Man and animals caught in the net of time and life

My love for animals is why I an reblogging Valerie’s important post today on Valentine’s Day.


Wenka was born on the 21 May 1954, which makes her sixty- three years old this year. She has been in prisons and endured forms of torture, as well as abandonment, much grief and loneliness, throughout her whole life.

She was born in a laboratory in Florida and taken from her mother the day she was born, to be used in a vision experiment which lasted seventeen months. Wenka was ‘only’ a chimp and thus could be used and has been used for the cruel purposes of men all her life.

After the experiment she was sold to a family in North Carolina. Four years later, instead of finding an animal refuge for their pet, they returned her to the Yerkes National Primate Research Centre, as she was supposed to be too big to handle.

Since losing her family – because undoubtedly she would have felt they were –  she…

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24 responses to “Man and animals caught in the net of time and life

  1. This is so powerful. 😢 I’ve shared it on FB.

  2. Thank you Luanna, I’m delighted of course.. I wish all the people who ‘enjoyed’ this blog also re-blogged it and spread the awful word !!!!

  3. Wow — eye-opener. thanks for sharing.

  4. So hard to read – sad, intense, but it needs to be shared. THANK you. xo

  5. Luanne, so sad to read this and how special of you to make sure we realize animal cruelty continues, testing, proving and studying while not necessarily loving and caring for the animals like Wenka. Such a long life with less enjoyment and much pain in her life.
    Thank you to Valerie Davies! I appreciate your caring enough about the chimp named Wenka and telling her poignant story. So sad. . .

  6. Thanks for sharing this piece, Luanne. I appreciate your ongoing concern for animals. Blessings to your cats!

  7. Thank you for sharing. I’ll admit I couldn’t read all of Valerie’s post. There’s a point at which my heart and stomach start to turn on each other in grief and anger. But I’m glad you shared it and I appreciate all you do on behalf of animals. In my small way, I try to help by buying from companies that pledge not to do animal testing. There’s just absolutely no need for animals to be used in experiments.

  8. Poor chimp! We as humans should know better and treat animals with respect and kindness!

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