My Poor Baby Fefe

My boy Fefe has been sick for days. I am taking him to the vet this morning for the diagnosis.

This was Felix a day before he got sick.

By the next day he was sneezing. You see, Perry had sneezed for a full week before that, but he wasn’t really sick, and his sneeze had already disappeared.

So when Felix began sneezing I wasn’t too worried. I went away on Friday for most of the day, and by the time I got home late afternoon, he was holding his mouth open and looking very odd.

My vet, who is a wonderful person who does a lot of work for the shelter animals, said to bring him right over. Although they were fully booked, the vet examined him in back. At that time he wasn’t sure if he was dealing with an infection of the mouth and/or an upper respiratory infection–and the treatments are different. So they gave me an appointment for Monday morning, hoping the symptoms would shake out by then.

They shook out late that night when I became convinced Felix had a pretty bad URI.

I isolated Felix because I am terrified of Pear (who is now 20) getting sick. The gardener set up a humidifier for him because Google says a humidifier helps cats with URIs. I also have had to hand feed him food–and not his hated prescription urinary diet, but Weruva salmon (nice and stinky), Temptations treats, and Inaba Churu scallop-flavored creamy treats.

Please send prayers, hugs, vibes, and virtual pets to my dear boy! (Yes, he’s the one that had the urinary blockage last August!)

On a writing note: I have been revising as I can this week. It’s been hard to fit in in, so I try to grab at least 30 minutes to revise. Better than nothing.

Hope we all have a healthy, peaceful week!


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73 responses to “My Poor Baby Fefe

  1. Hugs to you both!

  2. Wishing Felix a swift and complete recovery.

  3. Amy

    Oh, dear. Poor baby. I hate when cats get sick because they can’t tell you what is going on. I will be thinking of you and Felix. Hope he’s okay.

  4. Oh no! Luanne, I’m so sorry! Sending positive thoughts and hugs to you and Felix. I hope he’s feeling better soon.

  5. Oh yes, prayers are being said. Please keep us informed. Love to him.

  6. So sorry to read this. I wish him well

  7. Poor little guy! Sending you all virtual hugs and pets and of course prayers. I hope they find out what’s wrong and that it’s simple 🤞❤️❤️❤️

  8. Sending my prayers for Felix. If UTI the treatment should have him in the pink shortly.

  9. Oh, Luanne, I’m so sorry to hear this about your dear boy. Please be assured that your South Carolina friends are sending their very warmest wishes for good health for this special fellow.
    Love and hugs for Felix and you and the Gardener, too

  10. I hope Felix is feeling better soon, Luanne. xo

  11. hugs and pets and many thoughts of love to you both

  12. I hope you have a diagnosis now Luanne and all is on the mend xoxo

    • Yes, he is an upper respiratory infection, but it’s bacterial as well as viral. now he’s on Clavamox, an antibiotic, and will get well soon, I hope, although the vet said to keep him away from my old lady Pear for a week or two! xo

  13. Oh, poor Felix. I hate to see animals get sick. I hope he can beat this and feel better soon.

    • And he is very dramatic about not feeling well! He isn’t one of those cats who hides that he’s sick. He is now on antibiotics and his mouth isn’t open either so that means his mouth isn’t as painful. I hope he will be well in a couple more days!

  14. 🤗🤗 for you and Felix.

  15. Amy

    I am delighted to hear he’s doing better! Do you think Perry had this same infection? He seems okay now?

  16. Wishing you speedy recovery Felix!

  17. I hope he’s resting and feeling better on the antibiotics. Isn’t it scary? I worry about my kitties so much! I tell you what, between my cats and yours, there’s always someone feeling bad! My Boo girl started sneezing after I changed the litter to The World’s Greatest Cat Litter. I was transitioning litter because Sylvie has chronic blood in her urine with no (for sure) known cause and no infection or obstruction or tumors. I thought different (better?) litter would help. But Bootsie is sneezing (less now that I’ve changed back), and Penny started vomiting with the new litter. Sylvie is due for a follow up in a few weeks 🤞🏼. Baby Flora is fit as a fiddle. Lots of love and prayers for Felix.

    • Oh wow! We use World’s Best. The green bag? Is it that one? No issues with the litter for sure as we’ve used it quite awhile. Used to use Swheat Scoop and the walnut kind, but this corn-based stuff works better for us. Someone is always feeling bad!!! Poor Sylvie. That is crazy. Fingers crossed for Sylvie and so glad Baby Flora is doing well :). I have never heard of this reaction from the litter. How astonishing and scary.

      • It was the advanced formula. I’m assuming Boo had an allergic reaction to the corn. I was back at the vet with Sylvie today. Another UTI. Breaks my heart. 😔 I hope Felix is some better by now. Someone IS always feeling bad.

  18. Such a sweet face! Wishing dear Fefe a speedy recovery.

  19. Oh nooo, just saw this now! Hope Fefe is doing better! Kudos to you for the lovely tempting food bits ‘n’ treats, and cuddles! Hope the vet helps him!!

  20. I’m hoping he recovers quickly. I’m sure you will keep us updated. Hope the meds work .

  21. I am so sorry you have had such trouble with Felix, Luanne. I do hope he is truly on the mend by now.

  22. Dang. Wishing Felix a speedy recovery. And for you, I prescribe a strong citrus handcream x

  23. Felix will be in our thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery, Luanne. Some of these URIs can take a while to clear.

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