Am I Producing Leaves or Flowers?

Lots of ideas for blog posts have crossed my mind lately. Then they have kind of walked in reverse back out of my mind. Everything seems “deeper” than I can handle currently.  You should see how cute Kana is sleeping next to me, by the way. I figured out how to keep her from annoying Tiger who sleeps in the corner of the window seat: I put a big piece of two way tape across the opening where Kana would lie to intimidate comfort Tiger. Tiger can walk over the tape to get to her safety spot, but Kana can’t lie there without discomfort. So far, so good!

I just noticed that the two hibiscus bushes that flank my front door have gone in different directions this year. In the past, they looked very similar. But look at them now! Let’s call this one A.

And this one will be B.

Hibiscus B has a thick head of dark, glossy leaves, but few blossoms. Hibiscus A is rich in blossoms, but the foliage is lighter-colored, less shiny, and sparse.

Maybe something went awry in the gardening (see my live-in gardener about that).

Or maybe it’s a metaphor. If we’re busy making leaves, we don’t have enough energy left for blossoms. And if we’re sprouting blossoms like crazy we neglect our leaves?

What have I been up to lately besides work? Well, more work. And some writing. And doctor appointments–catch up time of the year, ya know.

Only question is: am I producing leaves or flowers right now?



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  1. Whichever, it’s good to hear from you!

    • I like to keep myself accountable by showing up to say hi twice a week ;). Hahaha. Another commenter suggested these are both heart-shaped. I’m going to go outside and check it out!
      Kana seems to be avoiding the window seat now because of that tape. That makes her less inclined to chase little miss.

  2. Love the comparison; I can relate to your question!

  3. Very interesting post, Luanne. Beautiful potted metaphors, your leaves and flowers. Forgive me if I ramble: I frankly — though working on a novel-in-progress — seem to be spending an extraordinary amount of time and energy organizing, planting (yesterday got my coldframe going and putting flowers in the ground), doing anything but writing. The underlying thought is that “when all is in order, THEN, I’ll put writing at the top.” The stark reality: things will never be in order. I’ve decided to settle for “somewhat organized.” To that purpose I’m joining in my neighbor’s yard sale at the end of this month. Purging closets, drawers, the garage. Of course, that also is not writing.

    • Oh, Elaine, I so hear you. That is my usual game plan: get everything else in order and then write. I can’t calm myself down enough to write unless I have some semblance of order to the day. But then sometimes (read: a lot of the time) I’m just too tired from getting things in order to write!!!

  4. Take a few minutes. Back away from both of your plants. If they look like the pictures, you have two heart shapes. Perhaps what is happening right now is that you are following your heart. Production will ultimately follow.

  5. Either way they look healthy and beautiful. You’re doing something right.

  6. Maybe you’re just conserving important nutrients for the right time. Beautiful hibiscus 🙂

    • Maybe. I think I might have depleted some. Maybe I am not like the flowering one with the ugly sparse leaves right about now. Then again . . . . Thanks re the flowers, although I shouldn’t take credit away from landscaper-boy.

  7. I always find that after a doctor or dentist visit I’m done for the day. They sap all energy–it’s probably best to just look at flowers 🙂 or play with pets.

  8. Yin and yang, Luanne. Everything in balance.

  9. Love that metaphor–especially since either (or both) is a GOOD answer…

  10. I have a hibiscus in my front garden that is identical to A. They must be twins 😀 I absolutely love the colour of the flowers – as my hubby says ‘they pop’! Great to hear from you, Luanne xxx

    • It’s a good thing that A has a twin since B clearly is not its twin hahaha. Yes, they do pop. And they are always so happy looking!!!

  11. Lovely post, Luanne. I appreciate your metaphors and adore how you used your hibiscus plants to arrive at your inquiry.

  12. Lovely idea. You are helping to create the natural beauty whatever the weather and area.

  13. “Lots of ideas for blog posts have crossed my mind lately. Then they have kind of walked in reverse back out of my mind. Everything seems “deeper” than I can handle currently.”

    I SO identify with that!

    • Hah. I just read something today that is going to be a blog post for tomorrow. Something actually stuck to the brain for a change! I hope that happens for you, too, Robin ;).

  14. Well, every time I tried to get to your post yesterday something interfered–so what does that say about me? Hahaha.
    Both plants are lovely, and both have blooms and leaves, although in different amounts. So both seem healthy, right? I love all the comments about the heart shapes. It will all work out. Just be. The writing will come and everything else will sort it’s way out, too. 🙂

    I took some time off from work this week because I injured my eye. I felt like I could stare at the screen enough with my glasses on to do bits and pieces of things, but not real “work.” 🙂

    • Merril! Oh my gosh. How did you injure it? Is it completely repairable? When will it be back to normal? OK, I’m done Momming, but please let me know! Hubby hurt his eye a few months ago, which I might have mentioned. And then I hurt mine right after that. His was a big tree branch that plowed into his eye. Mine was an eye mask that had become frayed and in the night the fabric worked its way into my eye. Too much info?
      I love the comments about the heart shapes, too!!! And while I don’t create too much new lately, I did just write a new poem yesterday! Hope all else is well with you and that the eye is getting back to normal!

  15. Awesome article! Love it.
    Would love for you to check out my blog when you get the chance.
    Thanks so much xx

  16. Hm maybe it’s too soon to tell which it is being produced. But in the end, both are valuable!

    • That is always a possibility. Both are valuable, but not to the exclusion of the other. I guess that is so true in life, too. Man, my eyesight is getting terrible all of a sudden. Sorry, tangent. Getting glasses.
      I think it’s trying to keep everything going all at the same time: life stuff, work, writing, revising, sending out, family, and not in this order.

  17. Perhaps the message here Luanne is that both your hibisci (is that the correct plural, I’m not sure, lol!) look beautiful, so does it really matter? Ha…I’m a fine one to talk. One or the other…I suppose so long as they give us the result we want. You thought your pose ideas were in reverse…but here is one, and it’s definitely not going anywhere. Oh…and one more thing…I want your front door and that bench too. Gorgeous!!! 🙂 xoxoxo

  18. I just purchased some hibiscus today with purple flowers. I’ve got some yellow and orange ones. I hope they grow as nicely as yours.

    • Best of luck to your hibiscus! Maybe they flower profusely and yet maintain their glossy leaves! I hope mine never outgrow the pots either because that would be sad.

  19. Maybe you’re producing artichokes, which are both.

  20. Aha, Luanne, that is, indeed, the question. To be or not to be. To leaf or flower…very deep questions. It seems like such a cop-out to say it depends on the day of the week, I suppose? But that’s all I’ve got.

    • That’s ok, Sheila. I know you have a lot of TV on your brain ;). I am hoping for a DirecTV repairperson tomorrow to fix my DVR because I tried to record one of my shows, silly though it is (Outlander), and that is the only channel that doesn’t work. I’ve lost 3 episodes :(.
      I think what I was thinking and didn’t say was that sometimes moderation is so much better than sucking up all your energy for either blossoms or leaves . . . .

  21. I feel you have the true writer’s instincts within your soul, Luanne. Details like this make me wonder if they are metaphors or interpretation with analysis? I process many of my photos differently through how my daily lens changes.
    The one with less flowers looks like a heart shape. the one with blossoms is very pretty. I think I am producing leaves! I am trying to resist posting so much, too.
    Summer is right around the corner, calling my name! Hope however you spend your time, it is joyful. I like the way you came up with- to keep Tiger happy in the corner. 🙂

  22. Great question. Of course, the flowers are more colorful and easier to show off, but without the leaves, there would be no substance. I think I better work harder on my leaves….BTW, your hibiscus are beautiful!

  23. Luanne, I came back to see if you saw my combination comment, one about Tiger and one for the hibiscus plants which both now seem heart shaped, isn’t it funny? I saw one over the other being more heart shaped. Anyway, I got philosophical in my comment about how each day our lens may change or something like this, in how we are either flower producing or leaf producing, either are productive.
    Summer is calling me, so I hope to cut back on posts. Thank you for your great comments lately on my blog!

  24. Reblogged this on The Life & Times of Zoe the Fabulous Feline and commented:
    Indeed….profundity in this short post. And they both grew in the shape of hearts, Luanne, so, for me, it seems that it matters not whether your output is leaves or flowers; love’s a-blooming.

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