My Only Resolution

Ten months ago, we trapped Perry in our backyard. Since that time, I have written about him in 25 blog posts! It’s almost embarrassing that I’ve written about him so much.

But, in for a penny in for a pound, I guess. Here’s another post about Perry :).

He is still kittenish, although large–larger than the other five cats–and loves to play wrestle and energetically engage with these senior kitties that just want to lie around and sleep. He also still needs his daily cuddles with mom. I am constantly getting him away from the other cats. He wants to lie in Kana’s bed with her, but then he gets restless and starts to annoy.

His main targets to annoy are Kana and Felix, the other “big cats.” The three little ones–Pear, Tiger, and Sloopy Anne–are bitchy enough to him that he doesn’t mess with them much.


Tiger and Sloopy Anne waiting to hiss at Perry when he passes by

Perry and Kana are true frenemies.

Although the vet had told me she thought it possible that he was part Siamese, I (who have never had a fancy breed cat) didn’t pay much attention to that. But suddenly one day, as if the president of the Cat Fanciers’ Association had snuck up and slapped me upside the head, I realized that Perry has got to be part Maine Coon. After I looked it up and confirmed my brainstorm, I read an article that said that there are lots of Maine Coon mixes in the general cat population. If you wonder what I’m talking about google “blue and white Maine coon cat” and go to images. There you will see a stunning array of Perry’s possible daddies ;).

This explains why Perry looks different from the other cats. His outline is different, and his face is different. My son calls him “cartoon cat,” and my daughter agrees with him. The gardener calls him Curly (from The Three Stooges). I call him rat face and funny face. For all that, he’s gorgeous. The son of the man who installed our new water RO tank said he was a king of cats. His dad called Perry King Tut.

Perry has taken up all my writing time in 2017. I need to get back on track. Maybe he can go with me into my office and we can shut the door so he can’t bother the other cats. Maybe he will settle down into the cat tree and take a snooze while I work on . . . something. This month I need to get cracking because mom will be with us next month. I’ve been trying to imagine her staying with us with our six cats and all the unrest with Perry.

My only New Year’s resolution: write, no matter what and no matter what it is.


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  1. I’m with you, writing more is my new year resolution too. More precisely, a last revise of my novel and getting it out the door. Wishing you and Perry a fully productive writing year.

  2. I wish you luck with your resolution. Cats are cats and when they want attention they know how to get it. My smallest cat at 8 lbs. is part Maine coon despite her size. She has all the other features and is very talkative. Morgan who looks like a Russian blue is the most pesty. She will engage with any cat close by. Gracie is the whiner. Always complaining with her feather toy in her mouth. Fortunately Morgan and Gracie entertain each other and although there is a 4 lb. difference in size, they can both hold their own. Have a great New Year with prolific writing.

    • How did you know she was part Maine coon? Was it by her features? Isn’t it funny how different they all are?! I am forever amazed by how each cat is completely different from the next! Happy New Year, Kate!

      • I’m guessing by her features and habits. Very distinctive. Definitely a mix because she is small. I’ve read that some color combinations carry traits. My torti does have some attitude and my grays are similar in friendliness although Gracie takes it to pesty sometimes!

        • I’ve heard that too although it doesn’t always hold. But my two calicos (also sometimes called tortis, although they both have white) definitely have attitude!

          • I call mine a calico too but my vet calls her a torti. She’s mostly the dark reds, grays and black but she has white stockings. (They are not socks as she’s quite the lady!)

            • I am sure that they are stockings! I understand that if they have white they are calicos, but I am surprised when I see vets and the like write that one or the other of my calicos are torties. of course, Sloopy Anne looks like a torti when you look down at her. It’s her underside that is all calico. Maybe torties and calicos are really the same thing. And they do have that attitude. Man! Our calicos are the gardener’s favorites, hands down. I call them his mini mes hahaha.

              • I find them beautiful. She has long hair and all her white is on her feet and belly. Like yours, looking down she looks pretty torti. My first cat was a calico and I was hooked.

              • Calicos are truly beautiful. My little Tiger is one of the cutest ever, but only her Mommy and Daddy really like her as she can be unpleasant to all. We had a calico at the shelter once that was so different from the others. She was a faded calico. Have you seen those? Where they have the calico markings, but the colors are very soft and pastel. And she was a very large cat. Very unusual. She was a sweetheart, but she was one of the few cats I didn’t really connect with–at least I didn’t feel that she liked me all that much. But she was adopted into a good home :).

              • Around here they call them pastel calicos. All beautiful!

              • Yes! So beautiful. I just got done assuring all six that each one is a beauty. That’s what happens at suppertime ;).

  3. Perry is one of those cats you can’t help but write about … especially when you want to write and he’s taking up so much of your time πŸ™‚ Our cats Junior and Wendy engage in what we call “silent boxing” as well. Wendy likes to lay on her back and bat at Junior from there. I’ve read that a cat shows submission by showing their stomach, but that’s not how Wendy does it πŸ˜‰ I’m not going to make any resolutions but if I was to make one, it would be to write. I’ve been sorely lacking in that effect this past year. Happy New Year, Luanne!

    • LOL, Kana does that too where she lies on her back to bat at Perry. Sometimes it’s all just too much trouble πŸ˜‰ hahaha. I am hearing that from others, too, that 2017 was a bad year for writing. I was good today–I WROTE! Happy New Year, Marie!! and thanks for all your wonderful help!!!

  4. Bringing Perry into your office will be like “bring your cat to work day.” I wonder what brilliant masterpieces he’ll produce. πŸ˜„ Happy New Year to you, Luanne!

    • LOL, I’ll have to post some of them. He spends the time walking on my keyboard, back and forth. Pretty annoying actually! Happy New Year, Carrie! Hope it’s a productive one for you!

  5. The slo-mo cat fight is adorable. They don’t look like they were trying to harm each other or maybe I just don’t know cats.

    I’ve written tons in 2017 but no nibbles. So much for the measured, well-researched approach. To hell with that in 2018. Time to try the scattershot strategy.

    Happy 2018, Luanne!

    • They weren’t trying to harm each other. Most of their fighting is like that. But I want to keep it that way. If one of them accidentally truly annoys the other, the dynamic could change. They are like people where somebody crosses the line and somebody gets hurt and you know how that goes. Wow! That is so wonderful that you wrote a ton! What is the scattershot strategy? Can you fill me in? Good luck and happiness in 2018!!!!

      • The scattershot strategy is sending out as many stories/essays as possible all at once to as many places as possible with minimal research. I figure I’ve done a ton of research and it hasn’t resulted in success so why not be random?

        • It’s hard to say since I feel I know less than I did a year ago and even less than I did two years ago hah. In the greater scheme of sending out, my acceptances are few and far between. I’ve done the scattershot, and I’ve done more research, but maybe I never research quite enough. I have no idea! Do you ever feel that you sent stuff out prematurely, and that it’s not as good as you thought it was when you sent it out? I have a habit of falling in love with a piece and only later on do I realize it still needs a lot of work hahaha. I had nothing to send out this past year! The only things that weren’t done really still needed work!

  6. Perry is gorgeous and precious 😘
    He will be a very good companion to you and the other cats as soon as he gets older! A Maine Coon mix… that’s a fantastic fusion between a kitten and a lynx!
    Wishing you a very Wonderful New Year full of words and love <3

  7. Ah, Luanne! Your relationship with gorgeous Perry is just like a mom with her son. And in effect that’s indeed what you are, him mom. So write away! We don’t mind! If we did we just wouldn’t visit, but see? We do! πŸ™‚ BTW your slo-mo video of the play-fight reminds me of those “Pat-a-cake” cat videos on YouTube which are a scream! You should put a voice-over to this, could be so funny! Happy New Year for 2018!!!

  8. Perry will make the perfect writing bud! Happy New Year to you and your family, Luanne! <3

  9. I love all the posts about Perry! A great story with a happy ending! πŸ™‚

  10. They look like boxing kangaroos πŸ™‚

  11. Yes, keep writing. I’ll keep reading what you write!

  12. I love enjoying your cats vicariously. I adored cats as a child (my mother thought I wouldn’t grow up normal if she didn’t buy me a cat) then developed terrible allergies as a teenager (I can almost feel my eyes itching looking at that deep fur.) So to get to know Perry and the others is wonderful fun for me. I hope he segues into a muse for you to write on whatever you choose in 2018. And Happy New Year!

    • I have a bit of an idea about the allergy situation. I was allergic to my last dog, and I finally had to exile him from the bedroom at night. As a kid, my allergy tests showed I was allergic to cats, dogs, and horses, but it’s never been a serious problem, lucky for me. I’m so sorry yours are so bad! He might be a muse, but he’s a menace too ;. He wants a lot of attention!!! He’s the best cuddler ever. Happy New Year, Ellen!

  13. I’ve loved all your posts and updates on Perry… and watching how his confidence has grown and his personality has unfolded and blossomed.. you created a miracle in the flesh and in your stories…happy new year to you both…

    • Aw, thank you so much, Valerie. He is very trying with his unlimited energy, but what a source of love and affection!!! Also unlimited! Happy New Year, Valerie! xo

  14. Love, ain’t it grand. Even if it is with a coon cat called Perry. Mine is the same only with a spoodle called Muffin. Good luck with your resolution for the year. Mine is the same and so far, in two days I’m firing on all cylinders. Hope you are too.

  15. I just read this — the first thing I’ve read from my writer’s email in a couple months — and had to grin. Mostly because the only writing I’ve done for months is on my dogs’ FB page. Seems writing as them uses up my writing juices. Maybe it’s just that writing as them is fun. Anyway, totally enjoyed the post.

    • I love reading the POV of a dog or cat. I haven’t figured out quite how to write that way yet. But I love those mysteries that are animal perspective–and what is the book from dog’s perspective–the dog that keeps getting reincarnated? Shoot, I can’t remember the title and I just read it a couple of months ago! Thanks for stopping by!

  16. I’m also making a New Year’s resolution to write more. I love your Perry posts, though. πŸ™‚ In September, we adopted a 12-year old tuxedo cat named Daisy. Her owner passed away and she was given back to the rescue organization from which she had been adopted at the beginning of her life. We think she’s deaf. She doesn’t get along with our other cat, Firefly, which concerns us. Firefly likes other cats, and wants to get to know Daisy, but Daisy hisses at her. I hope they’ll get along eventually. Daisy does love my kids, despite the fact that they fight over who gets to pet her at any given time.

    Happy New Year!

    • Thank you so much for adopting Daisy! I have a heart for the seniors as they suffer so much waiting for another home. I hope she comes to accept that Firefly was there first and deserves to be treated at least pleasantly. You have really really done a good deed to give her a home!!! xo Happy New Year, Robyn!

  17. Perry is, indeed, the King of all Cats in your home, and I congratulate him for assuming that leadership role. Most of all, though, I congratulate you and the Gardener for having open hearts that lead you to open your homes to those in need. Bless your hearts.
    Happy New Year, Luanne!!

    • Hehehe, he sure thinks he’s the boss now. He had Kana on the floor this morning. He’s not mean, but he intends to be the big cheese! I have been training him this week to be good while I am writing. Small amounts all 3 days so far–and after a little time with him on the keyboard (sigh) he has been lying on his tree! Yay!
      Happy New Year to you and T, Sheila!

  18. Cats like to annoy each other. Wish you a good 2018

  19. I love to read your Perry updates Luanne, but I wish you lots of time and space for the writing you wish to do!

  20. Hi, Luanne. Great post. I understand your dilemma! Carving out that precious writing time is difficult, no doubt. Perry sounds like a real character. His nicknames are wonderful!

    • Haha, yes, the names show my silly boy! It’s a bit shocking to realize how much writing time I lost this year because of Perry, but he is more important.

  21. Luanne, I think you’re purr-fectly on track by writing about Perry. I enjoy it a lot. Happy New Year to you and yours. Chin rubs to the kitties.
    You’re the cat’s pajamas!

  22. “My only New Year’s resolution: write, no matter what and no matter what it is.” – love this, Luanne! I am with you, standing behind you supporting your writing intentions, don’t forget! And secretly I have enjoyed every update on Perry and his foibles. Now I’m slowly getting to know the other feline members of your household through him. Yay! Have a great start to your year!

  23. I’m so glad you have had Perry. You and he have found peaceful moments of reading aloud and other quiet times you may feel more rested and younger due to his precious presence. Luanne, you blessed him but maybe his life blessed you! ❀❀

    • It is hard with Perry with Mom here because he has to go in his room when we cook, when we eat, when we scrapbook, etc. :/ Or he gets in her way and walks all over everything and tries to Mom’s food.
      But he’s so cute ;).

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