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To get away from the record heat in Phoenix, we went south for a day. Tucson, at 2,589 ft,  is a higher altitude than Phoenix, which is 1,086. Plus, Tucson is protected from the sun by the mountains and thus has more cloud cover. But we didn’t stay there long. We went to the real mountains. To Bisbee, AZ, to be precise. 5,589 ft.

There are those darn lines again!

It was a lovely temperature for summer. I don’t know what temperature it was, but it felt perfect. There was even a drizzle part of the day.

See that B up there on top? Stands for Bisbee.  No kidding! The population is about the same as the altitude. About one person per foot of altitude.

Bisbee is a very charming looking town because in the downtown area there is very little new construction. It’s almost all “antique.”

The museum had a lovely garden.

And the shops were interesting to me. A honey shop. A custom hat shop. A dress shop where I bought a hat in my favorite color (coral called peony). And a shop with a window after my own heart.

Dolls, masks, old photos, and memento mori. What more could I want?

The only thing they had very little of: gluten free food. Yikes. OK, I won’t go into that rant again.

On the way back from Bisbee, we drove through Tombstone (yup, that Tombstone), where we’ve been before.

I had to take photos out of the car window . . . .

We also drove through St. David, a town founded by LDS pioneers. It’s still mainly Mormon, and it appears to be a farming community, but maybe the farming was in its past. I was glad to get home, though, to my 4+1 cats. Slupe is doing so well! She’s now been out with all the others cats, and I am hopeful that they can be one happy group (when Tiger watches her back so Kana doesn’t sneak up on her).



My new writing project is a play. I’ve been working on the play with my daughter. I find it fairly easy to write dialogue, but more difficult to conceptualize how it all works onstage. That is her expertise. As an actor, she has a good feel for the physical parts of the play. I expect it to move slowly because of being the work of two people.

Have you ever worked on a project, writing or otherwise, with someone else that you were used to doing by yourself?


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  1. Bisbee looks like such a quaint little town. Thanks for taking us along, Luanne.
    Oh…writing a play, that sounds like fun! I’ve never collaborated with another person on a project. Let us know how it goes.

    • It’s interesting to collaborate! but, of course, our schedules are always zigging and zagging, if you know what i mean. Plus there is that 3 hour time difference between us. But, yes, writing a play is so much less “internal” and “personal.” You have to keep imagining it in action! I mean every word as to be in action.

  2. Nice Arizona travel blog – one could almost feel the heat. Especially liked the Slupe photo. After my recent European jaunt, my kitty struck a similar pose when I came home to him (at last!) I’ve never collaborated with another writer but can imagine how challenging it must be. I’m working on a novel (new blog about to be published on that) and switching gears from nonfiction to fictional world.

    • Aw, I bet your kitty was thrilled you came home! He was probably worried! How did you find that switch to fiction, Elaine? Is it easier or harder for you, for instance?

      • Mr. Chapman, reigning cat of the house, had only Peaceful Pet Sitters while I was away and though they were splendidly kind, nurturing and attentive (sending me an e-mail report every day plus photos of his Grey and White Eminence), they weren’t ME. How lovely to have such unconditional adoration…
        Yes, about the switch to fiction. In many ways it is easier. I’ve always preferred it, truth be told.

        • Oh, what a sweet boy. And being an only child, he is no doubt particularly devoted!!! Interesting about fiction being your first choice. I would never have guessed!

  3. The pale green storefront almost looks like something from the days of the Wild West. The town certainly has character.

  4. Perhaps Slupe and Tiger will be buddies! Those towns are exactly what I would expect after seeing western movies. Very quaint.

    • Hahaha, I kind of doubt it. I had fantasies of that, but they both seem to like to keep to themselves, although Slupe is a lot easier to deal with. Tiger is kind of a weirdo, honestly, although a really cute and sweet weirdo. She sleeps with us, between our pillows, and it’s like sleeping with three knives and some jagged can lids.

  5. Pretty. I love the garden 🙂

    Got my book and stuff today, thanks so much!

  6. What an interesting place. Thanks for sharing. Did make me wonder about the history behind the doll parts. My sister used to mutilate mine for spite.

    • Oh no! That was so mean of her! Did you do anything back to her? Is she older or younger than you? Sorry, I have to get the whole picture! Many dolls come apart with age because they used rubber bands and similar to connect the parts. Those of course get brittle and break so legs and arms and even heads come off. Very natural part of dolling. But intentional mutilation, no.

  7. Thank you for the tour! I know so little about Arizona (or the west, for that matter).
    I’m glad the cats are getting along.

    I’m co-editing a book right now with someone. I’m not quite sure how it’s going to work. 🙂 Daughters and I have talked about working on books together. I’m sure you’re having fun with the play!

    • Oh, I’m glad I could show you some of Arizona!! The cats seem pretty good so far. I am still a little leery, but putting Slupe in her room when they seem “tired” haha.
      Let me know how the co-editing goes! I can’t wait to hear. It seems difficult to me, but easier with a daughter (or at least more fun!!!).

  8. Bisbee? I think I’ll have to Google how the town got its name. It certainly suits the town which looks charming and cheerful.

  9. It looks like you traveled back in time to escape the heat, Luanne! 😀 I love little towns like this. Best of luck on the new writing project and i’m so glad your daughter can help (they’re good like that – my daughter helps me too because she’s an editor/proofreader, amongst other things) 😀

    • You are so lucky to have the editor in the family! Thank you for the luck re the play. I am so out of writing right now. Just a soggy mess, that’s me.

  10. Wonderful, Luanne. I am just now catching up on blog posts after our recent set of events involving Dave’s dad getting a pacemaker, so I am way out of the loop. Beautiful photos. Have been to Tombstone and loved visiting the shops and little museum we found there. Also spent a little time in Tucson (which I always thought was spelled differently) and liked it too. Never tire of weather discussions!!! How do you get your blog site name on your photos??? Have worked on screenplays with a few people. Interesting!

    • Welcome back to WordPress, Carla! So funny about Tucson–I always have to think to myself when I spell it: Tuck-son. Otherwise I too will not spell it right! There are different programs where you can add watermarks to photos. The one I am using currently is Water Marquee. Check it out. It’s really easy to use!

  11. I’m so jealous! I love Bisbee and haven’t been there for years. Really nice pics, too. Makes me homesick for the desert though not the high temps. It’s so cool that you’re collaborating with your daughter. What a great project. I collaborated with another writer on a screenplay. It was an odd but good fit. Good luck, and kiss a lizard for me, okay?

    • My lizards are overheated. They don’t even want to come out. Last night we had a storm and it cooled a bit, but now it’s wet and very very humid so they are grumbling under rocks. Bisbee is such a character, you know? The man who runs the olive oil store gave us a run-down on the “types” of people who gravitate to Bisbee. It was hilarious, funnier especially because of course he’s got to be in one of those groups . . . .

  12. Slupe is so cute. When I came to live with Granny, I had another kitty watching my back too and it helped me to get along with her cat Angel 🙂
    Good Luck Pawkisses for the new project 🙂 <3

  13. Thanks for the tour Luanne, I enjoyed sharing your exploring. Glad to see Slupe is settling in, she really does look like the cat we had 🙂

    • Ugh, we lost her for several hours today and I’ve been crying and calling for her for so long. FINALLY, we found her. She apparently found a very hidden place in Kana’s room (my office) to sleep away the day while her new mommy cried and her daddy yelled and Kana got super anxious. (The other cats didn’t seem to notice).

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