, but I’m so glad I have a lot of nutty friends to encourage me hahaha. I am going to put her by Mac’s ashes and his plaster paw prints!

  20. Oh that angel is adorable I would keep it too. Luanne you sound very busy in your writing and the not so fun job of tax. I hope you have a great week with your mum.

  21. I think your angel is lovely as she is, a little battered but aren’t we all? Congratulations on your story – I’ve had the pleasure of being illustrated and it’s exciting to see how someone else sees your story. I hope you find some calm in this busy time Luanne.

    • Well, speaking for myself, YES, I feel pretty battered as of late hah. Thanks about the story. I am happy to see this little story coming into view soon . . . . Have a great week ahead, Andrea xo!

  22. The angel could be put in a glass jar or a glass bowl. The snow you buy for snow globes could be glued or piled around the angel. I would protect the angel who is guarding over your 2016. ♡

  23. An illustrated story. That is so cool. Congratulations and looking forward to reading it. (And I love the idea of putting the angel in a glass jar 🙂 )

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