A Week with AWP

For some reason way back when I thought it was a good idea to sign up for the AWP conference that was to take place on Zoom just a few weeks after the Barrelhouse conference. AWP was this past week. I didn’t have time for it right now, and then my internet went down for two days. Good grief. I heard that the sessions might be recorded and left up so that attendees can view them later, but without the live chat function. You might recall I attended the AWP in person a few years ago in Tampa.

These are the sessions I did manage to watch.

Free Verse: Making a Life outside the Tenure Stream: Victoria Chang, Paul Guest, Ada Limon, Jennifer Popa, Maggie Smith

Invincibles: Women Writers Publishing After 50: Peg Alford Pursell, Valerie Brelinski, Jimin Han, Geeta Kothari, Naomi Williams

Loss, Memory, Transformation: Women Poets and the Elegy: Allison Adair, Melissa Cundieff, Cara Dees, Janine Joseph, Yalie Kamara

To Contest or Not to Contest: River Teeth and the UNM Press Provide Insight: Joan Frank, Phillip Lopate, Joe Mackall, Elise McHugh, Angela Morales

Crossover Collaboration: Poets with Visual Artists, Dancers, and Musicians: Jeffrey Bean, Rebecca Morgan Frank, Douglas Kearney, Timothy Liu, Joanna White

Beyond the Brady Bunch: Reinventing the Poem of the American Family: Geffrey Davis, Blas Falconer, Keetje Kuipers, Erika Meitner, Oliver de la Paz

New and Known: Poetic Forms and Traditions: Roy Guzman, Khaled Mattawa, Diane Seuss, Mark Wunderlich

Every single one of these sessions was life-giving. Just wonderful.

I plan to check in on some of the other sessions in the next week or two.

I’ve also snuck in reading a collection of Shirley Jackson short stories–some I have read, but most are new to me.

I tried to make a few collage pieces for art journaling, but couldn’t really devote much time because of the conference.

And I got in some cat snuggling. But I really want to get rid of the pain in my arm. It’s been five or six months now. Good grief.

Have a great week! Here’s a bunny from my yard.


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  1. Just do what you can.

  2. Sounds like you do just fine!

  3. It sounds like you’re doing a lot! 😀 I love that photo!

  4. Cute bunny. Glad you were able to get a few seasons in, Luanne. Nothing beats a live conference, though. Margarita hoisting has been known to cure arm pain. 😁

    • He is so cute. He’s out there quite a bit now. I am thinking he’s trying to hide from the bobcat :). Yes, there are aspects of a live conference that cannot be duplicated at home! Margaritas have a lot of benefits, you know.

  5. Sounds as if you got right into it – no taking it easy there. Hey, I’m in the Invincibles team. That’s a nice way of thinking about coming to publishing late. Cute bunny, but not too welcome by Australian farmers.

    • So many of us are in the Invincibles team haha. So many women chimed in on the chat, giving their ages, when they first started writing, etc. Most of the women were in their 60s and 70s and the majority didn’t start writing at all until they were older.
      Hah, American farmers feel the same way, I’m afraid. But this little one can eat our flowers. As for our few tomatoes, etc. they are in cages!

  6. I thought about doing the AWP thing and then decided against it, but it sounds fabulous. You are one of the most inspiring people I have known! Blessings!

    • I really prefer the Zoom version. I get too overstimulated by the in person. I can only handle a day and a half or so in person. Back atcha, Carla!

  7. Nice post, Luanne. Love the rabbit! I know how rejuvenating those inspirational talks can be. You come away ready to set the world on fire with your newfound enthusiasm. After some cuddling with the cats, that is.

  8. I’m amazed you do as much as you do while in pain 😬😘

  9. Those conference sessions do sound good! What was the consensus on To Contest or Not To Contest?

    • It was structured around the heads of the RiverTeeth contest and past winners LOL, so it was definitely pro contest. However, they went through a lot of stuff about the process of the contest that was interesting. So no matter what anyone says, the judges DEFINITELY choose what they like best, not necessarily what *is* the best. One of the past winners said something very important–DO YOUR RESEARCH. Don’t submit to everything. It’s a waste of money. Submit to where you feel the judge might be sympatico, etc.

      • Thank you for sharing these insights, Luanne. I’m not at all surprised that judges choose winners based on what they like not what is best. When I’m doing my research on contests, I’m now looking at the recent winners as well as the call for submission and guidelines. The trend I’m seeing now is toward what I don’t write, so, as you say, I’m now going to waste my money.

  10. Peter Cotton Tail – eureka!
    The sessions sound terrific – I know you are ready to be able to enjoy your normal activites again.
    Sending virtual hugs

    • Peter is a sweetie. I am so ready to return. I did some art journaling today. This week is busy with family stuff, but NEXT week should be better hah. Hugs back atcha!!!!

  11. Great news. I’m glad you have been inspired!

  12. The recorded sessions for a conference sure are nice for being able to view when most convenient. I’m getting almost overwhelmed by all the content I have for learning at my fingertips.

    Sorry to hear your arm is aggravating you for so long. What a drag. But you seem to be accomplishing a lot in spite of it.

    It seems all our cottontails have permanently vanished. Jackrabbits are sporadic. Maybe too many foxes and coyotes these days (years).

    • Oh no re your cottontails! Our predators are more “seen” now, and I think it’s the pandemic. Without humans around so much, the other predators are feeling their oats. That’s why the coyotes are becoming particularly bold here in Phoenix right now, and why we’ve been plagued with the bobcat.
      Yeah, the arm doesn’t limit the kind of stuff I do for the most part, but it does keep me from some types of exercise and my ponytail is on the side inside of the in back hahaha.
      I hear you on feeling overwhelmed by how much there is to explore on the internet right now.

  13. Such a cute little bunny. 🙂

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