More Doll Poems!

If I told you there is a new poetry collection about dolls out, you would say that is news I’ve been spouting for a long time, right? But this isn’t my book that I’m talking about. This is an anthology of poems by dozens and dozens of poets–and every poem is about a doll or dolls. The book is appropriately titled The Doll Collection.

The minute I opened the book to the table of contents I got excited. Dream dolls, paper dolls, Barbies, doll makers, puppets, mother’s doll, and doll heads. There is even a poem about the doll I have written about in my unfinished memoir: the red riding hood doll that flips around to be the wolf and/or the grandma! There is a pregnant doll. There are dark poems about loss and violence.  There are poems brimming with heart or compassion or longing.

The pens behind these poems were held by a large variety of poets (OK, give me a little poetic license on that one–we can pretty much figure most were written on keyboards), including many luminaries like Chana Bloch, Kelly Cherry, Denise Duhamel, Jeffrey Harrison, and many more.

Oh, and there is a poem from Doll God in there, too: “Marriage Doll.” Woot!

What a wonderful book for anybody who loves beautiful, accessible poems–and particularly for anybody who has ever loved a doll. 

LIGHTBULB FLASH!!! Or a cooler idea yet would be to buy a pair of books: The Doll Collection and Doll God.  What a great gift! Mother’s Day? Spring birthday? Just because?


Weddings plans are in the works for son and his fiancee! They are looking a year out, but lots of preparation is already going on!

We went to California again. I’ll try to post a couple of photos of that hideous drive later this week.  Hahahaha.


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  1. Lovely post, Luanne. I’m just back from a fascinating visit to seven East European countries, via longship on the Danube. Will be posting travel blogs, making up for lost writing time during the journey. Look forward to photos that reveal the beauty of Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria and Romania. And have a marvelous Monday!

  2. This makes me think about my part-time job at the WMU Med School. There are big “dolls” that students work with. The dolls are a woman, a man, and a baby that give students experience with human-like entities before they deal with the real thing. Check out these dolls:

    • A new use for dolls! Dolls fill so many needs of humans. These are really life-saving dolls. Your job must be fun. I can’t wait to read an essay about it . . . .

  3. Book sounds great!

  4. “Doll heads,” you crack me up, Luanne! By now, you know my strange fear of dolls. Although Diane’s cover is lovely to all…it’s scary to me. What is my problem? 🙂 I think I need to investigate this fear. 🙂

    • You know sometimes therapists use dolls . . . . I’m sorry! I couldn’t resist–I’m truly awful. I know that my son was terrified of clown dolls when he was a kid and then as I wrote about in a poem in Doll God my kids were so scared of the walking doll from my childhood. They were sure she was alive and would move her eyes. But, yes, something must have happened, maybe before you were old enough to remember?

  5. Sounds like a very intriguing book Luanne and congratulations for having one of yours in there!

  6. It’s your doppelganger in book form! Sounds like a perfect match for you, and congrats on being included in the collection. That’s wonderful!

  7. Congratulations on having one of your Doll God poems in the new collection!
    I can relate a bit to Jill above. I’m not scared of dolls, but some I find really creepy and would not want to have them in the same room while I’m sleeping, or maybe in the same house. 🙂 There are episodes of shows like The Twilight Zone that I can’t watch because they’re about creepy dolls.

    Yay for the wedding plans! That should be so much fun–at least I hope so. The only not-fun part of wedding planning for our daughters’ weddings was trying to figure out transportation for relatives who don’t drive.

  8. Congratulations on being included in the poetry collection! And your gift suggestion is brilliant. 🙂

  9. This is a wonderful way to celebrate dolls in a twin pack! 🙂 Luanne, hope the sales increase!
    This was fantastic they included your wedding doll poem. <3
    Congratulations, Luanne's son and fiancée!

    • It’s actually a marriage doll, not a wedding doll–more about knowing somebody after living with them for a long time. Thank you for the congrats! They are so excited that it’s hard not to be excited for them! My son says it’s going to be his dream wedding at the beach. Who knew guys had dream weddings ?!

      • Thank you for sharing the marriage doll poem, not a weeding doll! 🙂 I am sure your son and mine were raised with sensitive souls, Luanne. Your husband always seems like such a sweetheart and glad (again) about learning another aspect of your life. My son wanted his wedding to be in Olentangy Caverns but they ended up by a stream with a flower covered arch over them, the female minister close to the creek’s bank. The setting made a much better memory and setting for an outdoor wedding, Luanne. <3

  10. What a find! Well done for being included Luanne. I’m looking forward to your hideous drive pics 😉

    • Hahaha, thank you, Dianne! I tried catching a few along the way. I haven’t looked at them yet, but hope something is ok. We were going pretty fast ;).

  11. Luanne, this post was one I felt I should start with to play catch up on a road trip. You are one of just a few special friends who I put in my mind to make sure I read all the 3 new posts since what you call a “boring” trip you describe (not boring to me, by the way!) in your next post.
    Have you ever been connected with Joanne Sisco who had a blog called My Life Lived Full, (I think?) She posted about an unusual doll house front with lots of dolls stacked into arrangements found at the Lesleyville House, part of Toronto. She posted today, April 23rd, Saturday, “T” is for Toronto. You could head towards her blog and link your book, “Doll God” on it and her other earlier doll house post. . . just looking out and helping make a new connection, Luanne. <3

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