New-ish Cat and Brand New Book

I had a couple of requests for a Perry update, so as tough (hahaha) as it is to write about him, here it is.

We’ve moved way beyond the “give me your paw” trick. His next move was to head butt my face and rub against me when I was on the floor to feed him.

Soon after, he indicated he wanted me to scratch his cheeks. Then pet his sides and the length of his tail.

Now he has added in a squishy and slobbery nose rub and even a little kiss-kiss.

He also keeps rolling on his back and trying to get me to pet his stomach, but with those “natural length” claws of his, I am not that stupid. Gotta get those nails trimmed somehow, but I don’t want to spook him and have a setback.

My son and ND (new daughter or, as some would have it, daughter-in-law) gave me the sweetest little instant camera for my birthday. It doesn’t take the place of my iPhone camera, of course, but I can snap a cute pic of a cat and put the photo into a little frame within a minute. Those little pet frames always beg tiny pix, so these are just right at 2″ or so. I’ve been learning how to use it, and Perry is the model.

My first attempt with the instant camera: I had to learn to use the little buttons

Today is the day I have to take Perry’s poo in for the final check in the deworming process. If it’s negative, I plan to be paranoid and do it again in another week or two. That is because the first time I had it checked, it was negative and then look what I’ve gone through because that was just a lull in the worm cycle. Ugh.

If it’s negative, we put the gate up at the bedroom door so the cats can meet. I’ll try to feed him on one side of the gate another couple of cats on the other side–at the same time. Over the gate I will hang a sheet. That is enough for most cats: gate and sheet and they think they are stuck in there.

Kana and Perry did have a little meeting the other night though. The hall outside Perry’s bedroom was so dark I couldn’t see anything and when I opened the door, suddenly there were two cats in the bedroom! I thought I was seeing double. But Perry was running away and Kana was sniffing Perry’s toys. I picked up Kana, and she managed to graze her teeth on my hand because she was unhappy in the extreme to be removed. What a stinker. She is the trouble-maker of the house, for sure. That is why when I go away, she has to go into her bedroom for the duration. That’s ok, it’s my office and it is the nicest room in the house IN MY OPINION.

Since Perry is in the bedroom all the time, I have certain times of the day I spend with him. My daughter shipped me her old laptop so I can get some work done while I’m in with him.

Probably because he is young, Perry loves his dolls. Sometimes his teeth or claws start holes in the dolls and I have to take them away or stitch them, but that is just him loving them ;).

I’m not used to having a cat so young. It’s been many years since 17-year-old Pear was that young! Perry likes to shred tissues and other paper. That ought to be great when he’s got the run of the house with all our business and writing paper lying about (yikes).


I noticed the other day that Perry is now filling out. I suspect that means that the worms are gone and that he is absorbing his food better. He’s going to be a fairly large long-haired cat. And now that I am petting him, I can verify that his fur is super soft!

Perry and an interactive doll:

There was a speck on the lens that shows up in the video. Does anybody know how to remove something like that through Windows Movie Maker?




KIN TYPES IS NOW AVAILABLE AT AMAZON! Copies should be arriving soon (I hope)!


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  1. I cannot help you with camera and videos but Perry is a little cuddly sweet guy πŸ˜€

  2. Always good to hear about Perry. Hope you can co-mingle him into your group. I didn’t realize it took so long to get rid of worms. Sneaky little things, aren’t they?

    • Oh me too. Kana, being dominant, might need a little watching. For instance, when we go to bed at night I might have to start putting Kana back in her bedroom for awhile while Perry learns to get along with Pear, Felix, and Sloopy Anne. Tiger sleeps with us. Then I can introduce Kana at night later, after all else is secure. Always thinking about this, but it’s not until I start doing it that I see what goes on. I guess once the gate is up, I can see who likes him and who doesn’t. The vet should call with the poo report today!!! A little nervous . . .

  3. I hope the poo checks out okay, Luanne. πŸ™‚ Yay! Congratulations on your book! It’s exciting to receive the copies.

  4. Looks like everything’s headed in the right direction! Perry seems to be an adorable tuxie; please give him a lil kiss for m! πŸ˜€

  5. Thanks for this bit of cuteness in my day!
    Everything seems to be going well–and congrats on the book, too! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Merril. I heard from 2 people today that they received copies, but I have not yet seen it! I hope there aren’t errors! You’re welcome for the cuteness. Perry provides plenty of that commodity!

  6. Our cat (when young0 used to shred the toilet paper. We called them his sculptures. He finally outgrew the desire. Super post.

  7. That is such a sweet video clip! Great post. So glad to hear that Perry is doing better. You’re a real cat angel.

  8. Such a great report on Perry who will keep you all young at heart!
    And the camera appears to be fantastic, thanks to son and ND. I hope the heat has abated and that all of you will survive the heat for the remainder of the summer!

    • The camera is sweet. It fills a need–not a huge one; as my son says it is a gimmick–and so now when I need a paper photo I can make it happen right away.
      Perry is getting more and more social with me so quickly now! It will be interesting when he is out with the others because sometimes he is still a little awkward when he’s petted (not sure he’s ever been petted by a human before!). After he sees other cats interacting with us he will learn even more.

  9. Perry will shine and he will pay you back in kitty LOVE. All my little rescue cats looked so sad and could not trust, now they own us and all look so healthy. Its a good feeling showing them how to enjoy cat life Luanne thanks for the update.

    • Oh, Kath, you are so right about the rescue kitties. I was thinking today that at the beginning Perry wasn’t “worth” a second look from what I could see from the way others responded to him. With his ears pressed way down, his sad look, and his lack of response to people. But everybody wanted something from him (sit in that cage and be quiet, eat your food in a rush, take this shot!!! etc). When they know you don’t want from them, but will give to them, they seem to warm up!

  10. Oh my gosh, it’s been just wonderful to read this! All this fur-love response to your dedication to him. Offering up the belly, even. I’m so pleased for you both.
    And I don’t question your paranoia about checking the worm situation. Not at all.

  11. It is lovely to have more news of your little rescue kitten. It appears he is socialising nicely, healing nicely and just about ready to meet the others. It will be fun – they must all be so curious about each other and used to the smells so that degree of familiarity may avoid any tussles of who is boss…. fingers crossed any way. Congratulations on your book, how exciting to see your first copy! I must check it out. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you so much. I am hearing that others have received the book, but I haven’t seen it yet. That makes me nervous in case there are errors! And re the cats hahahaha: we know who is boss, and that is Ms. Kana. If we forget, she reminds us :).

  12. I enjoyed learning about Perry’s latest doings. He’s slowly becoming a house cat. I was shocked to learn Pear Blossom’s age because I can remember when she was young. Time doesn’t just fly — it dissolves!
    It’s exciting that Kin Types is on the loose!! I will keep checking my mailbox for a visitation.

    • Hahaha, on the loose! I love it! It is, last spotted in San Bernardino and Minneapolis and Boston and Newport Beach! But, alas, not Phoenix.
      I can’t believe it about Pear either. And Tiger is about 13! Felix and Kana are 10!

  13. Ah, I’m glad that Perry is getting more affectionate, he’s obviously settling right in to his new home πŸ™‚

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  15. Hi, I’m a newbie. You have been checking out my blog and I thought I would return the favor. My Lena, our last of many, and THE last, is sixteen and I never could handle a new, small kitten these days any more than I could fly. I will follow your adventures and hope for you there are no misadventures although the paper shredding may be a foreshadowing of things to come. Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog at PWR.

    • No tiny kittens for me either, but Perry is full grown, just so young spirited. I have to watch that my clumsy feet don’t trip over him. These New Balances are not the most graceful things haha. I am more worried about my cat Kana (the dominant one) than about Perry. The gate is now up, between Perry and the others and Kana gives her low hissing and Perry lies on his back with his pretty white tummy showing :).

    • Is blogging807 a different blog?

      • blogging 807 is an offshoot of PWR. Some things are the same; some are entirely different. PWR began as an on-line book group (which I have just closed down, but kept the blog). blogging 807 began as an accident…I accidentally set up another blog. Right now I am managing both.

        • Yes, I write two blogs, too. It’s a lot of work! So funny about the accident. I did that once where I created a blog by accident. I didn’t know how to get rid of it so I called it The Wrong Blog. πŸ˜‰

  16. It sounds like you’ve had your hands full for a while! He is such a little cutie though πŸ™‚

    • He is adorable. It’s hard for me to keep from spending too much time on him ;). Not too much time from his perspective, but from my work’s perspective!

  17. Your pictures turned out well for your 1st time with the instant camera. Is Perry completely dewormed yet?

  18. THANK YOU! Luanne, for the wonderful and thorough update on Perry. I really enjoy hearing about him through your eyes and brain. πŸ™‚ Wonderful treat! πŸ™‚

  19. Oh no — beware the multi-clawed floofy belly trap! πŸ™‚ Perry sounds adorable. Hugs

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