Cat Pile

When I try to get a little rest around here, this is what happens.

Pear is at the top of the photo, then Tiger in the middle. They both have birthdays coming up. Pear will be 21 and Tiger will be 17. The big gray boy is Perry who is already 5.5 or 6. I am somewhere underneath. These are my three couch potatoes.

Then we have the other three cats. Kana is not a snuggler, though sometimes she sleeps in our bed with us. Sloopy Anne doesn’t like other cats much, but she sleeps with us a lot of nights, just not when Kana does. Felix is not a snuggler and never sleeps with us; he’s still a sweet boy.

Here is one of my art journal pages. Because this is all so new to me, it’s like a blank canvas of learning for me. And I love learning. Now I know I love getting my hands dirty haha.

Yeah, my goal is not to make pretty pages. It’s to express myself and to keep finding new ways to do so.

The gardener had dose #2, and he really didn’t have side effects other than a sore arm–and a big twitch in the muscle at the injection site. My second dose is this Friday. Please wish me luck! Stay safe and have a wonderful week.


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  1. We had a reaction to dose #2…four days down. Hope yours is better. Love the art–exceptional!

    • Four days!!! Omigosh. That’s the worst I’ve heard. Are you all better now? I sure hope so. Was it Pfizer or Moderna? I’m gobsmacked! Thank you Re my art page 🙂!

      • It was Moderna, and I was totally unsuspecting of THAT much of a reaction. It’s all done now, and as of the 23rd, I will have my 14 days up–complete coverage–so “they” say.

        • I am starting to hear that about Moderna, but you top the cake with four days. Oh my. You must have a good immune system, I guess. I’m getting #2 this afternoon!

  2. Truly LOVE the art – reminds me of your poetry: complex, requiring the viewer to engage in the images. Excellent. Your talent emerges.
    And speaking of images, the three cats and you “relaxing” make for another type of poetry!
    P.S. Glad the gardener has fared well with his vaccines – you will, too. Good luck!

    • Oh, thank you so much for your comment: “complex, requiring the viewer to engage in the images.” That’s exactly what I wanted! Woot! I see all the mistakes, but then you make me feel better because you see what I wanted to be there. Cats are poetry, I do believe. Each one of them is a poem opening up more to me each day.
      I am nervous about that second dose for 2 reasons. One is that I did spike a fever for 20-30 minutes with the first one and I get sick from the flu vaccine. Two is that I think my dang arm pain is from the flu vaccine back at the end of AUGUST. I have diagnosed myself (hahaha) with post-vaccine subdeltoid bursitis. I’m to the point I don’t care what the doctor ends up saying–I am diagnosed ;). Anyway, this is when the person giving the vaccine doesn’t get it in the right spot. It’s a real thing! There is even a federal fund for people who have it for medical bills. I think in the flurry of the Valley Fever it was ignored or thought to be part of the VF. Between me and a proper diagnosis lies the MRI chamber . . . .
      How are you feeling lately?

      • Gosh, you’ve sure had a time, Luanne. I’m so sorry. The first one was no problem – the second a bit more problematic. But no spiking fever, flu – more of a brain fog for a few days.
        I hope you will do better than you’ve done before! I’m sure the Valley Fever could mess with most everything. Good Lord, girl. You need a string of good luck! Sending virtual hugs and best wishes

  3. Good luck with your second shot. Love that the cats join you when you rest. Brings energy!

    • Cats bring energy, give solace and comfort, provide relaxation, and are just needy enough so I know somebody needs me ;).
      Thank you re the second dose. I do have reasons (wrote above to Sheila) for being nervous, so i will feel really happy when all my fears are for nada and I am fully vaccinated!

  4. I love your cat pile 😺 and collage. It’s beautiful as well as being self expression! Best of luck with your second vaccination. 👩‍⚕️💉

    • Thank you x 3!!! BTW, this page was acrylics, ink, and transfers with collage (as you mentioned) and pan pastel. I think that’s one of my favorite things: mixing all the stuff together. That probably doesn’t surprise you hahaha.

  5. I love all the cat snuggles! Ricky sleeps right up against me every night. Micky used to like to be with us, but not touching. 😀 I like your collage!
    Good luck with the vaccine. I have friends who had no side effects at all, but both my daughters were down for a day after the second.

    • Aw, Ricky. That’s how Sloopy Anne and Pear sleep–pressed up against me (or the gardener). I’m so glad you like the journal page. I used acrylics and ink and transfers and pastel along with collage. I got obsessed with eyes while I was working on it. Then I started thinking about the eyes of Dr. T. J. Eckleburg on the sign in The Great Gatsby LOL!
      I’m so sorry your daughters were sick afterward. If people are right, that means they have good immune systems. And thank you!

  6. This makes me miss my two cats (who were brothers). They used to be such great heating pads. Nice post, Luanne.

  7. Good luck with your second dose. I love the cat pile. Your journal looks fascinating.

  8. Good luck with your second shot, Luanne. People do tend to have differing reactions to them. Someone told me last night that a nurse has found a correlation with blood type?? The cat pile must keep you nice and warm! I did notice the eyes upon the three demure young ladies in your college.

    • I hadn’t heard that! I’ve heard that blood type can affect how sick you get with covid–me being type A is not a good type to have :/. My kitties are little furnaces haha. All eyes on the young women! They can’t get away from it. Even sitting on one of them!

  9. Wonderful visuals and very nice update, Luanne. Glad you and the gardener are getting vaccinated. I’m a month out from having jabs #1 and #2, a good feeling. Hope your kitties will let you rest!

    • I’m glad to hear you’re getting vaccinated, Elaine. Keep on staying safe in the meantime! Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope all is well.

  10. That journal page does draw all eyes to the girls, even mine! Ha ha. It’s amazing the creativity you can express when dealing with all those physical issues. Good luck with shot 2. We are getting our on Thursday. Only had sore arms for a day with the first dose. I’m planning on a day down and hope it won’t be worse (I have type A, too).

    Those snuggle kitties look so cozy!

  11. What a wonderful way to be able to express yourself. I think I’m visually creatively deficient (that’s a syndrome I just made up), but I do my best with words.
    You have certainly been through the wars, and I can understand your apprehension. I try my best to practice, “don’t worry until you know exactly what it is you need to worry about”, and when that day comes you are too busy dealing with the situation to worry too much. It works 85% of the time.
    Here in Australia we are only just beginning the vaccine rollout and I don’t know anyone who has had it yet …

  12. It’s a good thing you are not in that first photo 🙂 I like the art journal page.

  13. Amy

    So do all six get along? And how did you ever convince the gardener to get six cats? I feel lucky to have managed to squeeze in three! And the third was after he’d had a drink AND it was my birthday! (21 is remarkable!!)

    • Amy

      Oh and good luck with the second shot!

    • LOL hilarious! Well, the way I did it . . . . hehehe. I brought him with me to volunteer in the cat room. He was in charge of the air purifiers and mops and stuff because he’s not a pooper scooper. AFter you go for awhile you just have to rescue somebody. And then somebody else. Then when Perry showed up in the yard we had five. But he was too wild for the shelter, so one day I brought him here without asking and said we were FOSTERING him. [Snicker] Of course, he never left. All the cats get along, but at first Kana and Tiger did NOT and it was a lot of work. Now they are fine with each other. Nobody really likes to snuggle with others if I’m not in the pile except that Perry would be happy to snuggle with anyone.

  14. At first I couldn’t figure out where you were! Sending prayers your way!

  15. Every morning, especially during the cooler months, both Maxine and Junior have to be on Greg’s lap. In the evenings when we’re watching TV, Maxine will get on my lap and Junior on Greg’s. Wendy sleeps with me but is not a lap kitty (yet). I suspect Raji will become a lap kitty but right now he prefers to race around the house.
    I love what you’re doing with your art journal. I’m wondering if you’ll start putting words on them soon, just a few here and there.
    Good luck with your vaccine. I’m beyond thrilled that I’m getting mine on Friday and it will be the Johnson & Johnson one-shot at my doctor’s office. My husband had to do the Pfizer two-shot at our local health department drive-through. It was well done, but still, I feel embarrassingly lucky.
    Hope it all goes well for you. Greg felt a strong sense of malaise after his second shot but it only lasted a day. A friend said he had flu-like symptoms for a couple of days after his second shot but it wasn’t bad. Hope your shots are noneventful xoxo

    • Thanks, Marie. You must be getting your shot today! Good luck with it. You are the first person I know who is getting the J&J so I will be eager to hear how it goes! I’m getting #2 in five hours, so fingers crossed I don’t get too sick. We’ll see, I guess.
      So cute about Maxine and Junior. Raji just can’t believe his good luck, hence his running around the house being happy!

      • Yup, I had my shot on Friday. No side effects! I’m truly amazed by that. Hope it went well with your second shot ❤️

        • So happy to hear that!!! Yeah, I got sick (of course haha). The gardener said, “It would be you.” hahahaha But I feel a lot better today. Actually I felt better yesterday, but not normal. Today I am almost normal. Emailing you.

          • Did I tell you that one of my former colleagues got sick after his second shot. He had flu-like symptoms but said they weren’t as bad as actually having the flu. The symptoms lasted a couple of days. Hope you’ll be feeling normal soon 🙂

  16. Ah, yes, cat pile 😛 I love it!
    I get my first shot April 9. I am glad. I will be gladder when my AGED parents in FLORIDA get theirs and they’re not even scheduled! It’s a travesty!

    • I’m glad you’re getting vaccinated! But why haven’t your parents? Is it that the system is too hard to negotiate? It’s hard out here for old people because you have to register online and it’s a b***h. However, they finally figured out how stupid it was and send people into the community to sign people up. Good luck for your parents!

      • The state of Florida is completely unorganized and corrupt about vaccines. Florida’s government has been scrutinized for offering it first to tourists who pay highly?!?? Terrible. Papa is 81! It’s a travesty!

        • Oh no! I will say Arizona vaccinates out-of-towners, even Canadians. But they’ve also tried to get the older people vaccinated, including sending people out into communities to get them registered for appointments.

        • Oh, I thought DeSantis was all about the seniors (sarcasm). I have older relatives in Florida as well, one in her 70s, the other in her 90s. Neither of them are vaccinated. They live together but they do not have a car nor could they afford to take a taxi to a vaccine drive through. I don’t understand why DeSantis–who says he cares about seniors–hasn’t enlisted Meals on Wheels or home health care nurses to go to seniors’ homes and vaccinate them there. The Florida government and the Department of Health are also being scrutinized for selecting only people who live in a particular zip code in Manatee County, rather than random selection. It’s all politics all the time down here 🙁

  17. Love your pile-on of furbabies!

    Love your arty journal!!

    Good luck on your second shot. Let us know how it went!

  18. ❤️❤️❤️
    Amazing art! Good luck with your #2 this Friday 🙂
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  19. Love the eyes in your art journal piece! Hugs to you and all the cats. Hope your second shot will go well. It was awful for us in the aftermath, but it made me feel better to see the CDC website about the fact that strong reactions signal a healthy immune system. Hope it’s true!

    • I got sick with the second dose. Fever and not feeling well through Saturday, quite a bit better, but not that great yesterday, and today almost back to normal. I hope that’s true, as well.
      The kitties say hi!
      Re the eyes haha. Doesn’t it remind you of theory in grad school? 😉

  20. Yay for cat buddies and 2nd doses! 🎈

  21. Best of luck, Luanne. I had had the first dose (Pfizer vaccine), and the second is coming up soon.

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