Artist’s Way in the Time of Coronavirus

I didn’t really think I’d still be writing about Covid-19 or coronavirus this week. Trying not to think ahead to next week.

Have you been hearing about/seeing the best and worst in people this past week? So many stories about TP being stolen out of grocery carts, etc. But on NextDoor app, there are so many kind people offering to pick up meds and groceries for seniors and people with health issues–or even just for people afraid to go into the stores.

I picked up stuff for my kids and a friend. Then on a family chat when I joked about only have one bag of BBQ Lays and not much Tito’s in the bottle, my daughter and her fiance delivered those as a gift to me (they were at the grocery store where they found no potatoes, no onions, no eggs, and almost no meat).

My friend knew we couldn’t get eggs, so she bought eggs for me and for my daughter at Costco. When we picked it up, she had a bag of lemons from her tree for us, but wouldn’t come out the door to get the egg money, so I had to put it in the doormat. LOL

Times have not gotten bad yet. Just annoying.

I’ll move on to other topics, but it’s kind of hard to keep the Virus from intruding.

Remember when I started The Artist’s Way program? I read the book, worked Morning Pages, and Artist Dates. I also joined an in-person group. By the way, I found a little interview with Julia Cameron (the book author and creator of the program) on her blog. An Interview with Julia Cameron

Without going into the whole story of what has gone on for me with the program, I’d like to mention a few points that arise from where I’m “at” right now.

  • Morning pages are being used for what food we are eating for dinner based on what we have in the house and so that we don’t use up all the good stuff first.
  • Artist Dates are the things I can do from home: movies, books, crafts, etc.
  • I just gave my regrets for the in-person meeting this month.
  • How great to have more time to write and craft. Yes, my head is spinning in every direction. My focus is awful. BUT, if I can’t pull it together to write something, how could I withstand an ACTUAL problem? I have written two poems so far.

I am lucky in that I have six cats at home. But it does mean I’ve had to make sure I have enough cat food and litter to last two weeks. The kitties don’t know why Mom and Dad are home more, but they sure do like it–especially after we left them for so long while we were in Costa Rica.

Stay safe everyone. If you are lucky enough to work from home as I am, I hope you can squeeze in more of what you want to do in place of your commute time!


P.S. The photo was taken by the gardener (hence, the finger in the left side of the image LOL) at a festival we drove through in a small town in Costa Rica. Needless to say, festivals are now off-limits to all of us.



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50 responses to “Artist’s Way in the Time of Coronavirus

  1. Oh yes, the little humans are here more now too. I’m torn between liking the extra attention and hating the extra attention. With little ones, it’s hard to say.

  2. Am enjoying your nice light tone. Now I’m off to collect the grandgirls who want to go into the store for their granma. I’ve nothing against doing it myself, but this is a good opportunity to let young ones help. It will form an indelible memory.

    • That is good of them to do the right thing! Yes, they will remember that until they are old. But the less we go into public places like that, the better. Stay safe.

  3. “I wish it need not have happened in my time,” said Frodo.
    “So do I,” said Gandalf, “and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” – J.R.R. Tolkien

  4. I find I need to remind myself to look around and say, Oh, hey, look. You are OK. The same kind of self-talk as if I had just had a nightmare.

    Be well, Luanne. Let’s hope the retail outlets establish and/or enforce their right to limit quantities policies soon. My one concern is for the pet food supply.

    • Today I have gotten really anxious. I need to chill out. I will make some basmati fried rice and see how that turns out. I don’t have all the ingredients, but who cares. I agree about the pet food supply. My friend and son are both anxious about getting their Chewy orders. I also have not gotten mine, but I do have some stock here. Stay safe, Maggie.

  5. Let us enjoy the peace of a slowed-down existence. Good post.

  6. My sister and her husband are in their 70s and live in upstate NY. She told me yesterday that one of her sons insisted on buying groceries for them so they would not have to go out. So relieved to hear that. I’m a little nervous about what I’ll find when I go to the local co-op this afternoon. We have plenty of non-perishable food. It’s the fresh food I’ll miss if we’re ever forced to stay home. It’s great that you already work from home. I really don’t want to take my job home with me (although hubby says I already do because of all my ranting). Continue your protective routines and stay safe 🙂

    • How did it go at the co-op? I am already having tomato withdrawals, and I think they have lots of produce at the grocery store, but I don’t want to go there. I feel as if someone coughed all over it . . .
      Any work on having to take your work home?
      Son and DIL still have to go to work. So we’ll see since 6 counties in northern Cali (they are in southern) are now in complete lockdown.
      XOXOXO (hugs to the kitties)

      • The co-op was fine, plenty of food … well, relatively speaking as it’s a small co-op. They were out of toilet paper, though 🤦🏼‍♀️ Fortunately we have plenty 🙂 There’s still talk about sending people home but not sure if it will happen. For most of us, we could work remote and use Skype to have meetings. We’ll see …

        • Actually I hope you get to go home if you get paid. I’m glad you could get food. I had to give someone TP today because she’s been out two days, but I think I only have enough for a week. And I use a lot of it hahaha. (bladder issues)

          • I really think if people hadn’t panicked and bought TP, no one would be having shortages. The problem with me working from home is how hard it would be to come back 😉

  7. Crazy times indeed. Stay safe. We bought extra cat food–our white cat Mickey eats only one flavor of one brand–but I’m glad we don’t have to worry about six.
    Husband and daughter will be doing online teaching.
    Stay safe–and hugs back to you!

    • So glad they can do online teaching. And your writing is at home, so you are mostly set. What about other daughter?
      I do worry about my cats not wanting to eat what we end up with, you know? They change their minds on what is great and what is inedible LOL.
      Thanks, Merril. I really need the hugs today. I am feeling actually anxious for the first day.

  8. Long ago, I worked through The Artist’s Way, probably a couple of times. (Never could get into the artist dates!) I’ve also worked through her It’s Never Too Late to Begin Again: Discovering Creativity and Meaning at Midlife and Beyond. Valuable thinking.

    • I am surprised about the artist dates. That’s the best part! I despise the morning pages! I’ve never heard of that book and will have to look it up. Are you staying very safe, Joy?

  9. The coronavirus epidemic will be remembered for humanity’s infatuation with toilet paper.

    • I HOPE that is all it’s remembered for!!! There are certainly a lot of jokes going around about it. My brother’s favorite are the corncob jokes. Mine isn’t a joke, per se, but the videos and pix of the pet oppossum carting off his TP ;).

  10. It’s quiet and peaceful here. Everyone is healthy currently so I’m very happy indeed. This too shall pass.

    • I hope you are right. I am worried about the economy today and its impact on us and on our kids and other people I know. In addition to the d**n virus!

  11. Crazy times, but your fun-loving heart spills out here in your blog. You know that saying about those who bring sunshine to others cannot help but bring it to themselves as well.(Quote by J. M. Barrie) It makes me think of you…Thank you! Wishing you blessings!

    • I’m so shocked that I never wrote back! What a super sweet thing to say and I LOVE that quote! I wish you blessings as well, Linda. Please stay safe!!!

  12. I have just decided that since I’m almost 79, have asthma, and am on an infusion therapy that kills my immune system that I am no longer going to work out at the exercise parlor. Going to ride my bike instead. There is a confirmed case here in Lakeway so I’ve decided that I don’t need to be the next. I’m glad you got your Tito’s topped off.

    • I never wrote back here. You really need to take care, John. Glad you’re being smart. Don’t take even one chance from now on! (Say, yes, mama haha)

  13. Stay upbeat, Luanne. This isn’t the “end of times” yet! I’m sort of amazed at how the media have blown this up and gotten everyone so freaked out. The effects to the world economy seem to me the biggest concern. So many people have no safety net or savings to get them through a crisis.

    Fingers crossed I don’t run out of TP!😜

  14. I somehow got a week behind on your blog posts, so I read the one from last week today and wondered why you thought you were overreacting. Then I saw its date. I’m glad you have been taking precautions, as have we (my husband is post-surgery!) and that everyone is taking care of each other. All the best being sent your way.

  15. Good wished to you, too, Luanne

  16. Amy

    Just catching up with other blogs. Talk about having trouble staying focused! And I love Tito’s also. Best vodka out there.

    Keep writing. I find that writing is always therapeutic. But I know you know that. Write whatever comes to mind. Seeing it on paper helps put it all in perspective.

    Stay healthy, my friend.

    • I didn’t respond here?! What’s going on? Hah my mind is so scattered. How are you holding up, Amy? The age of anxiety, I guess. XO

  17. Scary times. You did a great job covering it. But there are opportunities here.

    I wrote about them recently. Got to make the most out of what we are dealt. Everything has trade offs, some more immediate.

    Thanks for sharing!

  18. Great that you got your trip in just under the wire!! Lucky!

    I too find my focus going haywire! You can easily see this by the contrast between my last few posts! They’re all over the place, funny, sad, etc.. Also my bf (my proofreader) is finding typos I never used to make. Ay yi!

    Stay well and safe! Kisses to you and the kitties. xox

  19. I’m glad you had a wintertime vacation, as I don’t know how you would go any time soon otherwise! That’s fortunate.
    I do think the pets like all of us home <3 My big boy kitty lays with me all day and night! He thinks it's the longest, slowest weekend ever!

  20. I like the idea of using morning pages as a sort of menu planner. I laughed at the part about eating all the good stuff first, as that sounds familiar. Except substitute, perhaps, all the quick stuff. I went out briefly yesterday for the first time in what seems like months, but perhaps 3 weeks, to pick up an order of cat treats and cat food, left outside the door of the store for me. I had both mask and gloves, but in the end there was no contact. The virus has provided poem material, however, and I am trying to keep up with NaPoWriMo. I try not to think anxious thoughts, after a summer spent in hospital and a winter recovering. I am one of the vulnerables. If my cat were human, he would be too, a 17 year old Siamese with kidney disease. Also my disease. I just want to feel the summer sun on my face, go freely into the world, and hug a friend. Oh, how much I want to hug a friend. Carol

    • Yes, the easy stuff! That has always been my go-to, and I am changing that because I don’t want to run out of the easy and only have the “hard stuff” left. What if I don’t feel or have time to make a full meal? I am making decisions differently. I’m glad they left the cat food outside for you. I order from, so they deliver it to the house. That has been very helpful to me.
      You and your Siamese cat need to take good care of each other! You were sick for a long time, it sounds like. I am sending you healing vibes. I hope they help!!!
      I had a big urge to hug my daughter and her fiance yesterday. It was so frustrating, and I feel not as close to them as I do when I can do so!

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